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Ultimon #1: The beginning

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Kelvin and Danny arrive in a new dimension and discovers exciting creatures called Ultimons or extensively "Ultimate Monsters". They also make new friends and enemies. Following this path new mysteries are forged and new problems arises. How will Danny and Kelvin react to this? Their only hope of survival may be to collect Ultimons. Foes more powerful than they are will stop at nothing to reach their goals. There is danger at every corner and this is just the beginning.

Adventure / Action
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From the author

Hello, beautitul readers. Its your one and only writer, Prosper. I'm here with a new book series, with the name Ultimon.

All right reserved, no part of this publication should be copied or imitated in any way possible. If any one goes against this statement of mine, it'll incur my wrath. Please be warned.

This book is not a fan fiction. It is an original work solely written by me. It is one of the stories that takes place in my MX comic verse. For more info about the MX comic verse, message me.

Going to the in-story info. The map of the Ultimon world would be shown later on, within the story.

The name of the book Ultimon means Ultimate Monsters, for those that'll be asking. I know it sounds like the word "demon". Please, it's not demonic in any way.

Thank you all.

Read the book, vote and comment. Thank you.

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