Ultimon #1: The beginning

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Chapter 1

One sunny day after school, young Kelvin was back at home. The sun was scorching the roof as activities went on. Kelvin was on his bed playing a game console. He was enjoying it. He wore a white shirt with a blue pair of jeans.

As he was playing, his mom came inside saying, "What are you doing? You just came back from school and you're off playing games."

Kelvin sprang up from his bed putting up a sorry face. Mrs. Bulma, the mother of Kelvin was a doting mother. She didn't want Kelvin to be lazy; she wants Kelvin to be hardworking. But Kelvin, being a game lover won't let that happen.

Mrs. Bulma wore a red polo shirt and a jeans bum shorts. She had a pony tail hair which she tied together.

"Get up there and do your laundry!" she commanded.

As soon as she said it, Kelvin ran out of his room to the laundry room, hiding his game console as he rushed out the door.

"Kids of nowadays", Mrs. Bulma whispered.

Kelvin rushed into the room and removed his cloths leaving only his underwear's. He threw his cloths into the laundry machine and sat at another corner, playing "Berserk: Medieval knight I" which he loved to play. The sound of the laundry machine overshadowed the sound made by his game. So his mother didn't seem to notice.

"So close, so close, man!" exclaimed Kelvin as he tried a different combo in his game.

Just then, he heard his mother's footstep, he hid his game console at his back. Mrs. Bulma didn't enter the laundry room; she just passed the laundry room. Kelvin sat back on the floor playing his game desperately.

After some minutes, Mrs. Bulma yelled, "is the cloth not done washing?"

"Yes, mum, it's done", Kelvin lied.

He hasn't been checking the cloths all along. He quickly ran to the machine and put it off. He brought his cloths and rinsed it and took it out to dry. As soon as he did this, he went back to playing his game.

He played for some minutes, until he remembered something. He had to go to the park to find the cocoon leaf, a special kind of leaf which he and Danny, and his best friend were to bring for biology class. Kelvin quickly took his bath and wore a black jeans with a black leather jacket and a white and red patterned polo shirt. He told his mother about this.

She replied, "You better be home before nightfall or else you'll face the music."

"Sure thing, mom ",Kelvin replied.

He rushed out the door to Darmstaden park where he found Danny McGreth, a nerd who happens to be the best friend of Kelvin. Danny wore spectacles and wore a T-shirt and a pair of blue pants with sneakers. He carried his backpack along.

As soon as he spotted Kelvin, he began, "Why are you late, you were supposed to be here like 2 minutes 13 seconds ago. We are going to be late, we better hurry. Where is your bag?"

"Oh man! I forgot my bag", Kelvin replied.

Danny questioned in bewilderment, "How can you forget your bag?! Never mind that, we have to hurry or else we will be late and we both have to get home before nightfall."

"You got that right", Kelvin agreed.

They walked through the crowd in the park. In no time Kelvin and Danny were at the Canine Forest.

"I hope there are no monsters lurking around in this forest?", Kelvin asked.

"Sure, with recent information, the forest is one which only contain plant specie and at most, 2% of the population are animals. The animals found here are all harmless. They pose no threat to human..."

"Enough of your blabbing, let's just get that leaf...", Kelvin said.

"It's called cocoon leaf", Danny corrected.

They walked into the forest. Kelvin held up a picture of the leaf checking all the leaves he came across, but none matched the picture. They searched and searched.

Kelvin said, "Are you sure there is anything like a cocoon leaf?"

"Yes, it is a dicotyledonous plant ranging from mesophytes to hybrid hydrophyte ..."

"Enough of your science talk, I don't even understand a word you say. But the time is ticking and we haven't found it. I think we have to head home."

"What about tomorrow?", Danny inquired.

"We'll lie to the class that a large bear chased us at light speed. Yeah, that will be a good one.", Kelvin said, feeling good about himself.

"Kelvin, your lies are illogical. First of all, bears don't run at light speed and second, there are no wild animals in this forest", Danny informed.

As this argument was going on , a mysterious portal appeared out of nowhere. Kelvin noticed it first. It was bizarre, Kelvin hadn't seen anything like it, neither had Danny.
"Oh my God! This is an inter-dimensional portal", Danny exclaimed.

Kelvin spotted the cocoon leaf inside the portal. He said, "See the leaf, let's get it and go back home."

"That's a portal, you don't know where it leads to", Danny disapproved.

"But it contains our search material. Let's jump in, take the leaf and jump out and BAM, we are back home", Kelvin argued.

"That's not a rational idea", Danny said.

Kelvin dragged Danny along into the portal.

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