Ultimon #1: The beginning

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Chapter 2

"Ahhhhh!", Danny wailed as Kelvin dragged him into the portal. As soon as they passed through the portal, it vanished.

"Oh My God", Danny exclaimed.

"You see what I warned you about."

"Wow, this place is beautiful", Kelvin exclaimed also.

"How can you say that when we are stranded in a place we have no idea of?"

They were in Merton, where Ultimon resides in. They appeared in a forest. Grasses ran through the ground while trees stood tall. Their leaves formed a form of canopy. The sun rays were penetrating through patches in the leaves, forming spotlights. Animal sounds could be heard here and there. The dimension was no different from Kelvin's dimension.

Danny said, "This place looks much like ours."

"Yeah, you could say that again", Kelvin commented.

"But how are we going to get back?"

"We will find someone here and ask him where the nearest bus station is and BAM, we are home."

Danny held his head, as he shook it at Kelvin's ignorance.

"Let's just match through the forest and check if we will find any one, then", Danny said.

"But first, let's get the cocoa leaf", Kelvin interrupted.

"It is cocoon leaf, for the 100th time."

"Whatever", Kelvin said nonchalantly.

Kelvin and Danny began to try to bring down the leaf. The leaf looked like a cocoon which was blackish purple in colour; it hung on the branches, by a loose thread. Danny carried Kelvin on his shoulder, while Kelvin tried to get the leaf. As he stretched his hands to get it, the leaf opened to reveal an Ultimon. It was an insect-type Ultimon. It has purple body with black eyes with a yellow iris. It looked much like a normal insect; it had no stingers. Its wings were thick and were also purple. The mouth joined to form fused mandibles and maxilla. The insect Ultimon made a screeching sound.


All the leaves on the tree flew out. Kelvin in fear, fell off from Danny's back. They both fell on the floor, watching in bewilderment.

"What was that", Kelvin asked.

"I don't know, but it was not a cocoon leaf. That's an insect. This place is bizarre. The animals here are not normal", Danny explained.

"You can say that again", Kelvin said.

They sat on the ground conversing.

"Are you with any zappers in your backpack", Kelvin inquired.

"Yeah", Danny replied.

"Get it out quickly. The monsters can be funny, they can attack us. And that will be..."

"Here they are."

The zappers are sticks that release a bolt of electricity that stuns a living being.

They began to walk, staying close to each other. Any sound made scared them. They walked for miles, still not going out of the forest. The forest is large, one of the largest forest in the outskirts of Merton. It contains many types of Ultimon.

Meanwhile, somewhere in the forest, a speed-type Ultimon (They are the Qyk species) was racing at top speed. Over Mach 25. It accidentally ran across a tree, but a sharp branch by the side tore its skin. It damaged it brutally, blood was pouring.

It cried out, "Qyk. Qyyyyk." (That's the sound it made.)

The Ultimon is orange with brown lightning marks on it. It has a long tail with brown lightning marks also. It has brown pupils. It is small, much like a hamster. It has two pointy ears. The teeth are also pointy.

The Ultimon was going to bleed to death if no one helped it and moreover its hand couldn't reach its leg. For a speed-type Ultimon such as Qyk species, for them to heal, you have to remove air or cover the wound. If the wound is covered, it heals rapidly within seconds. The Ultimon was beginning to become unconscious.

Danny and Kelvin were coming in its direction, as they chatted about school.

Danny spotted it first and said, "A monster!"

Kelvin held Danny back from zapping the helpless Ultimon.

"Can't you see it is wounded. It can do no harm."

"If that thing ever recovers, we are toast."

"Can't you see it is cute in a way", Kelvin suggested.

"You're right, but that doesn't change that it is a monster."

The blood was flowing out as the cry began to fade.

"Bring a bandage from your backpack."

"Are you stupid? That's a monster, you don't know what that thing is or what wounded it. It might be food for another monster. Let's get out of here", Danny argued.

"Get the bandage", Kelvin asked more seriously.

"As you say, but if this thing turns out to be evil, you're going to be eaten first."

He brought out the bandage, as he went to hide at a tree. Kelvin took the bandage and tied around the wound. After some seconds, the Ultimon began to open its eyes. It watched as Kelvin stared. The Ultimon was little, so it moved back in fear. It moved quickly.

"Oh, you are fast", Kelvin exclaimed.

"Is your head being chopped off by a blade monster", Danny asked from behind the tree.

"Come and see, the monster has super-speed", Kelvin said to Danny.

Kelvin looked at the monster, saying in a low tone, "I'm not going to hurt you."

Danny peeped out through the side of the tree. He marched carefully to where Kelvin was.

"The monster is harmless", Kelvin said.

"Don't be saying that, because the cutest monsters are always the most dangerous in films."

The Ultimon said, "Qyk. Qyk. Qyyyk."

"What is it trying to say", Kelvin whispered to Danny.

He had never heard anything like that.

Danny replied, "Do I look like I have an 'inter-dimensional creature language translator' in my pocket?"

"I think it is trying to say thank you for helping it", Kelvin said.

"Are you sure? Are you sure it's not planning on how to eat us for dinner?"

The speed-type Ultimon stretched its hand to take a handshake with Kelvin. Kelvin brought out his hands, but the Ultimon was too small to shake his whole hand. He brought out two fingers and the monster shook him saying, "Qyk. Qyk. Qyk."

Danny and Kelvin began to go, telling the Ultimon goodbye. They left the Ultimon.

Kelvin said, "I'll miss that monster. It's so cute."

As soon as they looked back, after walking some metres away from the monster, it was now at their back. The monster used its super-speed. Danny exclaimed, "Oh My God! That was creepy."

Kelvin said to the monster that it could go now, but the monster didn't move.

It replied, "Qyk. Qyk", putting up a stubborn face.

Kelvin gestured it to stay. As he walked away, the monster stood, watching. After walking some metres, the monster was still behind them.

Kelvin then said, "Since you've refused to go, come with us."

"Are you out of your sense. That's a monster", Danny exclaimed.

"I know quite well."

Kelvin picked the Ultimon up ans dropped it on his shoulder.

Danny said, freaked out, "That thing is on...your...shoulder!"

"I know", Kelvin replied.

"I can't believe you are scared of this cute creature."

"Qyk, qyk, qyk", the Ultimon asked.

Kelvin didn't know what it said, but he had an idea. He thought the monster was asking what was going on with Danny. Kelvin was correct.

Kelvin answered, "He is freaking out because of you."

The Ultimon seemed to understand English. The Ultimon looked away in disgust, saying, "Qyk", as he folded his hands. They were walking. Danny shifted from Kelvin, as the Ultimon freaked him out. They were still walking through the forest.

A monster (a strength-type Ultimon) was pushing rocks to build its home. Accidentally, it slipped. The rock was bigger than a car. The Ultimon has one eye at the centre of its head. It has two hands on each side, which are muscular. Its feet are bent like that of cats and dogs. It is a humanoid Ultimon. But it is like an 8 year old human in height. Its body is blue with white armour around its edges.

So the rock rolled through the forest, damaging nearby trees until it reached the part where Danny, Kelvin and the Ultimon where.

Danny didn't notice this, until he began to hear sounds. The sounds of falling trees. They looked behind them just to notice it. As they saw it, they were terrified by the large size of the boulder. The trees were narrow, so they couldn't dodge the stone. They began to run with all their might, while the rock rolled forward. The speed-type Ultimon jumped off Kelvin's shoulder. It wasn't moving too fast. It was doing this so it could stay with Kelvin.

Danny screamed at the top of his voice, "We are going to die!"

Kelvin put up a scared face while the Ultimon screamed, "Qyk! Qyk! Qyk!"

Kelvin looked towards the monster, "I don't understand anything you say, but for the mean time, let's run for our dear lives."

They screamed, as they ran. The rock was gaining on them. As they ran, Danny saw the sparks of lightning as it came out of the Ultimon's body, as it moved.

He suggested, "This might kill us or it might save us."

"Spill it out", Kelvin asked.

"Since the monster has lightning spark when it runs", Danny said.

"Wow...I haven't...even...noticed that."

Danny continued, "It may be possible that it can harness this lightning. And with the right amount of force, it can shatter that rock."

The Ultimon said in agreement, "Qyk, qyk."

Kelvin asked, "Can you do that?"

"Qyk. Qyk", the monster confirmed.

"Blast your lightning", Kelvin blarred.

The Ultimon rotated in the air, forming multiple lightning blasts around it. It fired with full force. The lightning blast rammed the rock hard, scattering it into tiny bits. Finally Danny and Kelvin collapsed on the floor, as they panted. The Ultimon landed safely, while Kelvin looked in awe at the blast and its effect.

Kelvin managed to say, "Thanks...cute monster...for...saving us. Wow...cool attack."

The Ultimon smiled and said, "Qyk, qyk."

Danny inquired, "What are you going to call him now?"

Kelvin replied, "I don't know. I may call him Qyk, at least that's the sound he makes."

Qyk concurred by saying, "Qyk, qyk!"

Kelvin suggested, "...now a way to get out of here..."

"But before that, what more can the monster do?"

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