Ultimon #1: The beginning

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Chapter 3

In Merton, Ultimon battles went on multiple places at once. The battles always thrilled the people. The people had linked with their respective Ultimon and become a better fighter.

Somewhere near Hammilton, beside a road, Ammrez and Horace Bash were battling each other. Ammrez has black falling hair that shines. He wore a vest jacket with black jeans and sneakers. He was a good Ultimon battler. He had even awakened Ascended Type I. He used Whinda, an air-type Ultimon. It has 3 protrusions from his head. It's eyes were ready for battle. It looks like a 4-legged amphibian. It has white and blue designs all around it. It also has a fluffy tail, with no claws,just fingerless hands. It's major attacks are the hurricane slash and omni-directional wind blast. The Whinda Ultimon is mostly arrogant as it thinks it is the most powerful Ultimon.

Horace Bash on the other hand is a boy, who happened to be an Ultimon battler. He has a lot of experience battling out there in the streets. He wore blue long sleeved shirt and a brown short with sandals. He has scattered hair which looked spiky.

He has multiple Ultimon, but he choose to use Geodina, which is an earth-type Ultimon. It is the colour of rock. It has four limbs which it rested on the floor with. It has no tail. And you can easily mistake it for a rock statue. Geodina was a determined Ultimon, it always want to do the impossible. It attacks are earth spikes, terra-merge, geo-destruction and others.

Geodina and Whinda stood apart, staring at each other, while Ammrez was smiling.

The battle broke out as soon as Ammrez yelled, "Wind style: Multi-strike."

People watched in anticipation for the outcome. The Ultimon Whinda jumped into the air, shooting air by moving it's hands.

Horace defended saying, "Earth style: earth barricade."

Geodina jumped up a little, landing on the ground. As this happened, an earth wall arose from the earth. The air attack hit the wall and was deflected.

The wall fell back as Horace yelled, "Earth attack: Earth orb attacks."

Geodina rotated in mid air, as balls of rocks broke out of the ground, moving towards Whinda.

"Air Strike: Echo."

Whinda shot an echo wind attack, which increases as it moved. It hit the rocks and shot the rocks back at Geodina.

Horace yelled, "Earth defense: Redirection."

Geodina turned as the rock moved back to Whinda.

Ammrez calmly said, "Air style: Dispation."

Whinda tried a straight gush of wind at the rocks, scattering them into bits. As Whinda was breaking the rocks, Geodina attacked, moving faster and hit Whinda. Geodina is made of a rocky body, while Whinda has a normal animal's body. As Geodina hit Whinda, it controlled earth to smash Whinda. Whinda tried to protect itself as it formed a ball of air around it.

Ammrez said, "Air attack: 360° slash."

Whinda turned around releasing rotating air attacks on Geodina, smashing him into the ground.

Horace said once again, "Earth style: Earth protrusions."

Pillars of earth broke out from the ground, hitting Whinda. It hit it off the air. It landed on the ground, but it rotated, landing safely. As it landed, it fired a gush of wind onto Geodina. It hit the Ultimon off the ground. Whinda moved at wind speed, hitting Geodina back to the ground with an impaling air strike. Geodina landed on the ground, creating a crater. It stood up, forming a large rock hand and smashed Whinda away, as it came to attack. The crowd cheered as the battle tensed up.

The hand began to smash the ground, as Horace yelled, "Earth style: Pound."

It almost hit Whinda. Whinda dodged at wind speed, as it fired a gush of wind at Geodina. Geodina fell back.

Ammrez began, "Wind attack: Ultra slash."

Wind began to blow around Whinda. The wind was chaotic. It was hitting the audience. Geodina was helpless. Whinda fired the wind at Geodina, hitting him in multiple directions, sending it back.

Horace yelled, "Geodina attack: Headbutt." The Ultimon controlled rocks to form on its head and it went straight for Whinda.

Ammrez intercepted, "Wind strike: Downward Strike."

Air strikes from above smashed into Geodina's body, smashing it multiple times on the ground. It created such a large crater. Geodina managed to stand. Horace knew Geodina was weak. Geodina controlled the rocks to come out from around it. It fired at Whinda continuously. The rocks went straight for Whinda. But it used it's wind speed to dodge the rocks. The Ultimon fired blasts of wind at the rocks to shatter them. But unfortunately for Geodina, the wind blast hit it multiple times, pummeling it into the ground.

Horace cried out one last time in an attempt to attack, "Earth style: High Speed Earth Strike."

Geodina with marks all over its body controlled three pieces of rocks to rise from the ground. They floated in mid-air. The earth moved when Horace blarred, "Go!"

The Ultimon fired while attacking at full speed. Ammrez didn't know what he was about to do.

Ammrez yelled, "Air attack: Zephyr." A gale of wind flushed Geodina, pushing it back.

The earth moved, passing Whinda, going to it's back. Whinda fired a blast of air at the two rocks. The rocks moved at high speed, dodging the attack, while the rocks in front moved at Whinda. The other two rocks ensued, targeting Whinda. It was going to crush the Ultimon. Ammrez was caught off guard, there was no way he could dodge the rocks in time. And his base form attacks weren't effective.

Ammrez shouted, "Power up: Air infusion."

Pinkish white aura rise around Whinda, while it's eyes shone brighter. The power level and attack level of the monster were now high. The Ultimon stretched it's hands side ways as it said, "Whin, Whin, Whinda."

Blasts of air unleashed from its hands, destroying the three rocks to bits. It landed on the floor.

Ammrez yelled, "Power up:Ultra wave."

The Ultimon stretched it's left limb and unleashed a powerful blast unti weak Geodina.

Geodina cried, "Geo, Geo, geo!" Horace managed to say, "Earth style: Multi-mud wall."

A series of earth wall rose from the ground. But Whinda's attack was an ultra attack of a powered up Ultimon. The crowd wowed at the amazing feats. The Ultra blast passed through the thick earth walls and hit Geodina directly. It rose in the air, as it fell slowly crying, "Geo...geodi...geodina." The Ultimon hit the ground, lacking energy to attack. Horace ran to Geodina to pick him.

The crowd began to praise Ammrez. Geodina managed to move it's leg, sending a series of rocks to Ammrez. A powered up Whinda leaped quickly yelling, "Whinda! Whinda!"

A fast wind negated the rocks movements, hitting them to the ground. Whinda's aura flarred up around it. Geodina leaped zig-zagly to Whinda. As it got closer to Whinda. Whinda fired, "Whin... Whin." A blast of air unleashed from its limbs. Geodina dodged by leaping high in the air, turning over.

Then it muttered, "Geo...geodi... geodina."

It controlled two large earth pillars to hit Whinda off the ground. The pillars followed Geodina. It was going to smash Ammrez. Whinda noticing this, moved at super-speed.

Ammrez snapped, "Power up: Hurricane slash."

The pinkish white aura rose the more. A mini-hurricane began to form. It reached the pillars and broke them into pieces.

Whinda rose in the air, while Ammrez yelled, "Power up attack: Concentrated beams."

Whinda fired both at Horace and Geodina. Geodina was very weak from its previous attack.

Horace said in fear, "Earth style: Defence wall."

Geodina wearily obeyed. The earth formed a wall. Even at that the attack broke through it. It hit Geodina and Horace multiple times. Horace bent over, while Geodina lay on the floor helplessly.

Ammrez blustered, "This will teach you not to mess with stronger warriors."

The whole crowd jeered at Horace and his Ultimon.

Kelvin and Danny were still wandering in the forest,when they saw a road.

Kelvin said, "Finally there is a road. Now we can take transport."

Danny spotted the crowd across the road and all the rubble around.

Danny inquired, "What's up over there?"

"Wow, there are people. Thank goodness", Kelvin exclaimed.

Kelvin and Danny crossed the road to watch the scenario. Ammrez was talking to Horace. He asked for his Nova-Sta energy, which they had bett prior to the battle.

Ammrez used a device on his wrist to receive the energy. The device on his wrist was a Data-watch. It looks like a hand gear, stretching from the wrist to the elbow. It is black. It displays information

on the surface of the watch. It gives information about all the Ultimon one comes across. It also makes use of holographic technology to enable an Ultimon user to access Ultimon and know more about them. Horace had a primitive version of the Data-watch. It wasis Data-watch 1.8, meanwhile Ammrez used a Data-watch S-9. Horace tapped on his hand and a hologram appeared, showing his total Ultimon energy level. He sent 30 Nova-Sta energy to Ammrez, meanwhile he just had 1050 Nova-Sta energy. Ammrez's energy increased, improving all his Ultimon. The Nova-Sta energy transferred in form of a rainbow coloured light.

As soon as this was done, Ammrez stood up and said, "Who else wants to fight?"

The crowd didn't respond. "Okay, no bets. Only the challenger would bet."

Kelvin raised his hand from behind.

"May I duel you?"

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Does Kelvin really mean what he says?

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