Ultimon #1: The beginning

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Chapter 4

Before I start this chapter, I have an explanation to do concerning the gender of Ultimons. Most Ultimons are either male or female, with few that can change their gender at will. Very few Ultimon are neutral, that is genderless. In general, Ultimons can be referred to as it, he, her and variations of he and her. For example Kelvin's Ultimon, Qyk is a male member of its species, so it can be referred to as it or he.

Danny whispered to him, "Are you out of your mind? We just got here. You don't know how systems work here."

Kelvin shoved him aside and walked out to the centre of the crowd. Qyk was sitting around his neck. The crowd were amazed.

Ammrez said, "Are you the one that seek to challenge me?"

Kelvin replied, "Yes."

Horace picked his Ultimon and walked away from the crowd in shame.

"So what's your bet", Ammrez inquired.

"Will you just give me 10 bucks", Kelvin said.

"Your bet is on."

Danny had his fingers crossed in the crowd. He didn't want Kelvin to be beaten to a pulp. Ammrez brought Whinda out once more. Whinda's aura had left it by now. Kelvin had no other Ultimon except Qyk. So he used him. Kelvin didn't know how to battle with an Ultimon. Ammrez was laughing a little at Kelvin's ignorance.

He began, "Air style: Multi-slash."

Kelvin said, " Qyk, dodge, dodge!"

Qyk did as he said and dodged at super speed.

Kelvin yelled, "Attack with super speed!" Qyk moved at super-speed; about to attack Whinda.

Ammrez saw this in time and yelled, "Air style: Wind barrier."

A wave of air unleashed, hitting Qyk back. It somersaulted in the air and landed on its feet.

Ammrez commented, "I see you have a speed-type Ultimon. Well, get ready for a world of pain. Air attack: Concentrated beam!"

Whinda took a stance and began to fire thick wind blasts at Qyk. Qyk, being a speed-type Ultimon, dodged at super-speed. This frustrated Ammrez and his Ultimon, Whinda.

Kelvin yelled, "Spin run."

Kelvin knew a lot about cartoons, so he must know a lot about super powers. Qyk ran in circles forming spiralling wind.

Qyk yelled, "Qyk, qyk, qyk."

The wind was hitting Whinda, although it was a wind-type Ultimon.

Ammrez yelled, "Wind attack: nullify."

Whinda released wind that negated the spiralling wind. As this was going on, Qyk moved at super-speed, faster than the eye. It hit Whinda up and rotated, then smashed it into the ground, creating a large crater. Ammrez was getting pissed off.

Whinda staggered up and Ammrez blustered, "Wind style: Wind ball."

Whinda formed an air ball and shot at Qyk. If Qyk dodged it, it would hit Kelvin. Kelvin got an idea.

He yelled, "Horizontal speed." Qyk began to run to and fro on a straight line.

It began to create a wall of air. The expanding air ball hit it and stopped. The wind ball was negated. Ammrez was amazed, but he tried not to show it. He knew that Kelvin was a novice, because he didn't have a data watch. Whinda went high in the air, while Ammrez yelled, "Wind style: Multi-strike."

Whinda began to blast air attacks at Qyk. Qyk dodged with ease. Kelvin got another crazy idea.

He yelled, "Qyk: Vertical speed." Lightning ran around Qyk's body. Everything slowed down in Qyk's eyes.

He took off, he was running in the wind attack. To other people, it was as if he was teleporting. He disappeared from one of wind and appeared at another.

Ammrez was getting scared, he wailed, "Wind style:Nigh-infinite strike."

The air blasts increased. It was almost everywhere. But still Qyk was adapted for this kind of thing.

As soon as it reached Whinda, Kelvin yelled, "Super-speed kick."

Qyk rotated, kicking Whinda on the cheek. It fell down. Qyk rotated again and kicked it again on the stomach. They were both falling. Qyk gave it another. Then it used its two legs to smash Whinda into the ground, causing a large crater as smoke rose from the ground. Qyk looked at Ammrez in anger, as it took its stance. Ammrez was scared, while Whinda was damaged and weak.

Qyk moved back near Kelvin. Danny from the crowd whispered to himself, "Wow, Kelvin can really duel. When did he learn to do that? That must be some of his game experience."

The crowd were amazed at Kelvin's moves. They were murmuring to themselves. Whinda managed to stand, crying, "Whin...Whinda!"

Whinda finally stood up, as wind began to blow all around. Qyk looked at Kelvin, as Kelvin nodded. Qyk took his stance, got his eyes ready for fast movement. Whinda came at him at wind speed. Qyk saw right through the attack. He dodged calmly.

Ammrez yelled, "Air attack: direct attack."

He didn't know that Qyk had already dodged. Qyk kicked its face before it could even do the attack.

Kelvin yelled, "Speed attack: continuous attack." Kelvin was adapting.

Qyk moved to the Ultimon and attacked continuously, punching and kicking it at super-speed. It left it with a kick to the chest, that packed a lot of power. It blasted Whinda unto Ammrez. It moved him

back. He caught Whinda in his arms, while he squatted down. Whinda was angered and beaten. It leaped out of Ammrez's hand, even after all the attacks. Ammrez stretched out his hand, yelling, "Power up: Air infusion.

Danny whispered to himself in the crowd, "This is where Kelvin gets beaten. How can he keep up?"

Whinda's aura flarred the more. Kelvin was a little scared, but he didn't know the power. Meanwhile the crowd were cheering for the battle. Whinda leaped faster than the eye at Qyk.

Back at the crowd, there was a girl named Bethany, she is about Kelvin's age. She was analysing the battle. She saw, although Ammrez was more experienced, Kelvin got more skill and power. She had a Data-watch. She was recording the attacks used in the battle.

She has pink pony tail, which she tied with a red band. She wore a white long sleeved crop top, which covered her data watch. On the crop top was written, "ME." She wore a light green mini-skirt with high heeled sneakers. She is light-skinned and a little intelligent. She is a good Ultimon battler, although she hasn't unlocked any new mode. She has a lot of skills though.

One guy near her said, "Ammrez is going to win for sure."

She replied, "What makes you so sure?"

"He has unlocked Power Up mode."

Another guy from behind said, "Beat that."

"Let's watch the battle and see the outcome."

Danny from where he was, whispered, "Oh my gosh. Kelvin is going to get himself killed."

Kelvin's Ultimon was keeping up with the speed of Powered Up Whinda. Whinda was attacking with his air powers. It sent Qyk back. But it didn't do much, because Qyk blocked most of them. Qyk landed on the ground.

Kelvin yelled, "Speed attack: Rebound."

Qyk jumped back at Whinda, punching it. Whinda saw the attack. It formed an air wall, hitting Qyk back. Qyk somersaulted in the air. Whinda saw it was time to attack. It rushed Qyk, headbutting it. Qyk hit the ground. That one hurts. As Whinda stood up, Qyk used it's legs to kick on Whinda multiple times. It moved it back.

Kelvin yelled, "Super speed: Sonic punch." It moved at the speed of sound and punched Whinda up.

It moved up and kicked Whinda down. On reaching the ground. It moved there, holding its hands together. It hit Whinda away, as Whinda rotated in the air. It ran to it, somersaulted and kicked it on its chest. Then it went up into the air and smashed Whinda into the ground with its right leg. Whinda was hit, but the attack had not much effect, because Whinda was in the powered up state. And the attacks were coming from a base mode Ultimon.

Danny said to himself, "Wow! Kelvin is really keeping up."

Ammrez yelled, "Power up attack: Hurricane blast."

Qyk was about to attack on Kelvin's command, when the attack caught it in mid air. It smashed it back to the ground. Qyk stood up again, while Kelvin yelled, "Speed attack: Multi-speed combo."

It attacked rapidly. It was moving too fast that it looked like it was teleporting. Whinda was shooting madly, in other to hit Qyk. Qyk was dodging quickly. Qyk punched Whinda on the cheek and carried it. It appeared at another point, as it punched Whinda to the ground. It did this multiple times.

Ammrez wasn't even comprehending the attack, he yelled, "Power up attack: Beam Air ball."

A ball surrounded Whinda, hitting Qyk away. Whinda moved back saying, "Whin... Whinda."

"You won't beat me again", Ammrez boasted.

He attacked, "Power up attack: Hurricane slash." It sent slashes in all directions, hitting Qyk in all directions. There was no time to dodge. The attacks were heavy. Some of the attacks hit Kelvin. The battle was getting difficult for Kelvin. As soon as the attack stopped, Kelvin and his Ultimon knelt down to the crowd. Qyk and Kelvin were both weak.

Ammrez insulted, "Are you too weak to fight? I don't expect much from you. You are still a novice."

Kelvin folded his arms, as he stood up laughing.

"What's so funny", Ammrez asked.

"Have you lost your mind', Ammrez inquired again.

Qyk was beginning to stand. Ammrez was losing his temper.

Kelvin yelled, "Speed attack: lightning style." Qyk smiled, as lightning ran round his body. The crowd were even more amazed. Qyk moved faster than sound, firing a bolt of lightning at Whinda. Ammrez was frustrated.

He yelled, "Power up attack: Omni-directional attack."

He fired in all direction. But the wind could do nothing to lightning attacks. The lightning passed through the wind.

Ammrez yelled once again, "Power up attack: Concentrated blast."

It fired multiple times, but it had no effect. The lightning moved quickly, hitting both Whinda and Ammrez. As soon as the attack hit Powered Up Whinda. It sent it out of its powered up mode. It fell to the ground, as smoke rose from it. The same thing happened to Ammrez, as he fell to the ground; he was weak.

He managed to stammer, "Ascended Type I: Air infusion..."

Whinda tried, but it's activation energy was depleted. Ammrez gave up. The crowd was amazed at Kelvin's moves. They were dumbfounded. Even Danny was amazed, he didn't know what to say. Kelvin walked up to Ammrez, as Qyk jumped into Kelvin's neck.

Kelvin said, "The 10 bucks?"

"Here, you can have it", Ammrez cried, as he handed the cash over to Kelvin. Bethany Redsmith wasn't expecting anything less, she had hope that Kelvin was going to beat Ammrez.

She told the guys next to her, "Now you see, it's not all about power."

The money was not the conventional cyber-currency that Kelvin knew. It was another currency. It is silver with other designs on it.

Kelvin walked over to Danny saying, "I did it! Now let's go."

Danny couldn't talk back. He just watched Kelvin in awe, as they walked. They left the crowd and walked towards the road. As they were leaving, Bethany followed them. She soon caught up with them.

"Hello guys", she said, as she smiled.

"Hello can you help us out", Danny inquired.

"Yeah, I think. I saw your moves back there in the battle. You seem like a good Ultimon battler."

"Thank you", Kelvin commented.

"You beat an Ascended Type Ultimon with a base level Ultimon. Wow, you must be an expert", Bethany praised.

"No, I just got here", Kelvin said.

"Oh, you must be from the Eastern Ageolas."

"No, we just got here. Through a portal", Danny explained.

"How is that possible?" Bethany said, looking at them as if they were joking.

"We have a lot of explaining to do", Danny said.

"Follow me. I'll show you were to stay for the mean time", Bethany said.

"I hope you got Cream pie and Cake there, because I'm really starving."

Danny looked at Kelvin and said, "Unbelievable!"

Bethany laughed, "Yeah, we got plenty of cream pie and cake."

Bethany winked at Kelvin.

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What is Bethany getting at with the "Cream pie and cake"?

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