Ultimon #1: The beginning

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Chapter 5

As they stood near the road. A pick up truck passed by and Bethany stopped the truck. They entered into the truck.

Bethany ordered, "We will stop at Pitmedden Avenue."

"Got that", the driver informed

Bethany sat in the middle of Kelvin and Danny.

"So tell me more", Bethany said.

"We were looking for a leaf...", Kelvin said.

"A cocoon leaf", Danny interrupted.

"Whatever. Then a portal opened and we entered it and found ourselves here."

"And that was your first Ultimon battle", Bethany asked.

"Yes", Kelvin confirmed.

"Be serious. You mean in your first battle, you beat an Ultimon battler with Ascended Type I level Ultimon? Oh my gosh. That's like... impossible", Bethany exclaimed.

"Eh, Kelvin loves playing games. So he has knowledge of many tactics and superpowers. I'm not surprised", Danny commented.

"What kind of game do you play?"

Kelvin replied, "Game consoles, but my best is Beserk: Medieval Knight I."

"I don't know of that, but back at home, I have a multiplayer game."

Kelvin commented, "I can't wait to see it."

"I doubt you would beat me in it", Bethany praised herself.

They had ridden for some miles now. They chatted along the journey. When they arrived, the old driver said, "We are here."

They got the information and jumped down quickly. Bethany paid the driver, as he drove off. The area was a junction at Pitmedden Avenue. Bethany walked over to a bungalow, fenced round with wooden fences. She opened up and said to Kelvin and Danny, "Come in."

"Okay", Kelvin said

The area is covered with grass. The bungalow is a class bungalow, with one door and two glass windows at the front.

Bethany told Danny, "Go in, but Kelvin, stay here."

As she looked to Kelvin saying, "I want to duel you. I want to know how powerful you are."

"You're on."

Bethany blarred to her mother inside, "Mom, I'm back. I brought back some friends. I'll be staying outside for a while."

Her mother replied from inside, "Okay, but don't stay out too long."

"Sure thing, mom."

Bethany gestured Danny to go on inside. Qyk was sitting on Kelvin's shoulder, looking ready for battle.

Kelvin said, "Bring out your monster."

"They are not monster, they are called Ultimon. They are creatures which are common to this world. There are various Ultimon in this area. There are many types...", Bethany informed.

"Is that why you have been saying Ultimon all along. Wow, so Qyk over here is an Ultimon."

"Yeah, he's a rare kind", Bethany commented.

"Danny needs to hear about this. FYI he's a nerd", Kelvin informed Bethany.

"I figured those glasses and his grammar. I suspected he was brainy."

"Good for you. Now let's battle. Remember don't tell Danny I said he is a nerd. He hates people calling him that."

"I hear you", Bethany said, while she chuckled.

Bethany pressed her Data-watch. Ultimon holograms appeared above the watch. She was selecting. Finally she selected Hamble. Hamble is a bubble-type Ultimon. It looks like a brown hamster, equipped with bubble blasters at its back. It is over 30cm in height. It has a fluffy tail. It's eyes are "bubble" coloured. It stood on all fours. The Ultimon appeared, as bright light shone. The Ultimon stood on the ground, as it boasted, "Ha, ham, hamble."

It was ready for battle, as it smiled.

Kelvin yelled, " Qyk, get ready." Qyk using its super-speed landed on the ground. The wind was blowing gently.

"Qyk, qyk, qyk", Qyk also said.

"It's time to see who is stronger", Bethany said.

"Hamble attack: Direct attack."

Hamble fired a blast of bubble, which it formed ahead of itself. Qyk dodged without any instruction. Qyk ran rapidly to Hamble, attempting to land a punch on the Ultimon.

Back inside, Danny encountered Bethany's mother, Mrs. Temperance.

"Hello, you must be one of Bethany's friend?"

"Yes, I just met her."

Mrs. Temperance was in the kitchen, preparing cake and cream pie, when Danny met her.

"Do I smell cream pie and cake?"

"Yeah. You got that right. So what's your name?"

"My name is Daniel McGreth. But I'm called Danny for shot", Danny replied.

"Nice name. So are you an Ultimon battler."

"No. What's even an Ultimon", Danny inquired.

Mrs. Temperance gasped, "How can you not know what an Ultimon is? An Ultimon is like the most common creature around this world apart from humans. I have an Ultimon. Come on in, let me show you."

Danny was standing at the entrance of the kitchen. He came in to discover Butterfix. A motion-type Ultimon. It looks like a butterfly, but it is way larger. Its wings shone bright and white light designs. It helped Mrs. Temperance in the kitchen, as she prepared the snack.

"Wow, it's beautiful."

"Thank you", Mrs Temperance said.

Butterfix turned as it squeaked, "Butter, Butterfix."

Mrs. Temperance informed,"She's introducing herself. She's a friendly one."

"Wow", Danny exclaimed.

"Go to the sitting room and sit down for the meantime and wait for Butterfix and I to be done with cooking."

"So the Ultimon can cook?"

"Yeah! Butterfix can do a lot more", Mrs. Temperance smiled.

"Her name is Butterfix", Danny inquired, as he moved away from the kitchen.

"Yes, the sounds Ultimons make are their names."

"Thanks for the info."

Danny arrived at the sitting room and sat down on the middle sofa. The light from the electric chandelier lighted the area. Danny found a magazine near-by. The magazine was a ladies magazine. It is titled, "Cutie ™ #15: Amber Models." Danny read on, although he was not into those kind of things.

Outside, Hamble was firing bubble blasts rapidly at Qyk. Qyk was dodging non-stop. Any hesitation would leave Qyk open to an attack. Hamble was firing continuously. Qyk couldn't get any closer.

Kelvin yelled, "Speed attack: Whirl Speed."

Qyk jumped high in the air, rotating rapidly, releasing a directed blast of wind at Hamble. Bethany on seeing this was surprised, she countered, "Bubble defense: Grow bubble."

Hamble began to blow bubbles from its mouth. The bubbles were expanding rapidly, forming a large round ball. The whirlwind attack hit the large bubble, causing it to ripple, but it didn't burst.

Kelvin complemented, "Nice defense."

"Time to raise the heat." "Bubble strategy: Stationary Bubble."

Qyk, who was now on the ground, tried to attack directly. Kelvin saw the trap. If Qyk ran forward, he would be caught in the bubble and Hamble would easily dispose off him.

Kelvin said, "Speed electro-attack."

Qyk began to throw lightning, bursting all the bubbles. Hamble didn't know what to do. Kelvin smiled as he blustered, "Speed attack: Rapid Punch."

Qyk ran at super-speed, Hamble tried to intercept, but Qyk was faster. It jumped over Hamble and went straight for Bethany. Bethany was surprised, but she didn't have any time to defend, because Qyk was too fast. Qyk ran at her in a blink of an eye and punched her on her chest. The punch sent her to the ground.

As she was falling, she yelled, "Bubble attack: Multi- backward bubble."

Hamble fired bubbles directly at Bethany not knowing that Qyk had already ran out of there. The attack hit Bethany directly, soaking her in water. Bethany landed on the grass, as she raised her hand and cried, "Hamble stop...I give up. Don't attack."

Kelvin laughed, "I told you I'll beat you."

"Come on and help me up", Bethany commanded.

Kelvin dragged her up. She then called back Hamble into the Data-watch.

"Wow! You are really good. Now, I see why you beat that Ascended Type I Ultimon", Bethany commented.

"Thanks for the complement. Now I get to have your Cream pie", Kelvin said.

"Yeah you defeated me, but don't count on that. I will beat you next time", Bethany boasted.

"Right now, I have to go take my bath. I'm soaked."

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