Ultimon #1: The beginning

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Chapter 6

"Oh you're done. Who was the winner", Danny inquired.

"I won."

"... because I surrendered. I would have defeated you if I continued", Bethany interrupted.

"Keep dreaming."

"Enough of your arguments, why are you soaked", Danny asked again.

Kelvin began to laugh.

"That's a long story", Bethany answered.

As they were talking, Butterfix flew in carrying a glass of milk.

"Oh my, what is that", Kelvin inquired.

"That's Butterfix. It's an Ultimon...Do you know that Qyk is an Ultimon", Danny answered.

"Yeah, Bethany told me that. Who is the owner", Kelvin asked.

"My mom, Butterfix helps my mom in house chores. Butterfix is also a good mood lifter", Bethany informed.

"Butterfix, Butterfix", the Ultimon introduced itself to Kelvin.

"I am Kelvin, from another dimension."

Butterfix said in confusion, "Butter, Butterfix."

"Yeah, later I'll explain."

"Butterfix", Butterfix said.

"So you do understand Ultimons", Bethany questioned.

"Yeah, kinda."

Bethany's mother came over with a tray containing cream pie. Kelvin sniffed the air, saying, "I smell cream pie and cake, so yummy. Hello Ma."

"My name is Mrs. Temperance and I suppose you are one of Bethany's friend", Mrs Temperance said.

"Yes. Wait, who is Bethany", Kelvin asked.

"Wait, your name is Bethany", Danny commented, while looking at Bethany.

"So you haven't told your friends your name", Mrs. Temperance said to Bethany.

"It hasn't crossed my mind to introduce myself to them. Moreover I don't even know their names."

Kelvin said, "What, how can you not know the names of your friends?"

Butterfix came in with two more glass of milk, as it dropped it on the table.

Butterfix said, "Butterfix, Butterfix."

"Butterfix even agrees with me. How can you not know your friends' names", Mrs. Temperance said.

"It's not like that, I just met them", Bethany commented.

"Okay then, what's your name?"

"My name is Kelvin."

"And I am Danny McGreth", Danny added.

"And I am Bethany Redsmith and this is my mom, Mrs. Temperance Redsmith."

"Okay, now can I have some cream pie, I'm starving", Kelvin said.

"Sure thing", Mrs. Temperance replied.

"Why are you wet", Mrs. Temperance asked Bethany.

"Mom, that's a long story. Right now, I have to go take my bath. I'll be back in a jiffy", Bethany answered.

"Remember, I have to take your cream pie and cake."

Meanwhile Danny was already eating some cream pie, his lips were stained with cream. Butterfix hovered in the air as it watched.

"Yeah, you can take it."

Kelvin didn't waste any time, he grabbed three cream pies in his right hand and two cakes in his left hand and stuffed his face with them.

"Yum, yummy. This is so delicious", Kelvin said, with his mouth full.

"Butterfix, Butterfix", Butterfix reminded.

Mrs. Temperance translated, "He said that you shouldn't talk with your mouth full of cake."

Bethany had already rushed to the bathroom to take her bath.

Danny complemented, "This is the most delicious cream pie I have ever tasted."

"Awwwn, thanks", Mrs. Temperance commented.

"So how did you guys and my daughter meet?"

"We were in a crowd, where two Ultimon battlers were dueling. So Kelvin, over here, volunteered to battle one of them. Although he was a novice, he managed to beat the Ultimon battler..."

"Wow, looks like you are a natural Ultimon battler", Mrs. Temperance interrupted.

"So after beating him, we ensued to go. Bethany came from the crowd and offered us assistance. Then we entered a pick-up truck and arrived here", Danny concluded.

"Typical, Bethany loves making new friends."

Kelvin was still licking cream pie and eating cake.

He managed to say, "Can you bring more cream pie? Please..."

Butterfix assured, "Butterfix, Butter."

Mrs. Temperance stood up and went to the kitchen together with Butterfix.

Danny inquired, "How would we get back to our own dimension? You know the time is late. Our parents would be angry at us."

"There is no need to worry. Just sit back and enjoy some cream pie. Your worries would go away. Besides, I'm free from the constraints of my mom. I can do anything I want. I can eat as much pie as I want! Oh..." Kelvin commented.

"You are useless", Danny insulted.

Qyk was also enjoying the cream pie. He was eating at super-speed. Qyk loved the cream pie. As they both were eating, Mrs. Temperance came in with more cream pie. She dropped it on the table and so did Butterfix. Mrs. Temperance smiled at Kelvin and Qyk, as they continued to eat.

Mrs. Temperance has a braided dark red hair with blue iris, just like Bethany. She wore a light pink mini-gown with white hand gloves. She has bright red lips.

She sat down beside Danny, while Butterfix hovered in the air. In no time, Bethany came into the living room. She walked straight to the kitchen and took a large glass of milk. After drinking, she came back to the living room and took a seat.

She wore a bum-shorts and a T-shirt with many designs and a red love picture at the centre. She wore bright blue slippers.

She watched as Kelvin gobbled up the cream pie.

Danny inquired from Mrs. Temperance, "Where is your husband?"

"He is away on a business trip and would be back in two weeks time. He is on the South side of Rodrifad."

"Okay, so in this place, is there or are there continents", Danny asked again.

"Yes of course. Why are you asking as if you are from another dimension", Mrs. Temperance questioned.

"Actually, we are from another dimension", Danny answered.

"Yeah, that's true. What have you guys been saying about being from another dimension", Bethany joined the chat.

Kelvin soon finished the cream pie and cake and gave out a loud belch.

Qyk smiled, "Qqqqqqqq", as he gave out an even louder belch.

Kelvin said, "You're on."


Qyk and Kelvin both belched at each other until they got tired. Everyone left the chat and started to stare at them. When Kelvin and Qyk were done, Kelvin apologized, Sorry..."

Qyk also apologized, "Qyk, qyk."

Butterfix said in annoyance, "Butterfix."

Mrs. Temperance said, "It's okay", as she gestured to Kelvin.

"Can you tell me about you guys coming here", Mrs. Temperance said.

"Please sorry for the interruption. Can I get a glass of water", Kelvin interrupted.

"Butterfix help him get a glass of water."

"...and a glass of milk", Kelvin added.

"Butterfix, Butterfix", Butterfix said.

Butterfix soon came back with both glasses. Kelvin and Qyk drank to their satisfaction.

Then Danny began, "We were in one of our Nature Forest in 'our dimension'. We were looking for a leaf, 'cocoon leaf'; which we were told to bring for our Biology Practicals. We couldn't find the leaf. Just then an inter-dimensional portal opened up..."

"Wow, just like that", Bethany questioned.

"Yes. In the portal was the cocoon leaf. Kelvin, over here, dragged me into the portal. As we passed through, the portal closed. We tried to take the cocoon leaf. It happened to be one of the Ultimons", Danny continued.

"I didn't even realise all that happened", Kelvin commented.

Butterfix said in amazement, "Butterfix."

Qyk also joined, "Qyk, qyk, qyk."

"The Ultimon, that is the cocoon leaf flew away. We stumbled upon Qyk, over here..."

"Qyk scared him alot. He hid at the back of a tree, because of Qyk. I can't forget the look on his face", Kelvin said, while laughing.

Qyk joined the laugh. Danny was feeling bad about himself.

"I never knew you were so scared", Kelvin jeered.

Bethany defended, "It happens. One always have fears. As if you don't have." Bethany talked back at Kelvin.

Butterfix pitied Danny, "Butterfix."

Mrs. Temperance smiled a little. "It's okay, everyone has fears, including me", Mrs. Temperance encouraged.

"Continue with the story", Bethany said.

Kelvin said, "So after that, I took Qyk. As we walked through the forest, a monstrous boulder began to chase us. There, we were running for our lives at super-speed..."

"Shut it. We never ran at super-speed. The boulder was not monstrous. It was just a boulder. Qyk used an attack, which was ordered by Kelvin to shatter the boulder. The attack was similar to that which Kelvin used on that Ultimon Battler."

Bethany nodded her head, as she remembered.

"After the boulder stuff. We walked out and found the Ultimon battle going on", Danny concluded.

"There, we met and I brought you guys here", Bethany finished.

"That's the whole story, all wrapped up artistically", Kelvin praised.

Butterfix said in awe, "Butterfix, Butterfix!"

"Wow! I don't know what to say", Mrs. Temperance commented.

Bethany then questioned, "Why would a portal just open like that. And if so, in your dimension...you look exactly like us and make use of everything we use. And lemme guess, you don't have Ultimons?"

"Yeah. Wow, you are smart. On our dimension, we have animals. But we don't control them."

"Wow, I wonder what that's like", Bethany said.

Mrs. Temperance began, "There has been a report of anti-NovaSta energy being emitted from an underground source. The energy is said to bring about an imbalance in the barrier between dimensions. So I guess that must have caused a portal to open."

"Mom, where is this anti-NovaSta energy being emitted", Bethany asked.

"Wait up. What is an anti-NovaSta energy. I heard the Ultimon Battlers talking about NovaSta energy. Does it have anything to do with this anti-NovaSta energy.?"

Mrs. Temperance answered, "The NovaSta energy is the energy that Ultimons use to attack or power up, while the anti-NovaSta energy is an artificial form of energy which was created by Dr. Spark Flux, an evil scientist who wanted to harness the power of the Ultimons. When Ultimons absorb anti-NovaSta energy, they enter a mode and have a tendency to destroy and annihilate. Dr. Spark Flux was beaten by Ace Endas, but in the process, they transformed themselves into energy and sealed themselves. But now excess use of minute amount of anti-NovaSta energy causes it to accumulate, causing it to combine to form a large source. The area in which the anti-NovaSta energy is being shot out from the ground is at Barncombe Street."

Danny and Kelvin looked at each other in surprise.

"Your name is Endas."

"Wow, it can't be."

"What's with you two", Bethany asked.

"My name is Endas."

Qyk said, "Qyk, qyk."

"It's possible that if you go near this anti-NovaSta energy outburst, you may be taken back to your dimension", Mrs. Temperance informed.

"Where is this Barncombe Street", Danny asked.

"I can show you, but it is a long trip from here, like it would take us a day", Bethany answered.

"Can't you use a car", Danny asked.

"There is no road to that area. There is a forest separating the area", Mrs. Temperance answered.

"Can't we use skateboards", Kelvin ignorantly asked.

"How will that make us any faster", Danny asked.

"I'm just saying. It's cool pitching in ideas."

Bethany held her forehead, as she moved it sideways.

"Mom, can I follow them", Bethany inquired.

"Yeah, but you need some safety gears. The Hadleigh Forest contains many Ultimon", Mrs. Temperance answered.

"Follow me", Mrs. Temperance ordered.

They followed Mrs. Temperance to her room. Her room is casual. It has two windows opening to the outside. It has 4 low light florescent bulbs. A wardrobe and a cupboard are situated to the left of the wall. The wall is painted cream colour. The bed has a light pink covering with a red love sign design. A shoe rack is situated under the wardrobe. A mat is placed at the foot of her bed.

She opened the cupboard, as she brought out some devices. Kelvin and Qyk were looking around the room. Kelvin and Qyk ran and jumped into the bed.

Danny blarred, "Do you have any manners?"

"Let him lie", Mrs. Temperance countered.

Kelvin and Qyk continued to bounce on the bed. She pulled out two bags and began to stuff these safety devices into them.

She called Danny, "Bring your bag over here."

Danny brought his backpack and unzipped it. She brought out the books and other stuffs Danny stuffed his backpack with.

"This won't protect you. Wait, you love books so much", Temperance inquired.

"Yes", Danny answered.

Mrs. Temperance put a zapper, an insect-type Ultimon repellant, some food, a bright touch and other devices. Butterfix was in the room, as it perched on a steel rod. She handed the backpack to three of them, as she said, "Be careful."

She hugged all of them.

"I hope you put some cream pie and cake", Kelvin asked.

"Sure thing", Mrs. Temperance replied.

They rushed out of the house by 9:00pm in the night. Everywhere was dark. They could sight the anti-NovaSta energy, as the moon shone brightly.

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