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Witches Dominant

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It's the year 2006 the third Elite has been born. The new Society has been establish. Humans and sup- humans or humanoids now live in peace together. But for how long? Dimitri is a superhuman, Alchemist, witch and he just started high school and he already found himself in some drama. Emilia is an Alchemist witch and was born a country girl and some of her family members exp her to marry and work on the farm. But once Emilia turns 16th her real path is opened up to her. Join them on a discovery of a lifetime. See whether or not the peace can be protected.

Adventure / Romance
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New School Part 1

It’s August, the start of the new school year for most. More for the Florida kids. New school, new drama, and new friends. This year and the upcoming years will be interesting, to say the least. Drama will ensure as you have never seen before. New bonds will be made and shaken.

On the ride to school was a car with a young boy and his father. The boys named Tristan; a middle-height teenage human. He got green eyes and short dark brunette hair. He is wearing light denim jeans and a white shirt with a light black button-down and a pair of black sneakers. Mr. Hanson, a very stern, middle-aged, tall, brown eyes, brunette human. He was wearing a three-piece black suit with a pair of black dress shoes. His hair is short and slicked back.

Tristan wasn’t happy. His father already told him the importance of getting an education. And how these next few years will decide his future. This was the third time he told him that. He still doesn’t know what he wants to do with his life. His father is optimistic that when he graduates from college, he will take over the company. But he doesn’t even know if he wants to go to college.

“Are you listening, Tristan? Do you understand? These next four years are important. They can help decide your future,” said Mr. Hanson in a very stern tone.

“Yes, dad. I understand,” Tristan responded with a heavy sigh for the fourth time.

“Good, and one more thing, just then Mr. Hanson’s phone goes off before he can finish. “Hello, Mr. Hanson speaking, what do you mean lost today’s meeting files?”

He then goes off and yells at the person on the phone. While Tristan looks out the window, dying to get out of this hellhole of a car. Tristan sighs heavily for the fifth time. He was already fatigued. The day barely started. This is one of those moments where he wishes he could talk to his mother.

After fifteen minutes of sitting and listening to his dad yelling at his co-worker. They were finally at the school. Just as he was about to get out of the car. His father stopped him, “Wait, Tristan, here is what I want to give you.” And handed him a phone, the Samsung E900, last year’s model. He looked at it confused and reached for it. Once he had it in his hands, he looked at it weirdly and looked at his father with a weird look.

“Why are you giving me a new phone? My old one still works,” Tristan asked.

“New school, new phone. You got to make a good first impression,” Mr. Hanson said.

“Okay,” Tristan said as he got out of the car and headed towards the school. He uses his old phone, the Samsung Z510 to text his best friend, Imari.

“Hey, I just get here. Where are you?” Tristan asked in his text as he was walking through the parking lot of the school.

Imari texted backed with, “Am still outside on the left side of the building.”

Tristan looked up at the building on the left. Upon reaching where Imari is, Tristan waved to him. Imari is a little under middle height compared to Tristan. He got short black hair, dark brown eye human teenage. He is wearing light denim jeans.

Tristan and Imari have been best friends since fourth grade. They bonded over the loss of their mothers. Tristan’s mother walked out on him. Which just doesn’t make sense to him, because they had such a great relationship as mother and son. A better relationship than he has with his father.

Imari lost his mother to a mental disorder called schizophrenia. It got worse after the death of her eldest son. She is admitted to a mental hospital and lives there. They do see her several times a week. But he sincerely hopes she was around more.

Imari asked, “Hey man, how are you? How was the summer vacation?”

Tristan sighed, “it was just as I thought it would go.”

“Ah, man that sucks ass,” Imari said sympathizing in understanding.

“Yeah,” Tristan responded, leaning against the mini wall. He then asked, “what about you? How was your summer?”

“Well, just the usually. Hanging out with mom. Fishing with dad. Nothing new,” Imari said with a sigh.

“Well, at least one of us had a good summer,” Tristan commented. “Oh, come. You’ll most of done something fun,” Imari asked.

“There was an amusement park we went to. That was nice, but that was ruined when dad got called about a meeting. And Lillian went off on her own, wasn’t seen for the rest of the day,” Tristan said.

“Well damn, okay, well, we have twenty minutes before homeroom, and we have no idea where it is.”

“Oh, yeah, I guess let’s head inside,” Tristan said. So, they both moved to get off the wall and head inside the school building.

In the hallway on the way to the main gymnasium. Where the students go and get their homeroom information. Tristan showed Imari the new phone, “wait what, he just gives you a new phone,” Imari asked with a weird laugh.

“Yeah, when my current one is pretty fine,” Tristan stated.

“He said new school, new phone, like if having an old phone would make me less likely to be popular,” he continued.

“Well, I mean the first impression does mean a lot, especially in high school. It’s the start of making connections for our career,” Imari stated.

“So having a new phone makes me like cool?” Tristan asked sarcastically.

“Well, someone could see it, compliment the phone, ask you about it, and now you have a new friend,” Imari explained.

Tristan looked at Imari with a blank look, “I don’t care about the first impression or to be popular. I just want to go through high school with no attention to myself and barely any struggles.” Imari nods his head, agreeing, “yeah, I get that. I feel somewhat the same. I would like to make some new friends. But if not, we’ll just survive school together.” Tristan nodded as well, also agreeing, patting Imari on the back, “yeah, we’ll survive together.” Imari returns the gesture.

After about ten minutes of walking and talking from the entrance to the school. They made it to the gymnasium. When there is a line of students that leads out the gymnasium.

“I know we just said we are just surviving high school, but are there classes you’re excited for?” Imari asked.

Tristan took a deep breath, “I am excited about science class, but that is about it.” After a while, they finally made it to the front line.

Then to the table where the seniors assist in the distribution of homeroom information, school maps, school brochures and school I.D. to the freshman. After Tristan and Imari got their stuff. They went back into the hall and compared their room numbers to see if they are in the same homeroom.

“Aw, man. We are not in the same homeroom. Well, hopefully we are in a class together,” Imari said somber.

“Yeah, hopefully, let’s head to our room and find out,” Tristan said a little annoyed.

They walked to their homeroom, still talking about what could be expected, and excited for the school and the next three years.

“Do you even want to join a club?” Imari asked.

“No.” Tristan said with a straight face. Then he asked Imari the same question, “Do you plan to join a club?”

“Well, I want to. I was thinking about joining the photography club, because you know I like taking random pictures of things,” Imari said.

“Yeah, I know, you filled your dad’s camera with your pictures that he had to buy disposable one. But you filled all three faster than he anticipated,” Tristan said with a smirked.

“Yeah, he brought me a Polaroid camera, but I’m responsible for the Polaroids,” Imari said with a laugh.

“Yeah, I don’t want to join a club. I don’t like crowd places,” Tristan said.

“What about the gardening club? You’re by yourself most of the time,” Imari suggested.

“I don’t know. I think about it,” Tristan said.

By the time they finished that conversation, they had walked Imari to his homeroom, room 104. “And hey, don’t worry too much about our schedule. We still see each other after school,” Imari said, trying to be upbeat.

“Yeah, you’re right. I’ll still see you after school,” Tristan said as he walked away. Imari watched as he thought about Tristan. He is a little worried about him. He is started to notice that Tristan spaces out, like he is lost in thought. He wonders what Tristan thinks about. After having a few minutes with his thoughts, Imari walked into his homeroom right up to the teacher to get his schedule and locker and locker combination. Then he took a sit in the middle of the classroom.

Tristan walked back, heading to the staircase, heading up to the third floor, which is the last floor of the building. He was feeling a little anxious. He didn’t know and understand why. He wasn’t going to talk to anyone in the classroom. He just goes and gets his schedule and takes a sit in the back room. But he was still feeling anxious, like he was waiting for something or someone. He tries to ignore it. So, he just sat looking out the window, ignoring everyone.

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