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Chapter 8: The Forest of Blood pt.2

Samuel’s POV

Okay… Time for inventory count! I put my kit on the tree stump within the forest of what they were last seen. I always do this many times before and during each job, so I would prepare for anything.

“Hey sweetie! Can you hear me?” I contact Vannessa over the com link.

“Yes, daddy! I can hear you over the link. Is everything okay over there?” I nodded.

“Yes, pumpkin! Daddy is going to be working for a while. How are you doing on your homework?” I took off my body armor as I warm up my body.

“I’m doing all right, I have gotten A from math class.” I smiled. Despite being infected with Lycanthropy, she remains a strong girl. “Are you all right, dad?”

“Yes… I am fine.” I wish I have a cure for her… she has to take her medicine every 24 hours to prevent the disease from killing or mutating her.

After warming up, I did push-ups, burpees… Handstands… I do this to steady my mind for what’s coming. After my meeting with my mysterious client known as ‘J’, he gave me some from paperwork as well the pictures of…

“Quinn Dewalt!” My client shows me the pictures. “Former member of clan Dewalt. Last seen fleeing from Mourning ridge.”

“Are you trying to say I should kill just that one werewolf?” I notice his body structure is on the thin side, he seems doesn’t able to move around. “You are hiring me to kill a cripple?”

“He is not just a cripple… he is one of those Dream walkers that can threaten the balance of the world.”

“I know about them and their near godlike potential. I heard Angharad died in an attack at the Mourning ridge.” The client got jumpy when I mentioned it. He quickly recomposes himself to explain himself further.

“Nothing slip by you, does it?” He is nervous… I don’t know what his game is. “The point is, we need to eliminate him as a threat. We can pay your price.”

Normally, I take up jobs to kill these bastards of the night. They call me the night slayer of the brutal arts of fighting these monsters and learn their way of fighting. I have a high success rate of 96%, killing them with little difficulty, as well taking any items at their disposal since they can come in handy on the next hunt.

This Job is different, however… A Lycan who has no ability to transform, yet he can use magic and dream walking. He doesn’t seem like a bad guy… yet…

“I’ll do this for free.” I should charge a higher rate for this… I have a feeling this is going to be more than a simple job.

“For free?” He suddenly spits out his drink. “Are you serious, Mr. Aswanson? No self-respecting mercenary would do this for free.”

“True. Can I guess if I were to turn it down? I assume you have others waiting in the wings?”

“Ah, well… Yes, but I rather hire you for the job. Since just anyone would just…” He is giving me a feeling that I shouldn’t take up the job and I don’t have time for his bullshit. “Actually, are you thinking about your daughter ‘condition’?”

“How did you…?” Of course… he got connections. “I don’t ask about how you got that information, but I’m warning you…”

“Easy, friend! I am not interested in your daughter. But the job is not free, and you wouldn’t do it for scraps.”

“No, but my time is precious. If you are not going to hire me…” I got up from my seat.

“I am going to hire you, you damn fool!” Hmm? “I mean, I am a fool if I don’t hire you right now. Plus, you are seeking vengeance, no?” This guy is something else, but if he is willing to pay my fee…

“Tell me more…”

Preparation complete

After testing my weapons and my equipment, I check on my potions, which they are small portions. They are Wolfbane, Sour & Garlic, Amplifier, Magebane, Snake drainer, Swiff, Eye of truth, Revive, Clear, Regenerate and my favorite Zero Isolate potion. I also have a timer set up to help me keep track of how long the potion effects will last.

Also, the vampire effect, I have almost forgotten about it; I placed it on my potion belt. Here I check on my weapons.

“Dad… Are you all right?” She asked. I inspected my weapons in my arsenal.

“Yes, I am alright.” I tested my revolver to make sure it didn’t jam on me. I always oil it after each use. “Why you ask, pumpkins?”

“I miss mom and my little brother, have anyone…” Sal…

“Yes, pumpkins. They're still looking for the bad guys, but no one has found them.” I remember that experience when I came back home… they were… No, back to the mission.

“I will begin the mission, pumpkins. Activate the tracking unit.”

“Yes, Dad!” I see footprints… They are heading north.

I’ve followed the tracks toward a campsite near the river… They are not covering their tracks well, an amateur mistake. It points toward the Blood-red forest area. That is my destination.

Let’s rumble

“Well… Well… Look what we got here?” Rogues… Lycans that don’t have a clan, some of them act like thugs. “Where are you going, pops?”

I said nothing; I don’t have time to be dealing with them. When I tried to move past, one of them stood in my way.

“Go back the way you came, pup.” I stared him down. “You’re in my way.” The man laughs.

“And what are you gonna do about it, old man?” He gets close to my face. “What’s the getup?” As the man tried to touch my gear. I jab him in the heart with my knife. The man gasped for air as he fell to the ground. His friends growled at me… transforming right now into their full-form.

I took a dose of Swiff, cranking my neck as they approached me with claws. I dodge their swipes and plunge the dagger into one of their heart. One of them turned to run. He bit off more than he can chew.

Using my spike belt, I wrapped around its neck. With one move and enough force, I sliced its throat, weakening it enough for it to revert to its normal form.

“No! Please!” I put out my dagger and stab him in the heart. These bastards think they can use their abilities to do whatever they wanted. These monsters shouldn’t be existing all at all, they are not human.

“Excuse, sir?” I turned around… meet a young lady. She seems more curious. I can tell she must be used to it, or is she…? “Ah, I’m sorry, sir! I shouldn’t have interrupted you.” She bows before moving on.

“Who is that lady, dad?”

“Don’t know…” I watch as she left and turned back to the trail. “Need to get back on track.”

Found them

The trail that leads further into the forest… The forest of blood is a very dangerous place that attracts the lost souls. Vampires that are mindless monsters that prey on anyone unfortunate to enter this place. I found Quinn and his protectors, following them deeper into the forest…

I can feel the energy around surround me… It’s peaceful… too quiet.

As much as I want to ambush the target, I need to get intelligence in the area. Any escape routes, dangers, good place to set up traps, herbs within the area to make potions.

“Vannessa, you got a lock on my position?” I contact my pumpkins. She has been a major help in what I do since last year.

“Yep, I have you on my satellite!” She is sending me intel.

Okay… The trees would be good for setting up traps. They are 4 escape routes I can use: Waterfall, Caverns, Tree branches and the same way I came. After I got them set up, I noticed Quinn is not alone… my daughter sent me files about his protector: Mira Suncada.

She was born into the Suncada family, protectors of the Dream walkers. She lost her parents to rampaging spirits in the desolated forest, leaving her alone as the only survivor of the family. Been a slave to vampires for 10 years before being released in an unknown incident.

As for that wolf…

“Vanessa, can you scan that creature?”

“Already did… They are no files about it.”

“No files?”

“It is not a spirit that we know of but…”

“No, it’s okay, pumpkins. Keep me posted!”

I sat and wait to see what they were doing next. I want to see why my client wants him dead, and is that kind of threat I see?

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