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Chapter 9: Guided Tour pt.2

Fenrir’s POV

“Master!” I quickly rushed to my master after he dispatched those nightmares that were attacking him.

“WHO WANTS SOME MORE?!” He is swinging his sword in the air… This is not good.

“Master, that is enough!” I called to him. “That is unnecessary, you survived.”

“Survived?!” he looked at me. “No, I’m only getting started!” The power is surging through him. He was forgetting who he was.

“I said that is enough, Master!” I quickly fire off an Ice orb for him to calm down. “You are letting the power go to your head!” He quickly breaks himself out.

He lunged himself toward me; I jumped around using the stagmites all around us. My master is flying in the air in his mad attempt to slay me. This is not the Quinn, I know… He is kinder and more understanding of people around him; it is time to remind him that.

As soon as he saw me, he wasted no time to swing his sword in my direction. I flip upward to deflect the blade away; I landed on my feet.

“Jelly King!” I summoned the king of jelly. He rises from the ground when I called him by his name. “Hold him steady, my king!”

It fired slime at Quinn’s feet and into his arms. This should be enough to hold him in place.

“Master! Get a hold of yourself!” He grinds his teeth at me. He is struggling to break free. “Do you remember Pwyll, Tilda, George and Angharad?” His neck is straining, fury is clouding his judgement. “Have you forgotten who you are, Master?”

“Let me go!” he is on his knees. “Let me go…”

“Stay with me, Master. Do you remember where you are?”

“Yeah, I know, we are in the dream world…”

“Your purpose?”

“Angharad has trained me to exceed her. That is why she brought me here.”

“More than that, why did she choose you to be a dream walker?”

My master had no answer when I asked him that question, but I know he is realizing that he lost control over himself. I motioned to Jelly King to release him, which it melts back into the earth itself. I moved by Quinn as he processed what happened.


“I shouldn’t have let the power gone to my head, Fenrir. I felt I was invincible!”

“No one is invincible, Master. You weren’t yourself.” I wonder about his contract with Sir Dalmut. “It was a surge of power. Your mind and body weren’t ready to handle that immense power.”

“I know that, Fenrir!” He stood up, frustrated, he let himself get carried away. “For the first time in my life, I didn’t feel powerless. It was like I have a lot of power at my disposal.”

“Is that you have been striving for all this time, Master?” I know my master has suffered for years from his clansman and especially his father.

“Yes…” He is hanging his head. “I thought if I can become strong enough to awaken my wolf, I thought my clan would accept me.” Quinn…

“Your wolf?” He must have sensed that similar energy as well. No… It is not time yet to tell him.

“My wolf… Every Lycan has one. With that, it gives us our strength and power. It is inside of us.”

“If I understand correctly, Master? You were born without one?” I saw tears flowing down from him.

“I was born without one… the sayers were…”

“Fuck the sayers, master!” I made my displeasure of them very clear, which it surprised my master I would start speaking like this. “They have prophesied that you would be an Ill-Omen, a Lycan without a wolf inside of him. And yet…” I walked over toward him, I nuzzle him on the side. “You have Mira, your adopted clan, and me.”

My master has petted me on the head and scratched me on my stomach. He doesn’t know…

“Fenrir…” he looked at me. “How much do you know about my life?”

“I would prefer you tell me yourself, Master.” My master created a reclining chair for us to sit down.

“From childhood, it was a struggle to do everything in my life. My father made sure that they would educate me in the ways of our people and clan. My brother, Pwyll, was a big help, and he always made sure that I would do my homework on time. However, I’ve never hung around with the other kids… they would call me a ‘human’ because I didn’t have a wolf inside of me.” That is not true, my master. “I told my father about the abuse and how the kids treated me… he punched me in the face for my troubles, telling me ‘to be a man!’” I notice he mimics his father on his tone. “My eldest brother, Reagan, was worse. He would often beat me and break my legs frequently.”

“Why didn’t you tell anyone, master?” I am horrified at the lengths that his clan treated him.

“Tell them what, Fenrir? My father knew about it and he allow it to continue! Even Tilda and Pwyll can only do so much against him.”

“A tyrant in the making, I see.” I never liked Reagan, I can see why.

“Hell yes! I don’t want to know what happens if he becomes Clan alpha.” You and me, both, Master.

“Did you ever fall in love, Master? You didn’t seem to have a lot of friends.”

“No one wanted anything to do with me. No woman in her right mind, would want a mate that is sickly and sick, not to mention have no wolf inside of him. As the time came closer that I would turn 18, people were pretending I didn’t exist anymore. Nathaniel played a prank on me that nearly killed me.”

“A prank? What kind of prank?”

“He led me to an area where a feral rogue was waiting for me. Then he left me after that.”

“What happened?”

“I was panicking… I tried to beg for my life as it got near me… I thought it was the end of me.”

“You don’t remember what happens next?”

“Next thing, I knew, I was back at the village. Nobody seems concerned about how I almost died there.” As far as I know, clans are usually protective of their members. For them to do this to him should be ashamed of themselves.

“What about Tilde and Pwyll?”

“They were sick with worry… my father, however, remains frustrated. I didn’t transform in front of him. I told him about what Nathaniel tried to do to me.”

“What was his response?”

“He told me he knew about it…” Tears were streaming down as he discussed his painful memories. “Punched me in the ribcage for that, told me that my time will come soon and that he’ll be glad to be rid of me.”

“It is true you are a Lycan, Master?” I must know his response about his situation. “How long does it take for your wounds to heal?”

“A couple of months to a week. They even said that I have bones like a human.”

“Before you turned 18, why didn’t you try to leave the clan?” I had wondered why my master didn’t leave them when they had a chance.

“To go where? Into the wilderness? The Tundra? The Desert?!”

“Quinn, please…” He shot up from his chair.

“You didn’t think it was on my mind in the first place? I tried to leave only to get caught 7 times. 7 times! My father beaten me for 3 times I left, Reagan tortured me into the night for one of those times…” He was shaking at the thought of those memories. “Then I was at the mercy of the other clansmen after my 4th, 5th and 6th attempts.”

“I’m sorry about, Master. What happened on the 7th attempt?”

“That was before my birthday… I knew the clan wouldn’t care about me, no matter what I did. I packed my stuff and attempted to leave. The clan patrols caught me along the way, but it was Tilda who saved me that day. She urged me to wait until my birthday to leave the clan.” He shook his head at that memory. “I told her it is a bad idea and asked her to help me escape the village since nearly everyone wouldn’t care about me.”

“Master… I have an idea.” I went up to him. “I will teach you to transfer into the minds of others.”

“Transfer? You mean to see into people’s minds?” I nodded.

Transfer is an ability that allows a dream walker to go into the minds of other people and view their memories and thoughts. You can also use it to take control of them, providing the individual doesn’t have a powerful mind or mental defenses. We can also use to either calm, disable or invoke a …

“Mental shutdown?!” My master disapproves of the idea. “That can kill a person mentally, dooming them to a fate worse than death.”

“Forgive me for bringing it up, my master.” I kneel before my master.

“No! That is not what I meant, Fenrir.” Hmm? “You don’t have to keep call me master at all the time.”

“Still, Quinn… Mental shutdown is a last resort option, only used if no other options would work.”

“Teach me how to use transfer.” I nodded.

“Your father, think of him.” Quinn is doing as I suggested. “Feel the thoughts pouring down to you like rain.” We are inside of… my father’s mind.

“We are inside of my father’s mind…” He saw we can travel within the minds of others. “Let’s head to Mira’s mind first, she needs to know that I am all right.”

“Master! Wait up!” I had chased after my master. I am regretting teaching him the technique… I trust he can use it for the right purposes.

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