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Chapter 11: The Predators

Mira’s POV

The bloodsuckers are moving like a blur. Raising my ax, I know they are after Quinn. How else would they be moving around us? Where is Fenrir, where I needed him… he must be with him in the dream world.

One of them dived, come close within a distance of Quinn. I brought my axe close to his face before he lay one hair of his. His ashes have touched the soil of this place. I backed up to where Quinn was. All it will take is one wrong move and he will be defenseless against them.

One of them grabbed by my wrist, dragging me away from Quinn. The woman laughed as I got further away from him. Oh yeah, laugh at this!

Thinking quickly, I pulled my knife from my belt and stabbed the woman in her arm. I hoisted on the woman’s waist and plunge it into her neck. Her screams came as I set her on fire. I rolled on the ground as her ashes were being flung in the wind.

Damn it… I am far away from his body and those monsters surround Quinn, as he was their prey. I may have an issue with him being the successor to my mentor. I won’t let these monsters to do whatever they want with him.

“Girl, are we gonna transform or not?!” Rodu is getting on my nerves… but it is now or never.

“Roduriga! Partial!”

“Go get em!” I slammed into the ground as I transformed into my bipedal form. The full form will take too much time which Quinn will be dead by then. Picking up my ax and biting it hard on my mouth, I run toward them with all the speed that my ancestors can provide.

Over numbered but not outclassed,

I flung my axe at one of my attacker which it crumpled into ash; the others vanished from my view. I moved toward Quinn. What is the world..?

“Mira! I am almost back from the dream world.” He is all right. “I need a bit of more time to back to you. How long can you hold them off?” I transformed into my full wolf.

“As long as I can! Where is Fenrir?”

“I am here, my lady!” I notice one of them nearly swiped with me with his claws, then vanished the next moment out of view.

“Can you stop them or something?” I blocked an attack from one of them before moving to attack me from behind.

“I can help you detect how many are there and give you some commands.” Commands? Hmph… That is all I got to work with.

“What are the commands you can give me?”

“Stop! Speed up! Flame! Ice! Thunder! Light! Sleep!” One of them slashed across my chest during the time I was talking with the spirit.

“How many of them, Spirit?” I swung my ax at one of them, only to touch air.

“There are 8 of them in the vicinity. More of them will come shortly.” Then I will need to hurry!

“Speed up!” I felt my body light as a feather. As one of them came at me, I rush up to it and slice him in two.

I hoisted Quinn on my shoulder, sprinting hard as they continue to give chase. Three of them surround us and one of them kicked me into the ground, cause me to drop Quinn. As I struggle to get up, someone’s hand forced me to the ground. I can’t see what is going on.

“Stop!” I felt the flow of time coming to a crawl. As I stood up, I saw a woman almost took a bit on Quinn’s neck.

Grabbing my knife, I plunge it into that woman’s eye, pulling Quinn away from her. I continue to sprint hard as I got a head start from my pursuers. Time resumed. By then, I had enough time to be ahead of them.

“Mira, we are almost there. Give us another minute to get to you.” I heard Quinn speaking from inside my head.

“You better hurry!” Our pursuers found us. “I don’t know if I hold them off for long.”

As I raised my ax, I felt a gentle tap on my shoulder… I had a feeling that shouldn’t turn around, but it didn’t matter as they forced me to face my pursuer. It was a woman with dark long hair with some streaks of white; she is smiling in my face, but for what reason.

The woman is pointing at me to… Give up Quinn so I may live? I frowned on the idea, which the woman took as the answer I gave. Pointing her finger at me, the others came at me with blinding speed. My eyes cannot keep with them as they would be there one moment and gone the next moment.

“Fenrir! Can you cast thunder on my ax?”

“Right away!” I raised my axe to the skies. Thunder pours down onto my axe, the energy surges through me and my axe.

I swung the axe using the electric energy from it which It made cutting my attackers easier than it is. The woman lunged at me, using her claws; I dodged them, but the woman is more nimble than I thought.

She slashed on the side of my abdomen; I gritted my teeth as she was moving around like a demon possessed. She clawed her way to my face, her nails were piercing my skin. I watched as she protrudes her fangs from her mouth at me. I can’t move or reach for my axe. She has pinned me to the ground.

Next thing that happened, a spear pierced her stomach. The woman turned around in horror to see one of her own that did it. Then the man sliced her head, causing her whole body to disintegrate.

“Mira!” the man called to me. “It’s me, Quinn.”

“Quinn? How did you--” The man helped me up.

“We don’t have time! More of them are on their way.”

“How many, to be exact?”

“They are 50 coming this way.” 50? Why would they send a large group to deal with only 2 people? It is overkill to do so. “They don’t seem to be the type to leave it to chance after what happened back at mourning Ridge!”

“What should we do then? Wait for them to kill us?” I asked.

“We fight until we can find an opening and escape.” He turned me as I saw shadows approaching us. “Are you still with me, Mira?”

“I am with you!” I pulled out my other ax, holding the both of them in my hands. “It is about time you decide to fulfill your role.”

“Here they come!”

Two to Tango!

As they came upon us, Quinn and I sprung into action. As I sliced through one of my attackers for coming near me, thoughts came into my head. Quinn has grown to be fiercer from the first time for met, weeks ago, he was spineless and pathetic.

But for him to take control of another being and make them fight… he is truly something. I guess wrong about being a mistake. I even saw that he got 4 of them to impale themselves on their own head. Fenrir stood watch over his body to ensure that he can return but-

One of them slashed me on the face, dropping my axes on the ground which my assailants wasted no time using them against me by chopping both sides of my abdomen. I spited up blood as I reverted to my normal form.

“Mira!” Before Quinn can do anything, one of them impales his possessed body. It forced him back to his original body. My attacker made sure that I couldn’t get near him, and I felt fangs sinking deeper into my neck. I screamed in pain. I felt the life was pouring out of my body.

Then it stopped… Our attackers were being hit by a stray of silver bolts. Something or someone must be an excellent shot to fire this many at once. They were turning into a pile of ashes as it hit them. Some tried to flee the scene, but a crossbow bolt met their chest.

“Mira!” I heard Quinn’s voice.

“Quinn! Hang on!” I searched around… He is safe. I grabbed him in my arms. They are no wounds that I’ve seen.

“We need to leave now!” Fenrir growled.

“Agree!” A stray bullet hits the ground. As I turned, I notice someone is approaching us. So that is the individual who fired those shots. But why I don’t know.

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