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Chapter 12: Terminate the night creatures

Samuel’s POV

As I approached those three, I was glad I fired off that Mckintch Crossbow. It can fire up to 45 bolts per minute. The maker didn’t want to produce more of them, as every battle would be a massacre. I took my mask as I made my way to those two… I am not the only one hunting the Dream walker.

“Who are you?” The woman yelled across me as I stepped near.

“I am only here for Quinn Dewalt.” I stated my intent, which the woman pulled her ax out.

“Why me? I did nothing to warrant a bounty on my head.” The young man is not aware. I am not here to take him alive.

“That is not my problem, pup!” I glanced at his appearance. He is scrawny, unlike most Lycans, doesn’t seem able to walk or run under his power. Most would say he is not much of a threat, but if it’s true that he is a dream walker-

“Mercenary! Why did you save our lives?” I turned my attention toward the woman, Mira. “You could have killed us right there while you were firing bolts of silver.”

“I didn’t do it to save you.” I pulled out my silver revolver, ‘Resolute,’ and pointed it at her. “They should have sent a professional to do the job rather than a large group.”

“Please, mister. We can pay you double the amount that your employer pays you.” I shook my head.

“I honor my contracts, Mr. Dewalt. Your money is no good here.” I keep my gun trained on Mira and his wolf. “Out of curiosity, can’t you transform?”

As soon as Quinn shook his head, that when the woman strikes at me.

Engage the target

I rolled away, nearly getting clawed in the face. I took a dose of the vampire effect, Dreamer’s respite, and speed enhancement. The Lycan came at me again with her battleax… I noticed her wounds weren’t healing straight away and that means she gotten hit by silver weaponry. I lunged at the woman with my knife, which she held me in place as we struggle over it.

“Quinn! Shut him down!” I smiled as she tells him to shut me down.

“I…” He is struggling to do so. “I can’t… the man must have shielded his thoughts from me.”

“I don’t have the time for this, animal!” I launched a push kick at her stomach, which made her recoil a bit. Plunged two of my knives on her legs. She won’t be going anywhere.

I headed straight for Quinn. His spirit animal is in the way.

“You will not harm my master!” The wolf has sharp teeth bearing at me. I pulled out my cross and recited a silent incantation to banish it from our realm. “Your holy symbol will not work on me.”

“True. But I can send you elsewhere!” I changed my incantation to cast a spell in Latin “Ab ipso mundo, mitto ego te ad alium locum e caelo!” With that, I sent his ‘pet’ away to another area. Whatever it was… It was no ordinary spirit, or it wasn’t one to begin with.

“What did you do?” He saw I banished his friend.

“It’s over, Quinn Dewalt.” I pinned him down with my boot on his chest. The lad struggles to fight his way out of it. “I will make this quick, pup.” I pointed a revolver at his face.

“Why are you doing this and who is hiring you?”

As I stare at the animal, aiming my revolver at him, I keep hearing the ringing in my phone. It’s Vanessa…

“Sweety, this is a bad time right now.” Why would she be calling me now?

“Dad, please listen to me. I had looked into our client’s history—”

“Sweety, I understand your concerns--” she cuts me off.

“Dad! You are being lied to and Mr. Dewalt is--” I cut off the com… I am sorry, my daughter, but I honor my contracts.

“Excuse me, sir? Is that your daughter?” I turned to him as soon as he mentioned her. “She was trying to tell you the truth, but you are-” I clenched my teeth as he spoke.

“Lycan, son of a bitch. It’s time for you to die!” I made my intent clear as I cocked my revolver at him. “Your dream walking days are over!”

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