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Chapter 13: Slayer

Mira’s POV

Quinn! I removed the knives from my legs. Even though I can still move them, it burns like hell. Now I know who that man is… Samuel Aswanson, the night slayer. He had the reputation of being one of the deadliest night hunters alive. I suspect he is after Quinn because his ‘client’ paid him to eliminate him.

“Girl…” Rodu, please hang in there.

“Do you think we can still transform?”

“Damn it, girl! We can’t. You realize I am fighting off the poison inside of your body?” What?! “It ain’t bad but transforming right now--”

“Your dream walking days are over!” I need to get to Quinn… Now!

“Roduriga…” I spat up some blood from my mouth… What is this… I can’t…

“Girl, I can’t…” No, no. no.

“Roduriga! Don’t give up on me now! Please!”

“Girl… my body… is too weak…” Rodu… “I need to rest…” He spent so much of his energy to suppress this ‘poison’ inside of me. I pulled out a dagger and threw it at the man. I aimed at his revolver to knock it out of his hands.

“Quinn!!” The man suddenly fell upon me and wasted no time kicking me straight in the face.

“Lycan bitch, this isn’t your fight!” The man yelled at me. I can’t muster the strength to get up. He rolled me to the side, and the man fell upon me with a dagger made of silver with a red linen. “You should have stayed down! Are you that hellbent on protecting that monster?”

“Are you hellbent on avenging your wife and son?” I saw the man’s face tensing up the moment I’ve mentioned them. “You think you’re the first hunter that tried to kill me? I had one of them tried to kill me for my ‘pelts’ and I took him out. What would your daughter think if she sees you like this?!” the man yelled at the top lungs as he wasted no time plunging the dagger into my left shoulder.

“YOU MONSTERS ARE ALL THE SAME! YOU TOOK MY WIFE & SON FROM ME.” I yelled as I felt the pain burning throughout my body. “YOU FUCKING WEREWOLVES EVEN INFECTED MY DAUGHTER WITH YOUR FILTHY DISEASE! AND SHE WAS A CHILD! A CHILD!” The man plunged it harder. I look into the man’s eyes as he did it. Tears fell from his face as he did.

“I HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH IT!” I struggled to remove his knife from my shoulder. The man saw my attempt and drive even deeper into me. I felt my blood was heating as he push it further into my body. I gritted through my teeth.

“YOU GOT THAT RIGHT! YOU DID NOTHING!!” He pulled out his dagger from my shoulder and raised it about me. “THAT IS WHY YOU MONSTERS NEED TO DIE FROM THE FUCKING EARTH!”

“It’s… giving you the right to play god, huh..?” Goddess… I am losing blood… Staying conscious is…

“Not interested in playing god, monster. I am doing it for those that I love! I seek to right the wrongs of this world.” The man… he is…

“It seems…” I struggle to remain awake despite whatever he used for the dagger is weakening me. “You’re the monster here!”

The man stares at me for a moment. His eyes showed me he had been through enough pain. He holds us all responsible for the death of his loved ones, as well as infecting his daughter with lycanthropy.

“If I need to be a monster to take you werewolves down…” He pulled out his revolver and pointed to my face. “So be it!”

“Then fuck you!” I clenched my teeth. The pain… I know it’s silver, perhaps wolfbane… whatever it is, it’s wreaking havoc throughout my body.

“Leave my protector, alone!!” a gust of wind suddenly threw the man back… Quinn… “Mira! I’m here!” The man sprinted toward Quinn and stabbed him in the stomach.

“I GOT YOU NOW, YOU FUCKING ANIMAL!” No… I cannot move my body, my strength has left me. My arms… legs… I feel life is going out of me…

Angharad… I failed… I couldn’t protect him… At least--

A smokescreen? I can’t see anything…

Someone has raised my head and put something in my mouth. I felt the life is roaring back into my body, but I still can’t move…

But whoever it is… it’s grabbing me and Quinn at the same time. We were soaring into the open skies; it was like somebody was watching over us all time.

“Goddess?” I struggled to move my head to get a closer look.

“Goddess?! No, silly! Think of me as your savior!” You… uh...

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