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Chapter 14: Concealed Tracks

Elleri’s POV

La la la… doba doba! Tee Hee! Well… It looks like they are all right. Whoever that loser is, he sure as hell did a lot of damage to their bodies. I was getting my ingredients for my La bear potion when I ran into them. I had to use a smokescreen to save my sweet bear Quinn being killed by that rabid dog and, of course… His lousy protector.

When I heard a moan from behind me, I galloped up to her. Oh good, she is awake!

“Where am I?” I sighed as she stirred. What? No, ‘thank you’ or ‘thank you for save us!’... hmph.

“Show your gratitude to me!” I beat my chest with such pride! “Elerri Rowbeana Fortbem at your service! Your savior!”

“What the fuck…!” She quickly recognized me… oh how nice! “Elerri?! WHERE IS QUINN?!” You little…

“Is that the gratitude I am getting from you, Mira?!” How dare she show me such ingratitude… I should have left her to die.

“Where. Is. Quinn? I won’t say it again, you bitch!” The nerve! I stomped away from her. I don’t have time for her ingratitude.

It looks like Quinn is doing fine… now to --

“WHERE IS QUINN?!” She pinned me to the wall. Oh, that’s it! If you want to act like an animal, fine!

“MIRA! Stop!” Quinn, sweetie? “Let her go. She saved us!” I pushed my way through that animal’s grip and went straight to Quinn. I hugged him. I am happy to see him again!

“Quinn, my sweet little angel!” I kissed him on the cheek. “Do you remember a little Ol me, hmm?”

“Elleri! Yes, I remember you. Last time, I recalled you... were in a hurry… If may ask-” I put my finger on his lips.

“Yes, my dove-lovely! We are back at Mourning Ridge. Are you impressed with my capabilities?”

“Actually, how did you find us?” Well… At least he is interested in knowing about yourself truly.

“We don’t have any time for this! Let’s go!” I slapped her hand away as she came near us. I let my fangs show to let her know I grow tired of her intolerance.

“Are you even slightly curious about how I found you two?”

“Let’s go!” As that animal touched him, I grabbed her and threw her to the nearest wall I can find.

“He is mine, you bitch!” Oh goodness… “I am so sorry, I shouldn’t have said that. That was unladylike.”

“Too late for that, you vampiric slut!” The animal growls at me.

“ENOUGH! THE BOTH OF YOU STOP!” We turned to Quinn, who crawled out of the bed. “What is the hell with wrong with you two?”

“Quinn, I--” I tried to say something.

“Mira! What is your problem with Elleri?”

“Why are you taking her side, Quinn?” Oh wow…

“Answer my question, Mira!” Oh, I don’t have time for this.

“She is still angry that I took her boyfriend away from her and not to mention she ruined my science project years ago.”

“Only because you seduce him away from me, bitch! He was my mate!” Mira…

“Is that why you sabotage my science project, Mira?” I walked up to her. She is still angry with me for taking her mate.

“You even brush me off when I asked you about him years ago.”

“Still, it is worth destroying her stuff for it, Mira?” Quinn…. “And Elleri, you should have talked to her about this sooner instead of letting her find out on her own.”

“She started it!” I pointed at Mira.

“Then End it, now! And you better you two start right now…” Quinn…? He is pointing to his head, which that means…

Cementing trust

“You didn’t know., did you?” I explained what happened between me and Netan. He and I are friends with benefits, which he and I occasionally slept with each other when we get a chance. That was when I learned he was a chosen mate for his beloved…

We remained friends afterward, communicating by letters and writing in them. The science project was working on 2 things: advanced medicine for humans and Lycans that needed and to make a special star-shaped staff for Ingrid.

“So that means…” I rolled my eyes. “YOU BITCH! YOU SLEPT WITH MY MATE!”

“I didn’t know until he told me! And I sure as hell didn’t do to spite you! I’ve done nothing by us having things in common. I had wished he had told me sooner or at least considered he may be with someone.”

“But you didn’t! He had to end up telling me on his own.”

“Then again, you could have asked me! Which you took out your rage on my science equipment! Which prevent me from completing them.”

“It is always about you, huh?” You… I rose from my seat and looked her straight in the eyes.

“I may be a narcissistic airhead… But that medicine I made was at the request of Alpha George, which you have destroyed!” I pointed my finger at Mira which her eyes widen at what she did. “And that staff you took as a blunt instrument… was it meant for Ingrid McSald, our local sorceress.”

“Goddess, I didn’t know…”

“I knew you were the one responsible for the headaches that you caused me for the entire time, and perhaps I should have told them long ago. To see how they would have to react if they know you were the one that caused the delay of my work.” I was expecting Mirie to argue with my logic. To my surprise, she didn’t.

“Why didn’t you, Elerri?” Hmph! I tap on the ground with my foot.

“Why? You expect me to act petty based on something you did not know that you have done?”

“I…” I raised my hand to stop her from saying anything.

“It’s done! Lucky for you, I am still alive on this earth.” I don’t want to go into details after what she did. I slumped on my couch after having a day of work.

“I’m so sorry that I didn’t ask you about this sooner.” Oh, now you are sorry after all the headache you have given me.

“You’re 20 years later for an apology and not to mention you had cost me scientific glory in the process!”

“Oh, yeah! Then I change my mind! I’m not sorry. You are much a stuck-up bitch then and you are still one now!”

“Then If I was ‘stuck up’, I would have left you and Quinn at the mercy of that hunter instead of bringing you back home with me.”

“Elleri is right! We wouldn’t have survived without her help! And Mira, you need to keep a cool head and ask more questions though.”

“Quinn!” Hee hee… You know my sweet bear is right, though!

“And you Elleri as much as I appreciate your help. You got to stop antagonizing people and just work with them. If they are misunderstandings, clear it up! Don’t it let fester!” We looked at Quinn as if he was suddenly a different person. “I am honestly tired of you two, arguing like little kids. You are goddess knows how old… Act like it!”

It floored us when Quinn gave his criticism of us. I looked at Mira as she simply shrugged it off, which it is surprising that we at least agreed on something.

“Then we’ll try to get along for your sake, Quinn.”

“Try? I would say ‘Mean it!’” I raised my head. Miss animal will not behave like a civilized woman. I refuse to stoop to her level.

“I’ll get dinner ready.” I went to the kitchen to fix some meals that they may like.

“Elleri.” Now the animal is coming to bother me… what does she want now? “Is true you slept with my mate?” I had to set the water on medium heat.

“We did, but we were friends with benefits. He never told me you were his mate. If I had known sooner…” I don’t how to put it with her. “I would simply not go there.”

“But you did, slut. He was my beloved, and we had intended to marry.”

“He told me he had a mate which he’ll marry.” Putting the noodle into the put while it boiled. “It did not upset me. He slept with me in my bed. I was more furious that he had hidden that fact from me. So, I told him we are better off as friends. Friends with benefits are one thing, sleep with someone’s fiance is another.”

“You didn’t tell me about this sooner. I would have understood!” That is the thing with you, Mira. You should have done this sooner! You could have prevented all of this mess, all the headaches I would have to avoid with you.

“I could have done so a lot sooner. However, after you learned I slept with him, you were more prone to killing me instead of hearing me out in the beginning.” I took the noodles and set them on a sink using a strainer. The water went out of it, releasing the steam. Then I used tomato sauce as well being the pieces of ground beef on a skillet with medium-low heat.

“I…” She is shaking her head. She didn’t know.

“Dinner will be ready in a few minutes. It’s not every day I’ll be making dinner for my guests.”

“You said George McSald asked you to make an advanced healing salve?”


“And Ingrid Mcsald, commission you to make a star-shaped staff?”

“Correct again!” I smiled as she finally understood my brilliance, but… “But you wondered why I didn’t rat you?”

She is silent on me, well… that the proper attitude to show as a lady, not an animal.

“Because it was out of respect for Angharad that I didn’t do so and you didn’t know the entire story of what I have been doing.” I put a hand on her shoulder. “We are going to be eating dinner so we’ll be here for a while.”

“We are not friends, you know.” Seriously?

“At least, be civil for my sweet bearsy.” I stir the sauce around just to make sure it is ready. Okay, time to serve it up.

Dinner Conversation

After I got spaghetti and garlic bread twist at the ready, I’ve invited them to sit down and eat. I always have a good La Elizawe wine, a wine made for a vampire like myself to digest regular blood. I was expecting the animal to argue with me again, but to my surprise, she acted cordial.

I learned from their journey that Quinn will need to complete his training. He already mastered the power of Dream walking and gotten some experience in magic. He also needs to master spirit walking as well, which it is prosperous to believe in such things…

“We need to head to the town of Windmill, where we need to get a relic of power.” Windmill? Oh, I love that town! With the best shopping malls, nail salons, and the best places to find the best ingredients there. “We can pay for a price..”

“Say no more, I am in!” I smiled, which Quinn seems dumbfounded by what I meant. “You forget I am a scientist, an inventor, and extraordinary genius!”

“Are you familiar with magic, Madam Elleri?” Oh, you are teasing me, Quinn.

“You don’t need to flatter me, my sweet bear. In fact, yes, I have experience with magic at my disposal.” Quinn uses his levitation power to bring a… “The Sorceress guide for beginners of ways of magic!”

“You know this book?” Oh, now Mira is interested in magic?

“Yes, which everyone on the ridge has heard of this book, which includes me a magic-user of the highest caliber. You should update your knowledge, Mirie since you can’t be in the dark all the time.” She smiling… but why?

“What about spirits, Elleri? Do you believe in those?” The nerve… I clenched my teeth the moment she mentions such a thing.

“Sprit doesn’t exist in this world, Mirie. They don’t exist!”

Mira bursts into a fit of laughter. This is not funny…

“Well, I believe in spirits unlike you. For someone is so smart and sophisticated, you are woefully lacking in knowledge when comes down to spirits.” You know what Mira, I got something for you.

“Yeah, I know your parents died 100 years ago at the hands of evil spirits! You were the only survivor of your family!” I smiled as she turned red in the face. “At least, my knowledge is up to date. So you were--” Her fists slammed on the table… the food flew up into the ceiling, which she made a big mess on my marble floor.

I turned to look at her, she… she…!

“Roduriga…” she is grinding her teeth… At me?

“Girl, calm yourself down.” Her wolf tried to talk some sense into her.

“Roduriga… I need to transform!” Oh, now she--?

“Girl, It ain’t--”

“You either fucking transform or I’ll tear you out of my body and find someone else!” This is not good…

“Girl, we aren’t under attack--”

“NOW!!” she shouted throughout the entire house.

“Alright…” She crouched on the ground, trying to transform. Her fingers were protruding sharp nails, her teeth is growing sharper like a canine, her eyes suddenly burst out of her and other ones took her place.

“Mira, stop!” Quinn yelled to her. She isn’t stopping her transformation!

“Look, I’m sorry for what I said to you about your parents!” She howled at me, charging at me, intending to tear me to shreds.

“I SAID STOP!” Mira stopped within 3 meters of me… She’s…

“GIRL! I SAID CHILL!” The beast clenched her head as her wolf took control of the situation. She… she is back to normal. “Chill, she did nothing to ya, girl! Why are you acting like this?”

With that, she walked out of my house and slammed the door. How rude!

“Do you have any more of the garlic bread twists, Elleri?”

“Yes, I do…” I sat down in my chair. I was lucky that her wolf restrained her. I don’t want to know what happens if it didn’t take control at that moment.

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