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Chapter 15: Lucid Dreaming

Quinn’s POV

When I fell asleep, I headed to my father’s dreams… I need to know more about his reasons for allowing me to remain in the clan. I’ve never seen Mira this angry. Not only that, but I didn’t know about her parents’ fates. The Suncada family are protectors of any dream walkers they find. Luckily, Rodu her wolf, prevents her from attacking Elleri, otherwise, it could have been messy.

When I went inside the route to get into my father’s mind... The Garuda Museum?! Everything there remained in its pristine condition and the exhibits like the Human, Vampiric, Lycan, and Mystic are still there. History has always fascinated my brother and seeks to enhance one’s learning.

It was also a good place for me to hide from the other clansmen, or my father or Reagan. He would slip in a book or two for me to read as well, handing some cinnamon twisters.

I asked one time if he can help me escape; he pointed out that if he helped me escape, they will label him as a traitor. He suggested I train under Tilda, as I cannot always hide in the museum for the rest of my life.

I saw… Pwyll? No, that’s a…

“Hello, little brother!” It speaks.

“Hello, curator.” I nodded with a smile on my face.

“Please, brother. You don’t need to call me that.” He walks closer to me. “Can I help you?”

“I was looking for my father. How is he?” I saw Pwyll frown upon me mentioning him.

“If you have time, little brother. Allow me to show you, this is important.” I was on my guard the moment he offers to help me. “I have no wish to harm you. Only a replica in this world, and believe me, I only want to show you the truth.”

I took his hand; he led me outside of the museum at night…

Bad news

“Excuse me, sir!” A man approached Pwyll. He had scars all over his body. Blood is dripping out of them. “Please, I need to deliver a message.”

“Sir, calm down. What has happened to you?” He held him on his shoulders. “We can take to you the infirmary and--”

“No! We have little time. Please listen to me.” Pwyll nods as the man explained.

The man was a witness at the Alpha Convention. His dreams have led him there and showed him visions. He dare not move any further, but he saw the horror that went on at the convention.

Masked assailants descended from the sky as if it was raining men. There, they butcher every alpha they can find; the man noted that some of them were vampires. One of them tore out an alpha’s heart out and ate like a fresh apple.

Even saw Alpha Oxdin stood no chance against the tide of the assailants. He witnessed… my father roared against them with all of his might… Like a flood; the number of his enemies overwhelmed him…

“That is enough!” I struggle to breathe after seeing all of that. “No more…”

“That is not all of it, little brother.” I stood up.

“NO THAT IS ENOUGH! MY FATHER…” I choked up. I can’t accept this… my father… “THAT IS A LIE! AN ILLUSION! MY FATHER IS A FIERCE WARRIOR, HE WOULDN’T…” I shook my head. “He would die fighting rather than let them carry him away like that.” That was when the replica pulled out… my father’s fur coat. “He would never let it leave him.” The replica held me on my shoulder.

“Listen! It was real. It is not a trick of the mind. I, too, didn’t accept this truth.” He showed a visage… The same coat.

“WHAT KIND OF FOOL DO YOU TAKE ME FOR?!” Even my brother has a hard time accepting it.

“It is the truth, Sir! My visions were telling me to bring the coat to you. Your father…” Pwyll’s eyes were struggling to contain the tears within.

“Father…” He put the coat to his face, mourning on the fact… our father… He’s no longer on this earth.

“Sir, is there anyone that I should-” Pwyll look up at the man, his eyes reddened from his tears.

“Nobody should know about this… It will tear this clan apart.”

“Brother!” Tilda? “Have you heard…?” She stopped when she saw the coat that our father wore at all times and turn her gaze on the man. “WHAT DID YOU DO TO HIM?!”

“Sister! He spoke the truth! He was a witness that came back from the convention at personal risk to himself.” She eyed the man. He had scars on his body. He is trembling at the thought of what my sister will do.

“Everyone already knows about our father’s death, Pwyll.” Her expression softened. “It is too late to hide it. Soon, everyone will vie--”

“Quinn, sweety bear!” I heard Elleri’s voice… How did she?

“It is time to go, my brother.” The replica smiled at me, waving its hand at me.

“Wait! I need to know--” I felt a slap across my face, snapping me into the real world.

“I said, wake up!” Elleri? Ah, my head! “Oh, sorry, I didn’t know you still sleeping though.” I shook my head.

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