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Chapter 16: Entering human territory part 1

Elleri’s POV

“You said that you saw your father in your dreams?” My… this is a disturbing dream.

“I didn’t want to believe it, but…” I heard a door slammed open… Oh, Finn!

“Hey, Quinn!” He smiled to see him again. “And hello gorgeous!” I flutter when I saw the big boy flirting with me. “But for that later, I am afraid. Have you heard about the attack at the alpha convention a few days back?” What...?

“Is Alpha George…?” Finn’s tears said it there… that it was his father who was at the convention.

“I only heard the news from a woman--” The Quinn moved toward the moment he mentioned the survivor.

“She is the telling the truth. Because I suspect they either had dreams or they saw the whole thing there.”

“How did you…?” It surprised him when Quinn pointed that out. “Right, you used your dream walking powers to see the whole thing, right?”

“I…” Mira stood behind him.

“I heard your father, Alpha Dean, took the news hard. What about your mother?”

“His death devastated her when she learned the news. My big bro is staying with her to comfort her. The entire clan is mourning his death. They wanted me to become the clan alpha, since my other dad is preparing to depart.”

“You accept? So that means…” He held my hands at looking me in the eye.

“I have to step up and take up the responsibility. At least, until my other dad comes back, then I will step down.”

“I’m sorry about this, Finn. He was the one who took me in and became one of my best patrons.” Tears flowed from my eyes. “He would…”

“Elleri…” I couldn’t help it as I sobbed into his arms.

“Finn, son!” Dean? “What happened here?” Dean? I thought he left the village by now.

“Dad, are you…?” He struggled to not cry as well… I know he loved him too.

“First Angharad… my mate… my friends…. Now our alpha, too?!” Mira…

A time for mourning

For 3 days, it was a time of mourning and weeping… people pay their respects to George McSald who the head of the clan. Exchanged a few words with other people; I noticed Dean didn’t show up during the funeral. I learn from Ingrid he is leaving the village to find his killers and avenge the man he loved; she had begged him to stay and lead the clan, to no avail.

Finn soon started looking at leading the clan with his brother and his friends as Betas. Quinn and Mira took it hard as well, as he was good to them when they were in town. I offered to remain in the clan’s services as their premiere scientist and doctor.

“Elleri… You sure you want to do that?” Finn looked at me as if I was a fragile flower.

“Finn, my big strong teddy bear, you know I am not fragile as well you may know.” I smiled… I…

“Don’t force yourself back to work so soon… I know dad…”

“I know, I still appreciate everything that you and your family have done…” He gets up from his throne and hands me… A star-shaped seal with a purple flower on top… It is a letter.

“Finn… How long did you have this?” I looked for answers on his face.

“It came by my bed this morning. They addressed it to you.”

“Oh no, no, no…” I fell to my knees… My master… He wants me to return home. THE LAST THING THAT I WANT TO DO! I HATE THAT ACCURSED CITY.

“Elleri…” I ran off toward the door. “Elleri!”

“Are you sure you want to come with us, Ms. Fortbem?” I toss a shard into the air. We have time while my ship builds itself.

“Of course, Quinny cutesy bear! I would like to come with you.” I kissed him on the cheek.

“Ms. Fortbem, please! Just call me Quinn.”

“Elleri… You are making him nervous.” Now she finally talks to me. But she is right. I suppose I should ‘point’ out the oblivious.

“Quinn.” Quinn pays attention. “I am attracted to you. Because you are so polite and recognize genius!” I am beaming with pride!

“I notice, Ms. Fortbem.” He must be beaming for me as well.

“I know what we should propose--”

“Stop, Elleri!” Hmm? “I notice you flirt and tease with every guy we meet.”

“Jealous, Quinn?” I put my finger to my mouth to see his reaction.

“I am going to be my late predecessor’s successor, Elleri. I had no girl to flirt with or tease me, not until now. But…” Oh, the ship is almost complete, just need to reach its cockpit.

“Okay! Ladies & Gentlemen! Welcome to S.S. Annabelle!” I showed off my ship, being made with the combination of Human and vampire perfection.

The ship can carry up to 6 passengers, has plenty of food stores such as blood, steak, or iceberg salad for all those vegans. The Mana core also powered the ship, which it can keep going. Even all the mana run out of it, as the ship has two main engines for traveling: Energy & Mana. It also allows a vast armor of guns and amplifies magical power!

Does it take your breath away? I sure do!


“Okay, everyone! Make yourselves at home while I get the engine revving up.” I hopped and skip my way to the engine room. It is good to be traveling again. I just hate traveling back to my ‘homeland’.

Okay, let me turn on--

“Don’t make a sound.” I feel cold steel touching my beautiful features. “So you’re the lady, I met back at the forest. You’re a vampire and yet you live in a village of monsters.”

“They are Lycans! Not monsters!” I heard a gun click. “Hah! Regular bullets will not put me down.”

“Can you eat a silver bullet?” What…? A SILVER BULLET?!! Oh, no…

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