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Chapter 2: My Elder

Angharad’s POV

“Enough!” I shouted across the grand hall. “Oxdin! What the hell are you doing?!” I walked toward the alpha. Mira, my protector, is at my side to ensure no one would try to interfere. “Beating up your son for what? Because he can’t transform?!”

“Dream walker Angharad! It is an honor to meet with you.” I shook hands with Pwyll. I can. He still keeps up with the history of his clan and the world.

“As much as I want to talk, this is not the time, I’m afraid.”

“I know, but…”

“I am aware of what going on.” I turned to look as the Alpha was beating his flesh & blood.

“Woman!” Alpha Oxdin roared at me. “You got a lot of nerve coming here! This isn’t any of your business!” He motions to his guards to block my way.

“Sleep.” I raised my hand in front of them. The guards slumped down to the ground as I strode past them.

“It is my business, Oxdin! I’m here for the young man that you were beating to a bloody pulp.” Quinn, the young man I was looking for… I can see his father broke his legs and arms as well, places in his ribcage… He is going to be the one that will exceed me.

“I am warning you, woman!” Oxdin… when are you going to learn? I have lived for 1399 years of my life and yet, I have a foolish Alpha throwing his fucking weight around and expect me to tolerate his crap.

I touched his head, diving into his dreams, so we can have a ‘private’ conversation. I know him to be hot-headed and thrashing people around, especially on how he treated this ‘Ill-omen’, his own son.

I believe Quinn is no Ill-omen if only his father has treated him better than this…

Inside the alpha’s dreams

“You!” He is looking around as if I transported him to another world. “WHAT DID YOU DO?!”

“I am here to talk, Alpha.” I stood there with my hands behind my back.

“Oh, talk?! YOU WANT TO TALK?! SEND US BACK!” I shook my head… he still has that hot temper.

“We haven’t left, Oxdin.” He growled at me as he lunged at me… I moved to the side, his right arm was coming off.

“The hell?” His eyes widened the moment his arm fell off. “What sorcery is this?!”

“What sorcery is this?!” I repeated what he said while I reattached his arm. “Does it look like sorcery to you, Oxdin?”

“No…” Now he finally gets it. “You are a Dream walker, the rarest of us of all.”

“A fact you forgot a long time ago.” I cannot believe he would forget who I am.

“Why are you here, old woman?” Old?

“For your son!” I looked him in the eyes. “The one you nearly killed for bringing up his mother.” I saw his eyes lit up the moment I mentioned her. “It is true you treated her like trash, then?”

I saw him transforming into his full wolf; I watched him tear him off his skin as his transformation coming to completion. Seriously, Oxdin…

As soon he ran toward with his claws trying to swipe a piece of me… I waved my hand, causing him to slow down.

“YOU DARE?!!” I have enough of his foolishness… He tried again to swipe at me with his claws. This time, I grabbed it with my right hand.

“We are talking about your son and your Luna.” I twisted his wrist so intently that forced him to revert to his human form. “I am not your enemy, and I am not here to humble you. This is my world here, Oxdin. I can end your ass if I put my mind to it.” He fell to his knees. “I am here to take Quinn as my apprentice, and you are trying to kill him. Why?”

“To make him strong!” He struggles to not scream at the top of his lungs. “I did not want my flesh and blood to be a shame to our family.”

“Is beating him to death helping?” When I ask him that, he looked into the distance. I released my grip when I know he would not attack me again.

“When he was born… The sayers made a prophecy that my son would be ill and weak in health. They pissed me off... so when they made that prophecy, I-” He stopped himself. I can guess he didn’t take it well. “I had intended to leave him to die or have him adopted to human parents that can care for him better than I could.”

“I learned from Pwyll that your beloved has talked you out of the deed. She-”

“She knew he was not an ill-omen.” Tears stream down his face. “She never liked the sayers, they preach fortune, life & death… she is a big believer in determining her destiny.”

I created two chairs for us to sit down and talk, since it would be awhile.

“Why didn’t you tell Quinn sooner? He would have understood you.”

“And soften the boy up?”

“Is that any better than beating him up for saying the wrong thing?”

“Yet he is fragile as a flower and weak as a woman.”

“Yet he can be the greatest among you all.” Something dawned on him.

“The stone that we rejected will become the greatest among us...” Something tells me he has done what he did because deep down, he didn’t want to believe what most people tell him about his son. “What have I done…? Selene... I almost killed my son… he is not strong enough for this world…” he shook his head, realizing let his rage blinded him to that fact.

“Still miss her, huh?” I put my hand on his shoulder.

“Take him… Get him out of my sight.” He shrugs it off. “Leave me.”

Back to real life

After returning to the real world, I motioned for Mira to pick up Quinn and head on out of here.

“Nice knowing you, wimp!” I’ve turned around and seen his younger brother Nathaniel smirking at the whole thing.

“Do you want me to come over there, and then you can repeat what you said to me?” I dared him to say it again. He slinks back into the crowd. The alpha needs to discipline his boy better than this.

“Shaman Angharad!” Pwyll came to us as we made our way out of the hall. “Come with me, please?”

“Lead on!” We followed him back to the Garuda Museum, where he was the current caretaker and watcher of the museum.

“Welcome to the Garuda Museum. I’m sure you don’t have time for small talk.”

“No, we don’t.” Mira! You are being rude.

“Mira, that is unnecessary.” I scold her for her lack of patience with people.

“Here you go!” He handed me a journal. “This a journal for my little brother, to allow him to share his thoughts on that book.” He looked at Quinn.

“Pwyll…” Quinn… the boy needs to save his strength.

“Wise one, his arms and legs…” Mira looked at him up and down. She noticed his father did a number on him. “His father broke more than a few ribs. Yet, after all of that, he is still breathing.”

“Quinn? Are you all right?” Pwyll walks up to his brother.


“Save your strength, my little brother.” He is giving him a pack of medical salve, pieces of jerky, a couple of books of basics of human, vampire, and Lycan history, and a Siang-jack ball. “You have a journey ahead of you.”

“I’m sorry, I didn’t listen to you…” I watched Quinn struggled with sitting up to look at him…

“Brother, please don’t struggle to look at me.” Mira simply propped him upward, so he can look at his big brother. “You should have known that Father doesn’t take kindly to anyone speaking ill about mother. You were fortunate that Angharad came because I wouldn’t be able to stop father if I could.”

“We need to go, Angharad. We can come back at another time.” Mira… we have time in the world. It’s not that dire.

“One more question to ask before we go,” I asked as I noticed how well-maintained the museum is over the years. “How is Herbert?”

“Herbert has retired from being the caretaker of this place. I’ve recently run the museum for 30 years now. Our people love hearing the history and stories that I share when they visit the museum.”

“Does it include tactics on how to kill humans, Lycans, and vampires?”

“I schedule classes, they are others that teach these things.” He straightens his glasses. “But you two will have to leave this place. I know father would send out patrols by now.”

“Will I ever see you again, brother?” Pwyll’s expression changes the moment he asked that question.

“Brother… You got people that will look for you in ways that I can’t.” He paused before saying something else. “Don’t hold it against father, he…”

“I know, big brother… Thank you.” It is time for us to go. The last thing we want is to get into any confrontation with the clan’s patrols.

“Thank you for your help, Mr. Dewalt.” We shook his hands before we left. I know the two brothers will miss being in their company.

“Keep him safe, Mira!”

Such a delightful fellow… At least, it was better than the last time I came here. I had to teach that Reagan the proper respect for his elders. I enjoy the stories that Pwyll tells the kids, and even the warriors enjoy his company.

“I have to admit, I respect him.” Mira seems in good spirits. “He values the history of our people…”

“And always open to learning from other cultures.” I sighed. If we weren’t used to fighting a bitter war, we could exchange knowledge and overcome our differences instead of seeking to kill each other in a pointless war.

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