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Chapter 16: Entering human territory part 2

Samuel’s POV

As soon as that vampiric she-devil heard the word silver, the color went out of her almost immediately. I fought many of these undead freaks for most of my life. They are weak against the things they fear the most: silver, garlic, holy relic, sunlight. They even try to play human, pretend to be normal like us, which I don’t want to know what made them think of such an idea.

“Whoever you are! Take my money, my ship, and hell, my top of my line products!” Shit… she is quick to think I am for sale. “Just… Don’t…”

“Continue to speak, undead freak!” I stood where I was. I am waiting to see if her ‘act’ will fool me.

“Undead freak?! I AM A PROPER LADY, YOU JERK!” She turned toward me with her fangs stick out, her eyes glowing with the red sun behind her. “You!” Her eyes turned back to normal hazelnut color. “You’re the only one that tried to kill my sweet Quinn!”

“Elleri! Are you all right?” I heard the voices coming this way. Thankfully, I welded shut it after she arrived. “Elleri! Answer me!” Now I hear the knocking.

“Everything okay, my sweet bear! We are departing shortly!” Everything is not okay… they are fooling themselves.

I pointed my revolver back to her directly at her face; she backed up to near the controls.

“Get the thing up in the air,” I ordered. She pulled out her fan and blew up and down.

“You forget to say please.” Do you think that funny?

“You forget that my silver bullet is waiting to fly into your skull.” She rolled her eyes at me and took the ship into the air. I took a seat as she took it into the air and filed it to her destination… Windmill.

Taking a ride on the vampire cruiser,

“Before you die… I need to know something.” I can’t understand why she would risk her life for strangers she barely knew.

“For a brutish mercenary, you would ask me that after you threatened to kill me. AND ONLY ME.” I stood up from my seat.

“Why did you interfere back at the forest of blood? This was not your fight.” She puts her hands on her hips and puts her up on her nose at me.

“And why should I tell you, Brute?” Mocking me is not a good idea…

“You are sitting on my last nerve, vampiric bitch. Your grace period is running out.”

“Then you should have stayed from where you belong, my dear human. Of course, I am heading to windmill.” I clenched my teeth the moment she mentioned the city.

“Looking to make us into your blood bags for you to feed upon?”

“What? NO!!” There is a chink in her armor that I see…

“Now I know who you are.” I recalled I read up on her bio with the help of the computer nav.

Elerri Rowbeana Fortbem. Born on August 30,200X. Raised as an orphan child on the streets of Asingad. Had no parents being raised by the elusive but powerful vampire Count Ashley. A graduate of boltvelto academy with top honors in Science, Medical, and Magical studies.

Knowing her type… she has a high opinion of herself. She expects to be praised for her good deeds in the world. I know she did some wetworks job from her former master in years past.

“You do?” She smiling… A narcissist. “So even a mercenary knows my name? That I am the famous Elerri Rowbeana-”

“Who was the former right-hand woman of Count Ashley Fortbem?” Her eyes went red at the moment I said that bastard’s name.

“YOU DARE STATE HIS NAME?! HOW DID YOU COME ACROSS THAT INFORMATION?!” It confirms it... She is far from a saint.

“The question is? Why did you leave Ashley’s service?” She screamed at his name. It was oblivious that she had Stockholm Syndrome. I don’t know what went between these two…

I nearly duck a broom that was aimed at my face… She called it to her hand, stroking the straws as they turned into the strongest metal.

“You are dead…” She gripped the broom with two of her hands. “YOU ARE SO FUCKING--”

“I thought vampires had better manners than that.” She screamed at me as lunged at me with the broom.

The Broomstick of Steel

I took a dose of the vampire effect as the crazy ding-bat swung at me with her iron broomstick. When she saw I took a dose, her eyes bled all over as it eclipsed the clearness of her sclera.

“The vampire effect… humans always have to rely on tools like that…” She clenches her teeth at me. Then she reached into her pocket and drank one of her conduction that put us on the same playing field. “YOU ARE NOT THE ONLY ONE THAT KNOWS HOW TO MAKE A VAMPIRE EFFECT. HELL, I CAN MAKE ONE EVEN BETTER, YOU PIECE OF SHIT!” There go her fake mannerisms…

I raised my other revolver to fire at her when she twirled her broomstick. Bullets were being swatted away as if they were pesky mosquitoes. She came at me again with her speed; I dance along with her as I did. Her broomstick with its metal tips came across to slash my face. I swayed under it.

I dodged it as she forced the broomstick to move back in a different direction; it was moving faster.

“Elleri! Too afraid to speak your master’s name, huh?!” I raised my arms to let her know I was right here. “He treated you like a pet!”

“You know nothing… about me!” Tears of blood poured from her face. “I wasn’t his pet!”

“Oh! Well… It seems to me you were his seat warmer until he had enough of you. I bet he got himself another eye candy!” She grabs her broomstick and broke it in half.

“You know what…” The claws are coming out, her teeth get sharper, and it seems to me… I broke her. “I had enough of your insolence… I have been trying to compose myself with dignity and grace…”

“At least, a young teenager has more maturity and grace than you ever had.” She glared at me.

“You’re dead!” She lunged at me like a wild animal.

As long as she came into my range, I spun around like a ballerina, to block every attack coming my way. As I continue to spin, she was howling in pain as if nothing she did barely grazed me. My cape with infused with silverite Materia, a deadly weapon for any bloodsucker unlucky enough to attack me close.

“You’re finished!” I swung my cape around like a blade. Slicing off a good chunk of her left arm and shoulder as it did.

I turned around and fired 2 shots at her shoulder and chest. I watched as she disintegrated into ash, reaching out to… hmm?

As the flames almost got near her head, she bit into some object to… I don’t know what she did… it stopped.

“Ugh… Vampire… Hunter…” She can still talk, even after she nearly turned into a pile of ash. “Damn… My foolishness…!” She struggling to remain standing as if her strength left her.

“ELLERI!” Quinn! “¡Que la tierra se estremezca y nos haga fuertes como una roca!” Spanish?

“Elleri!” That Lycan… “You again! This time-”

“THIS TIME I WILL END YOU ALL!” I felt a hand grabbing me… She doesn’t know when to give up, does she?

“I am… may be a vain airhead…” She smiles with her burned teeth, exposing her lower skeletal jaw. “But I will protect my friends… FROM YOU!”


“Annabelle… Open a hatch from the cockpit! Escape!” What… I won’t let you! I grabbed onto her leg. I’ve looked below….

“I am not going anywhere, freak!” Quinn crawled toward me.

“Yes, you are! She is the captain of this ship!” That… my potion belt! How did he…? “Have a nice day!” He threw a boulder directly at me, causing me to lose my grip.

Hrk… I am falling! As I fell toward the earth… Okay… The world is spinning around me, which is not helping to keep my bearings.

I struggled to reach my boot… I strained to get to it before… Oh shit…

Got it! The titan falls potion! I need to force… myself… back… up… to… Position. Urgh… I took a dose of the potion! And-


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