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Chapter 16: Entering human territory part 3

Quinn’s POV

“Mira…” She grabbed Elleri as she fell. What the hell has happened here?!

“That bastard is persistent, I will give him that!” I crawled back to my wheelchair and made my way to Elleri.

“Quinn… You came for me…” She touched my cheek. “My hero.” She was coughing up… her body is flaring up again. “Quick, over there…” I moved to a compartment in the cockpit where…

“Yes, to your left!” She pointed her finger.

“This one!” I saw a shard of a simple reflection of myself.

“Yes... Argh!” Oh, goddess… I need to hurry and get it to her. She is literally on fire and I moved as fast as I can. Oh… Oh, no! The shard slipped out of my hand. Shit!

“Master!” Fenrir caught the thing in its mouth. Then he moved toward her as a speeded bullet and spit the shard toward her mouth as a skilled marksman.

“What to go, Fenrir!” I raised my fist in the air as Elleri went back to normal… sort of.

It is only a flesh wound

“Thank you, Quinn…” Elleri’s body is recovering from the silver bullet. The shard was the regenerated pillet, a specialty shard that allows its user to restore their vitality and heal their wounds. For a vampire, it prevents from turning to ash and allows them to regenerate their bodies. Providing their brain remains intact.

“I am sorry… I was a fool…” Mira raised her hand.

“Why didn’t you see it coming? You know, Samuel Aswamen is a skilled warrior. If you didn’t take that pillet, or we came too late. You could have died by the time we get to you.”

“I had… no way of knowing. He would be there!” She is struggling to stand up.

“Elleri, save your strength. Please!” she laid her hand on my face which the skin is returning. Earlier it was grey, ashen, skeletal pale of a hand.

“Quinn, my sweet. It is kind that you cared about me.” I nodded.

“There 3 things I need to say and that is it important. First off, I had never girls flirted with me in the past that I would be unattractive and not worth being a mate. You are my first.” I held her in my hands. “I can’t reciprocate your feelings. As a shaman in training, I will need to put the needs of my people first. Otherwise…”

“I know, my sweet…” She frowns at the idea that we couldn’t be a couple. “Not to mention those hunters… ow!”

“Are you all right?”

“I am alright, it is going into its second stage, it will replenish the cells that I have lost, so I cannot consume any blood during the 24 hours.”

“Can you defend yourself?”

“Yes, although I have destroyed my favorite broom in my fury.” She snaps her finger and her broom… it’s made of… metal? “I can repair it easily.”

“About us, Elleri. I would have been happy to ask you if you wish to become my girlfriend in another life.”

“I think that for the best, Quinn.” Mira chimes in. “You will have a heavy burden to carry, not to mention your foes will seek to end you, not to mention they won’t hesitate to use your family and friends as bait.”

“For once, Mirie! That part… I can agree with.” Elleri stands up. She is still wobbly and oh…

“Uh, Elleri? Your…?” I tried to point out that she is …

“Oh, my!” Naked… “Naughty! Naughty! My sweet bear.” She spun around to materialize her clothing out of thin air. “I thought you weren’t interested in a girlfriend!”

“NO, NO, NO!” I waved my hands around me. “That is not what I meant-”

“And you saw my breasts and my figure, hmm? I bet you had feelings for Mirie as well?”

“Hey, that is not true!” I denied… I have feelings for Mira. She is my protector, and I know better than to ask.

“Did you have feelings for me, Quinn?” Not you too, Mira!

“I… Yeah…”

“Do you realize I am your protector? A relationship like that is taboo.” I nodded. I didn’t wish to confess my feeling about her.

“I know you had a mate in the past-”

“He’s gone. Taken by the spirits when me and Angharad explore the ancient ruins for a relic to enhance her power of spirits.”

“Mira… Is that why you hated Fenrir when you first met him?” I turned to Fenrir. “I notice when Samuel cast an incantation on him, it did not affect him.”

“I suspect Fenrir is no spirit.” She turned to him. “What secrets are you hiding from us? You are not a spirit, are you?”

“Lady Mira, I am a spirit. I am bound to my master to aid him in his-”

“Stop, Fenrir! I have not bonded you to my will. You didn’t need to stick around. Mira has asked you a question. If you were a spirit, it would have banished you from this world instead of being teleported away. All spirits are vulnerable to binding, or banishment.”

“Master, I--”

“Tell me!” This is not getting anywhere. “I am done with your lies at this point.”

“I am not lying to you, Master! I HELPED YOU ON MY OWN FREE WILL!”

“Then where were you for 18 years of my life, then? You did not help me back then!” Fenrir drops his head the moment I mentioned it.

“Quinn, stop!” Elleri stood between me and Fenrir. “Sprit or not, he saved my life. Had it not being for that and your slippery fingers, I would have become ashes by now. I would say he IS your loyal companion.”

“My lady, Quinn is right. I have withheld the truth from him for so long.” He moved toward me. “I didn’t help you in the past. I have watched you since you were a young pup. Witnessed a lot of tragedy that befall upon you, I was powerless to assist you, master. It wasn’t until I meet Angharad that I can do more than that.” I narrowed my eyes.

“Before or after my exile, Fenrir?” He is… still withholding information from me. This feeling is still familiar to me… every time Fenrir is around… I felt a longing inside of my heart.

“Before, my master. She told me to meet them the moment she picked you up. My intent remains the same, Master. Banish me or tell me to leave. I will do so.”

“No, spirit. You are not going anywhere.” Mira stands over Fenrir. “You have saved our lives many times over throughout our journey. Angharad had seen something inside of you that made you different from other spirits.”

“No, my lady, I am no different from any other spirit.”

“No, Fenrir. No spirit can enter the mind of others, use spells or materialize in the mortal plane. You don’t even demand to be bound to your ‘master’, you even help us without even demanding anything from us.”

“Everyone, we are Windmill city!” We saw the city. It is amazing!

I remember from my studies with my brother, Pwyll, that windmill is one of the major human cities in the land of Spirazo. It is known for its clean energy source powered by its windmills to give them the electricity to live in the city. The clean is also free of grime and dirt as the whole community band together to keep their city safe.

They are a lot of business in the area, ranging from restaurants, herb stores, clothing store, grocery store to get equipment stores. Which the people there have the night slayers and Day watchers organization who not only defend themselves against invaders but us… Vampires, Lycans, or any night creature they came across.

Time to contact my brother… We need a plan before we land in the city.

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