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Chapter 16: Entering human territory part 4

Pwyll’s POV

“Sister, this is not good at all.” I stressed to her about our concern with our father’s death. “Father’s is dead. Reagan is campaigning to becoming an alpha himself and…”

“Big brother! Hey!” I stood up, looking around my surroundings for the source of the voice.

“Pwyll, are you all right?” Tilda asked as I was looking around for the source of the sound.

“Guys, it’s me! Quinn!” Oh! Quinn! Of course, he would eventually master the ability to communicate with us, even without his wolf.

“Quinn! You’re alive! How are you doing today?” It good to hear from my little brother.

“I’m fine, but is this a good time?” I sat down on my desk… I don’t know how to explain it to him.

“Quinn… Father is…”

“Dead. I know what happened to him.” What…?

“How did he die?”

“The assassins overwhelmed like a flood… the details were hazy. But I saw that the man gave you his coat, did he not?” Oh… right.

I went to one of the display within the hall of the great alphas of the distant past and went to where my late’s father coat was on display.

“Our father fought like a fierce warrior, like an angry bear protecting its cubs. He cared about me in the end.” Wait… Quinn knows all of this. Angharad must have taught him well. It is true, father doesn’t show it, but he cares. “Actually, I need to know something about father.”

“To begin with, little brother. You know he had to keep with appearances, yes?”

“I remember. Clan Dewalt values strength, merit, and fierce courage. If you have it, then you can remain among the clan and find a mate.” That right, brother! I am glad the lessons remained with you. However…

“If not, Quinn. You know by the time you turn 18, the clan will either exile or kill you on the spot. Originally, Father had wanted you not to suffer that fate.”

“You two had planned to send me to Windmill all along, have you not?”

“Yes… I can guess you are already there.” I know he is in the Human peninsula among their territories. “I can boot up the computer and give you the information you need, brother. But you need to know this as well.” I quickly headed back to my office, where Tilda was sitting in a lotus position. It is a good thing she is patient.

The updates on Great Rock

I filled Quinn in the details of how things went since his exile. Things have gotten worse …

With our father, Alpha Oxdin Johni Dewalt is dead, Reagan has taken advantage of the opportunity to press his birthright and seize control of the clan.

“As you well all know… My father was a rock in our clan. Our source of strength and Unity.” He moved toward the throne. “I am your alpha now!” people were murmuring when they saw our brother sat our father’s throne. Even the betas were in shock when it happened, but they know Reagan can tear anyone apart that disagrees with him.

“No!” someone’s voice ran across the hall. The voices died down. Sophia?? Isn’t that my sister’s successor for the Swift runners? “You will never be my alpha! Not in a thousand of lifetimes!”

Reagan laughed at Sophia’s attempt at defiance. When he laughs.... Nothing good will come out of this.

“Oh, and what you are gonna do about it, little girl?” He shot straight toward her yet he stop short of tearing her apart. “Become alpha instead? Women like you should know their place!”

“Oh, yeah? You may be the strongest among us… hell, even I would have a hard time standing against you here and now.” Sophia is standing up to him. Last time I recall, Sophia was meek and stuck with her books. But even now, standing up to Reagan… now that is a major feat.

“Then you are better off in the kitchen, making some cookies instead of playing with the big boys. A pretty face like yours will get bruised up real quick.” Sophie smiles back in his face.

“At least I can run circles around your ass and since when you ever cook a meal yourself?” Reagan’s face at her response must grind his gears. Go Sophia! “But I am not here to become Alpha as you claim.” She turns to Tilda. “She is the one that I would have as my alpha. And she fights for our people, you…” Walks closer to his face… that is not a good idea, especially when he is pissed. “Nobody going to follow you, let alone give you the title of alpha. You are not fucking worthy of it!”

“That’s a big mistake, Little girl…” Oh shit. Hank moves from her side and stands in front of him.

“That is my mate you are messing with, bastard. Touch her and you are a dead man!” Hank! Reagan is-

“Oh, really?” Reagan wasted no time tearing out his claws. Hank knew fully well that he was stronger than him. He got sliced on his lower torso for his troubles, his intestines being exposed out in the open.

However Sophia landed a dropkick on his face, which it only set him off. He wasted no time swiping and landing punches which it’s been hitting air. Sophia launched a flurry of multiple kicks and punches from different directions and avoiding Reagan’s attacks as if she was a ghost, toying with a bigger and stronger man easily telegraphed by his sloppy movement.

“ENOUGH!!” He grabs Sophia by the throat which Tilda slashed his back where he loosens his grip. “You dare…?! Sister?!” it surprised him that his sister stepped in. “You dare strike your own brother?! Such boldness… Never have I thought my sister would dare attack me.”

“Only because you are attacking my comrades, brother. Sophia is right! Even father knows you are not worthy to take his place. What if he sees now fighting, do you think-?”

“Father is dead, sister. Or have you forgotten about that?”

“Enough! The both of you need to stop!” I stepped in… this is not getting anywhere. “It is time for us to choose our Alpha and resolve this matter, once and for all.”

“Little Pwyll. Are you thinking about becoming Alpha instead of me?” I narrow my eyes when he mentions that. It is not the first time that people are suggesting to me ‘become our alpha’. I know fully well that I am a historian, not a soldier for battle.

“I am supporting my sister for the title of Alpha! In my heart, I am nothing but a man who wants peace. Becoming alpha will only hurt my clan more than it helps. Plus, I record the history of our people. I know my place, brother.” I locked eyes with Reagan. Would rather have my sister become Alpha rather have that brute be in charge.

“Too weak to seek power, brother. Spending too much with books and old ghosts.”

“Better than ignoring history and lusting after the women in the clan. You don’t seem to care if they are mated or not!” They gasped the moment I made an accusation like this.

“We choose Tilda! She will become our alpha and our Queen!” One of the man in audience spoke up.

“Tilda! Tilda! Tilda!” They are encourage her to step up and become the alpha.

“Did she accept, Pwyll?” He wondered about that.

“As you can see... She is still the commander of swift runners as we speak.” I heard Quinn cursing himself under his breath.


“Goddess, no! Our dumb brother is still fighting for it. Her refusal… has complicated things.”

“Tell me happened.” My little brother is taking it seriously then.

As I explained to him about the situation unfolding back at Great Rock. Tilda had refused to take up the title of Alpha. She didn’t want to spend her time being in the office and letting people die for her. She would also have no patience for politics, preferring to die in battle for her people and wanted for someone else to take up the role as Alpha.

Then when the people wanted Sophia to become their alpha in the pack despite their insistence that either me, Tilda, Sophia or someone else becoming Alpha instead of Reagan. She refused to become one as a result; the clan started became splintered, with each faction choosing their candidate for being Alpha.

Even they still asked me to support their candidates, even if I keep them I am staying neutral in these conflicts. I placated the factions by offering session within the museum, but eventually they will run out of patience and even I am not sure if I can keep various factions devolving into bloodshed.

“Goddess…” Quinn seems to take this in stride. “I’ll head back and return to you, guys!”

“What? No!” He is not thinking this through… “Quinn, I need you to stay on your training. It is not a good idea to return home.”


“He is right, you won’t do much good in your current state.” Mira? How did she? “We need information about Windmill.”

The gameplan for Windmill

“He’s right! I say you are not ready to just back yet.” Lady Elleri is stressing the importance of his mission. “You need master Spirit walking and Magical powers before you just waltz back to your clan. They’ll kill you the minute you return home.”

“But… my people are fighting over what’s left of my father’s throne. I cannot sit back and do nothing!”

“You are mistaken, my little brother. What you are doing is getting stronger and wiser right now. You can help us by completing your training as a shaman instead of returning home right now where things are rather volatile right now.”

“Will you be all right, Pwyll?” I wonder the same thing too… Quinn has friends that look out for him and they will take care him. But we are only a few and the clan is…

“I will be all right!” I smiled for a moment. “Listen up, guys! Windmill is a good place to get information and supplies. Keep a watch on the daywatchers, since they wear silver plating armoring and they carry weapons that can kill you guys. Especially, don’t go into the Neoshade Club or Hunter’s plaza buildings. These guys can and will discern your identifies quick.”

“Neoshade Club is a dangerous place where they have the best drinks. The clientele is… questionable there.” I was surprised that Mira was familiar with the place. “I’ve been there before and I know some people from that place.”

“Then there is the Hunter’s plaza, where they are many hunters coming across the land. They share and exchange information from there. I’ve been there and I would say somewhere able to deduce my identify pretty quickly. They are reasonable to a point as long you know someone there and not going to be a problem there. It is less dangerous than the Neoshade Club.”

“But more likely we’ll be quickly discovered and possibly killed if we head to the Plaza.”

“And you think the club is any better, hmm?”

“Ladies! Ladies! Either way, we have at least 2 objectives when we head there.” Quinn is truly taking charge of the situation. “The first we need information about the current situation- Certain individuals that are being killed that may or may not be connected to the Alpha Convention Massacre.”

“The second is to gain a relic of power within the city that can amplify your current set of powers. But we need to know where to locate it and the lodge may have an idea where to access it.”

“It’s not likely they’ll just tell us about it.”

“Then it is decided. Elleri, can you land us on the outskirts? We’ll need to blend into our surroundings.”

“But where are you planning to go, Quinn?” I asked my brother on what his plan is.

“We’ll talk later, big brother. Gotta go!” With that, he cut off communications.

“At least we know Quinn is doing all right.” I agreed with Tilda on that.

“Can you do me a favor, sis?” I asked.

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