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Chapter 17: The city of the Wind

Mira’s POV

Windmill… It has been a long time since I set foot in this majestic city. Angharad and I came to this city to visit an old friend who was a legendary night slayer. Back then, I was a different person, thinking that humans spend most of their lives living in a false peace.

As soon as we landed and went through customs with the help of our disguises, Quinn took in the city’s beauty, especially with the sunflowers that bloomed. He must have never seen a flower before. He had to live under the shadow of his clansmen.

“Hey you!” A woman’s voice called out to us… Did they discover us already?

As we turned around, it was a woman who wore blindfolds, wearing silver-plated armor and carries a Greatsword. Something is telling me that this woman knows who we are… why she is by herself?

“Can we help you, miss?” I looked at Quinn… he doesn’t realize she is one of the night slayers, one of their deadliest warriors.

“No, but I know you fiends cannot fool me that easily.” A dangerous one.

“Please, we are not-” The woman raises her hand to stop him.

“I will watch the 3 of you from on. We have expected your arrival for some time now. This is your only warning: Turn back and live. You have the morning to do so.”

“Then why are you by yourself? You realize we can easily take you on here and now?” The woman walked toward me and snipped around the surrounding air.

“2 of you are lycans and one of you is a vampire. Why are you traveling together? I do not know...” The blind woman shakes her head.

“May I ask why do you think we are monsters? We are only here to meet with our friends and leave this city.”

“I know you are the Dream walker. I can feel the energy flowing through you. So Angharad didn’t make it, did she?” Does she know my mentor?

“Who are you? How do you know about my mentor?” I am puzzled that this woman knows her as well.

“Now, I understand. I have mistaken for you being monsters masquerading for being humans. You are Mira Suncada, her protector…” She levitates her blade in a striking position. “I am sorry… But the 3 of you must die.” Quinn moves in her path.

“Hold on, aren’t you, Tabitha Soulbrek? The blinded warrior of magic? The slayer of monsters of Fortgota? I have read a lot about you during my studies from Great Rock-”

“Quinn!” As he mentioned Great Rock, the woman tensed, clenching her teeth at him.

For a moment, she was close to attacking us with human hunters and slayers surrounding us. A fight is the last thing we need, but if Tabitha attacks us now… We would not stand a chance against her, especially with her powerful spells at her disposal.

“But I am exiled from my clansmen, and I belong to no clan, Tabitha. I assure you once we conduct our business here. We’ll leave and never return.” With that, I notice the muscles on her neck lessen, but I remain alert about what she’ll do.

“One day, Quinn Dewalt. After that, there will no mercy for you or your friends in the manner.” The woman takes a deep breath and walks back from us, melting into the background.

“If what she is saying is true…” Now Elleri speaks. “We must hurry and do what we came to do. Even I would stand no chance against her with all of my knowledge.”

“Truly? Even the great Elleri, scientist, doctor, and magical genius is afraid of her?” I didn’t think she would admit this.

“What about you, Mirie? You fought against her before, didn’t you?” I look away the moment she said it.

“Mira, Elleri! We must do what we discuss back on the ship. Mira, you can swing by the Neoshade club and get some information, correct?”

I nodded my head… I was at the club in the past; it was a shady place to be full of people partying… dancing and strippers… I hated that place but they were some trusted informants and acquaintances that keep us updated on the events ahead. Put I know the owner of the establishment himself, which it would make getting information a lot easier.

After that, we’ll meet at Johnson’s cafe that opens 24/7 hour throughout the day. Elleri and Quinn will head to the hunter lodge to research information about the relic we seek. I made my way to the club as the sun descended.

Shady connections

As expected, people lined up to get inside the club. They follow a dress code- Dress, tuxedo and you cannot bring your weaponry with you. That’s fine. I have trained to defend myself with or without a weapon. As I waited in the line, I notice some of them gotten in without having to wait. VIP service, I suppose.

“Name.” a bouncer spoke after my turn came. Looking closely, he looks like a vampire, but he is hiding it by suppressing his abilities.

“Mira Suncada. I know Armando.” The bouncer looks at me and nods.

“I am sorry, but Armando no longer owns this place and you are not on the list, I afraid.” What? He is no longer the owner of the place… “Step out of the line, please.”

“Can you check again, sir?” This is some mistake… but I notice the crowd is getting restless. I don’t want to take too long, and I need to just be on my way.

“It is no mistake, ma’am. He passed away 10 years ago and ownership has changed hands. The club has changed since you last been there.” I nodded and walked away when he stopped me there. “Hold it!” The man is talking to himself. “Hmm… Yeah? Do you wish to speak to her? Understandable. Will do, Ma’am.” The man turns to me with a smile. “Step right in, Ms. Suncada.”

“Thanks, Tony! By the way, I notice a lot of the women were admiring you.” I smiled at him. He is easy on the eyes for even for the ladies.

“I am aware. Sadly for them, they aren’t my type and you do not know how many tried to flirt with me, Mira. Just be careful as you head in.” I went inside the club.

I saw the man shirtless, dancing to the tune of the music. It was thumping through the club. The women were getting their kicks on. Some would kiss some men who were dancing themselves into a sweat. Ignoring all of that, I continue to make my way to the owner’s office which the enforcers were standing watch.

“Mira Suncada, the owner is expecting me.” They nod and usher me to the door.

“Yo, this is unusual…” Rodu hasn’t said a word since we arrived here.

“Indeed” I made my way to her office and notice a woman who was wearing a dress with a fishnet stocking, an eyepatch on her eye and she is smiling as she sees me.

“It has been a long, my dear Mira! Come, come!” I smiled as I took a seat.

“Carmen! I didn’t think I would see you again.” I kissed her on her lips. Her hand touched my breasts. She was my former lover before I met my mate, Netan. She was a former slayer who is brutal toward her enemies and his sweet to her friends. I didn’t think she’ll be the owner of this place.

“Now! Now! I know you came to speak with me, no? It was about the Alpha convention, of course?”

“Yes, you have a knack for knowing things!” I smiled. She hasn’t lost her edge.

“You think I would retire and be putting my head in the sand? How else I would allow the night slayers to come to my club, hmm?”

We caught up on the latest events that transpired… She heard about the news from her contacts from the lodge that Mysterious assailants attacked the alpha convention for some unknown purpose. However, she pieced together a motive for why they’re attacking the Alphas and their king.

The Assailants were attacking not only the Lycan Alphas and the king; they were also attacking the most powerful individuals within the human and vampire territories. They have intended to eliminate the Individuals who will stand in their way for their unknown goal. Right now, it’s sabotaging the tense peace that we had for many centuries.

“Did you know, however, that not all the alphas are dead?” What? I thought they were all slain.

“No, I didn’t know.”

“However, one of the surviving alpha pointed out that the assailants were not only vampires but…” Of course, that reminded me of the rogues that attacked us on our way to the Ridge.

“Some of our people...” It disgusted me with our kind doing this. Working with vampires to start a war...

“Don’t forget, humans, dearling. With the Alpha King dead, there is confusion among the Lycan clans about how someone will represent them. He left behind 2 kids for the throne.”

“I know they are fighting over the throne and they will not collaborate in doing so.”

“What about your ward, Quinn? I heard he survived the attack on Mourning ridge.”

“He is with a friend right now. Reading a book at a library.” Her expression turned serious.

“I know they are at the Hunter lodge, looking for some key information. And if anything…” she looks into my eyes. “Take care of your business here and leave tonight.”

“That is the plan.” She got word from one of her enforcers. Whatever it was… she turned pale upon hearing it.

“No, you don’t understand… The night slayers already know you are here.” What? Then…

“I will watch the 3 of you from on. We have expected your arrival for some time now. This is your only warning: Turn back and live. You have the morning to do so.” I remember she mentioned they already know who were are. So that means they will hunt us down.

“By the goddess…” We are in danger!

“You need to get out of here and meet with your friends. Knowing my fellow hunters, they will not ask questions, they’ll start with the killing.” I stood up and shook her hand.

“Thank you, Carmen.” She held my hand.

“Follow me!” she directed to an alternative route. “Stick to the alleyways and stay out of sight. I cannot help you if you get caught.”

“Will I see you again?” She kisses me on the cheek.

“Go already!” I nodded as I moved toward the cafe. I near run into a couple of those hunters, thankful they haven’t seen or gotten my scent.

The results of our labor

“Hello! How may we help you?” A server asked as I came in.

“Yes, I am looking for my friends…”

“Hey! We are right here.” I nodded at the woman and headed directly to their table.

“You are just in time! We were getting to discuss the relic’s location.”

“We need to head there now. They know who we are and probably tracking us right about now.” I look around for anyone suspicious.

“Why? Can It wait until tomorrow?” I turned back to Elleri.

“We’ll be dead tomorrow!” Oh, right… “Sorry but we need to go now.”

“Um, Mira, Elleri!” Quinn is pointing to a group of hunters. A shift-looking individual is pointing in our direction. “It looks we need to hurry.”

“Right.” As we get up from our seats, they already surround us with their guns pointed at us.

“Are you Mira Suncada?” One of them asked.

“I am!” The man points his gun to my head.

“They warned you! You shouldn’t have remained here after sunset!”

“Hold on, we were told that we had until morning to leave!” I argued back.

“That was until they spotted your friends at the hunter plaza under false identifications.” Elleri...

“What? I thought it was fool-proof.” I slap myself on the forehead, shouldn’t have counted on her skill to forge false identities.

“We’ll come quietly, we mean you no harm.” another man drew his sword toward Quinn’s neck.

“We are not here to arrest you. We are here to end you fucking beasts!” Should have known, they are more interested in killing us than to arrest us.

“Excuse boys, couldn’t you let us go?” Elleri is putting on the charm. “We are only simply travelers who wanted to see your fair city.”

“Draw your last breath, Fang face!” The man ignore it and aimed at her head with his pistol.

“Sleep…” I saw Quinn raised his hand. The hunters slumped down to the ground. Some of them resisted the effects. I gave them a punch to the face. Have a good night.

We ran as fast as we could, staying within the alleyways to avoid detection. From what Elleri was speaking about, the relic was within the city’s catacombs, hidden beneath the sewers. I had to carry Quinn on my back. His wheelchair can only take him so far and leave it behind is best.

“You see them?” We quickly hid in a corner with shadow covering it.

“No signs of them.” Another one was speaking.

“They stole a book from the lodge from the forbidden section. We suspected they forged false identifies.”

“Filthy werewolves and vampire scam!” They stole a book? Seriously?

“Elleri… Did you steal the book from the lodge?” I had whispered because I need to know.

“What? I only tended to ‘borrow’ it for a bit.” Oh, goddess…

“Ladies… hush!” I heard footsteps coming this way… they are here. They have found us! As I draw my weapon, I notice something glazed their eyes over, as if something is controlling them.

“Sir? What do you want to know?” Huh? “Ah, how many hunters are being notified?”

“Yes, please!” Quinn… he is taking control of those men? Impressive.

“They are already being alerted to your theft of the book from the library. There is a class 3 alert being put out for your extermination.” Class 3? That would mean they’ll send their finest to find and eliminate us.

“Elleri? Would be kind to return the book that was taken from the library?” Elleri looks surprised he asked her that. With some hesitation, she handed the book to one of them. “Now, return to the lodge. Tell them you slew us and brought the book back as proof.”

“We will return the book as proof you have been slained.” They left…

“We need to hurry and get to that relic!” I stood up. “Roduriga!”

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