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Chapter 19: Out of control

Quinn’s POV

“Got nothing to say, Mr. Dewalt?” I… I…

“Step away…” The voices, their… “You will not take our vessel! IT IS OUR VESSEL!” Ah… My chest hurts…

I blasted them with a laser from my chest… the world… is becoming… strange…

Where am I? Who am I?

Let us show you the way…

“Show me the way…” I let out a piercing scream that sent everything flying. Monsters? Why are they here…

Ugh… Our time has come… It has been centuries since we have found our vessel…

Those that stood in our way… will perish!

We have fired lasers at our enemies. Some had gone to the gods. Some resist us… we will deal them with in time. We are power… Power absolute!

“Let’s go! Move!” The cowards… they fled for their lives. Those who stand before us, it is unwise.

“Quinn! Snap out of this!” One of them speaks to us. We can feel her spirit… shining than the others.

“Be driven before us!” We raised our hands to bring forth a meteor shower. The other one got it out of its path. It was the one who rejected us…

“Quinn! This is not you! Snap out of this, please!”

“You rejected us! Death certain!” We gather the flames of the sun to direct at our rejector.

“Stop! Why are you doing this? It’s me, Elleri!” She is weakening… her strength is leaving her. “Fight it, Quinn! You can fight this!”

“There is no, Quinn. We have inhabited the shell that he is in. He is our holy vessel.”

“No! That is true! I’ll…” We sense her spirit… it is strong… “I’ll beat it out, if I have to!”

We raised our hand as she came with her weapon… she was powerless against us… Now… We bring the sun to her; she covers herself with darkness. We have light the Darkness; exposing the rejector to sunlight.

“MASTER!” Winter has come… It is familiar…

“Lady Elerri! Are you all right?”

“Yes, I am fine. But Quinn…”

“I will handle it. Get the teleportation spell ready.” Fenrir… Why… does it sound familiar? “Relic! Release my master!”

“Fight for our vessel, Fenrir. Are you worthy?” We smiled as the wolf stood before us. Power flowed from his veins.

We clashed as we and Fenrir fought among each other… He is worthy, his power is strong. But we have claimed our vessel for ourselves… we will fight to keep ours.

Unleash… Bringing forth a Cadillac car with the wheels, steel, wire and metal coming together. Fenrir repelled and returned it back to us. We destroyed it, returning it to the earth… We bring forth the satellite from the sea of stars above.

We watched as our colony made it is a way to Fenrir. He redirected toward us… this power… no! Our vessel… our joy… everything is…


This… This is nothing… they have sealed away us for centuries… we will not be-

“MASTER!” The light…

“Ahh! No!” The light… the light… what… I….

“Master! I got you!” Fenrir? What happened…?

“Fenrir… You came…”

“Master, hold on…” That was the last moment before it went dark.

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