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Chapter 20: Race against time part 1: Primal

Elleri’s POV

“Fenrir! What have you been, boy?” I nuzzled Fenrir atop his head. I am glad to see him.

“My lady, I’ve never left. I watched from a distance and I came when I felt my master is in danger.”

“Thank you, spirit.” Wow, such gratitude. Here I thought you hated them… hey wait a minute!

“You are not a spirit, are you?” He closed his eyes and inhale under his breath.

“I am not, madam.” Mira moved away from him.

“I knew you were lying to us from the beginning!” She pulled her ax out. “I should have killed-”

“We don’t have the time, my lady! I can suppress the relic’s power for now. It won’t last forever. My master is tearing at the seams as we speak.” Fenrir knows how to stand on his feet. “Punish me afterwards once he is safe.”

“I agree. We need to get out of here.” I heard a gun click in front of us. You again, Samuel?

“You freaks aren’t going nowhere!” I summoned my shards to me. We don’t have any time to deal with this… stubborn jerk!

“Sorry, we got a friend who needs some help!” I smiled in his face as the shards surrounded us and spin around us. “Wait your turn. Ciao!”

Using my teleporting spell, we managed to teleport out of the city… and into the teleportation tunnel. We are heading back to my house; I have my equipment set up within my laboratory to make the ingredients that we need.

What is cooking in the lab?

“Okay, set him on the table!” I had Mira set him on the operating table. I got restraints for him since I noticed he changes shape every minute. He is not well.

“It won’t hold him for long, madam. His power has grown immeasurably since he took up the relic. I can suppress the energy for a time.”

“No way! I won’t let you.” Mira is not making this easier. “If you think, I’ll-”

“BECAUSE I AM HIS WOLF! MY MASTER IS MY RESPONSBILITY! YOUR LACK OF TRUST IN ME IS NOT HELPING. AND HE IS FUCKING DYING… YET YOU CALL YOURSELF HIS ‘PROTECTOR’!” Fenrir? I’ve never seen him this angry. His wolf..? So that means…? “Then you might as well failed in your duty. Angharad has entrusted you to keep him safe, right?”

Mira was a loss for words… Fenrir… is actually Quinn’s inner wolf all this time?!

“Then why didn’t you tell him? We could have avoided all of this! AND YOU LIED ME, YOU FLITHY LYING MUTT. I can’t believe I have petted you for a job done.”

“Tell him what? ‘Oh, master. I am your long-lost wolf whom I was born with you’?”

“Better than masquerading as a spirit who lied to his face.” I shot back.

“Enough of this, both of you!” Mira spoke up. “How can we cure him?”

“We need 3 potions: Primal, Spirit and Dream. Primal will strengthen his body and improve upon his physical fitness. Spirit will strengthen his soul and prevent it from being obliterated.”

“It means the relic is fighting his soul, madam.”

“Yes, they are fighting his body and mind. Can you not interrupt me, you lying mutt?” I am at my wit’s end with him right now.

“And the Dream potion will stabilize his powers where it won’t kill him.” You, too, Mira? Argh! I hate being interrupted! “Elleri, do you know where we can find them?”


“Can you or can you not make the potion?! My master is dying, Elleri! AND I AM RUNNING OUT OF PATIENCE ON THE MATTER. AND IF HE DIES BECAUSE YOU TWO WOMEN CANNOT AGREE…” Now the mutt is threatening me?

“What are you doing to do? Go inside our heads and kill us from there?” Fenrir stalks me, showing his canine teeth as he does.

“If he dies, Elleri… I’ll make you wish you were back with Count Ashley. And all I gotta do is erase your memory to be his serving maid.” You…! Dare…! “Can you help my master or not?! I will not ask again.”

That mutt… How did he knew I used to be under my master?! When I notice Fenrir is growling at me, his eyes are turning grey on the matter. He’ll do it… I don’t want to go back to my master. I will not!

“Okay! Okay! I’ll help him, just don’t mess with my mind! Please?!” He ignores me…

“No, Elleri. I am using my power to suppress the relic that lies within him for now. How much time does he have?”

“Two days from now.” I remember the part of the mural. He has only 2 days until the relic takes over his mind, body and spirit. It will be irreversible afterwards.

“I am sorry…” I apologized to Fenrir for my behavior.

“Can you work on the potions, my lady?” Oh, yes, that right!

“Luckily, I can brew the primal potion here in my lab.” I wasted no time gathering the ingredients for the potion that I will need.

Grounded up a horn of ossilus, took a herb of Marywell flower and grounded it… Fresh clean water… A dash of parley flakes, setting the meat to be on a medium heat so it can heat.

“Whew…” I wiped the sweat from my brow… I hate sweating, normally, but in this case, I need to help Quinn no whatever what. “Mira?”

“Yep!” She is smiling at me. “Who knew… That Fenrir is Quinn’s inner wolf? Even I thought he was no ordinary spirit in the beginning.”

“Tell me about it!” I sat down with her. “Fenrir is usually calm and polite and the way he threatens me…” I shudder to think what will happen if Quinn dies from the relic’s influence. I don’t want to know if that mutt is buffing or not.

“Count Ashley, huh?” I shot up from my seat. WHY DOES EVERYONE KEEP BRINGING HIM UP?!

I need to walk out because I don’t want to start with Mira right now. There is a reason I didn’t even don’t even bring him up…

“Hey, Elleri!” Oh, Finn! And is that…?

“Heya, E!” The woman immediately walked up to me and gave me a kiss on my lips! Yuck!

“Hellen! For heaven’s sake! You know I am not interested.” I wipe it off. She always does to me every time we meet.

“Relax, Elleri. It is actually gonna be the last time that I will do so. Did you hear the news?”

“Let me guess, getting married?” She kissed me again! Seriously?

“She is my mate, Elleri! Hellen actually came to me last night, saying that I was her mate.” Wow, well…

“Something wrong? Hope this big strong stud would be your mate?” What?!

“Look, me and him are simply… friends with benefits. That is all!” I turned to walk off when a hand grabbed my wrist. I hope it’s not Finn trying to stop me… Oh, Helen!

“Are you jealousy that he is my mate? You can tell me if you hated it, already. You know I also still have feelings for you, that part I don’t hide from you.”

“Oh.. okay, Helen…” I gentle moved her hand away from mine. “I’m not jealous of you, all right. I just… well…” I struggle to find the words for this.

“I’m sorry, Elleri. I didn’t mean..” I raised my hand.

“No, I should be the one to apologize, Finn. I left because the letter was from my master who wanted me to return to my homeland. I took a trip with Mira and Quinn.” Finn’s eyes lights up.

“Quinn?! How is the little buddy?!” He is jumping up and down like a little teenager. I guess he inherited his father’s sunny disposition.

“He’ll need rest from his trip. It will be awhile before he accepts visitors. But, you say you are getting married, correct?”

“Yep, we are going to have it near a waterfall. I wish you can come though.”

“I love to! However, my master is expecting me by now.” I’ve forgotten… it has been an entire day. He expected me to arrive by that time. Hmm.. “So I’ll technically have to leave back out afterwards, sadly.” I’ve walked to Finn and gave him a kiss as well a hug. I’ve also hugged Helen, which she gave me a kiss on the check. Seriously, I am not interested… “Gotta run!”

Bottoms up!

After getting to my house, Fenrir still watches over him like a silent sentinel. Mira is practicing with her twin swords. She never goes with just one weapon, I see. Checked on the potion… It is ready!

“Everyone! Quinn needs to drink this.” I announced my intent. “Mira, can you help me, please?”

“Yes, my lady.” She is mocking or simply helping me. Either way, we need to give him this.

As the liquid touched his lips, his body was fighting the restraints. He is not making it any easier to getting it through his mouth. I thought about asking Fenrir to assist me, but… I need to do this myself.

“Corpus roboratur ad petram!” I cast a strengthening spell. I wrestled with Quinn despite his shaking and thrashing. His head is not helping with it moving around. I can’t get this potion through his lips. Okay, that tears it. “Glace... Les mains qui vous façonnent et vous façonnent.” I cast Ice’s hands in French to get… his… head… to stand still.

I poured the liquid down his throat; the hands are doing a good job holding him while I do so. Quinn was screaming as the potion immediately took effect. I saw his muscles grow and expand. I saw it ripping through neck, his arms, his chest and… Tee hee… his abs.

“I saw that, Elleri…” Mira noticed I was admiring Quinn.

“I was admiring his physique, Mira. Can I just do so? After all, I am helping to save his life.” Mira smiles as I responded.

“I saw you were kissing Helen. You have a thing for women, now?”

“I’ll just get back to work.” I moved back to Quinn. He is lying still now. That leaves 2 more potions to make.

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