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Chapter 20: Race against time part 3: Spirit

Fenrir’s POV

As I hear footsteps behind me, I learned Mira has returned from the desolated forest. I’ve been suppressing Quinn’s growing strength for a long time, a task that has pushed me to the limits of my strength. I worry-

“Hey Fenrir! Step aside!” I watched as Elleri pour the Dream potion down my master throat. His body twisted, wreathed and eventually a burst of energy radiated from him.

“His body and mind are stable.” I can sense that my master’s physical health is improving, but his spiritual energy is still… “Master!”

His soul darted out, but it went back inside of him. I noticed it happened twice; I know my master soul is now hanging in the balance. We have another day and we are running out of time.

The Plan to get the last herb

“Good news, everyone!” I stood to attention. “I have all the ingredients we need. But we are missing the last ingredients: Spirit heart herb.”

“Spirit heart herb? I’ve never heard of that.” Lady Mira is puzzled.

“That is the thing, Mira! Which it is the bad news is that I don’t know where to find it.” Lady Elleri had contacted every person she knew for whereabout the herb.

“You cannot find in the real world, Ladies.” I spoke up. “The herb is in the spirit world.”

“What? The spirit world! Why would it be there?!”

“Because I saw it years ago in the spirit world.” Moving into the center of the room. I hid this knowledge from them long enough. “I am not a spirit for I am my master’s long-lost wolf who inherited the same powers as he.”

“I knew you weren’t a spirit, Fenrir. And I had suspected it long before we arrived at mourning ridge.”

“Indeed. I can understand if you still hate me after all this time.” I acknowledge the fact that I knew would have to reveal my true existence.

“Of course, the spirits I know don’t possess Magic, spirit walking or dream walking. You said you were Quinn’s wolf, yes?”

“From the time that my master was born, he had rejected me from birth. For what reason, I do not know, but it had to do with a prophecy that states he’ll bring doom to his entire clan. The doctors even state that my master had no wolf inside of him.” I paused for a bit, then continued. “For years, I had tried to reconnect with my master. I watched as my master tried to show his clan and family that he can transform only to be ridiculed for his efforts.”

“Why didn’t you intervene, Fenrir?” She is angry that I was powerless to do anything. “Quinn suffered a lot because of you!”

“HE HAS SUFFERED BECAUSE I DIDN’T LEND HIM MY STRENGTH!” I shouted back. “Didn’t want him to suffer and I could not aid him then. Even his eldest brother was beating him because he didn’t have the strength to fight back.” Remembering my master was at the mercy of that monster. I would lie beside him to offer him comfort and hope. “I failed him so many times, even when he called upon my power I couldn't do anything about it.”

“That must be brutal…” Elleri… “I know what it is like to be abused by someone close to you, but you know there is nothing you can do about it.”

“Indeed! However, fortune came upon us when my master was tricked into going to an area where they were a feral rogue Lycan who sought to kill him.” I remembered that moment when my energy was poured into my master to fight it. “However, my master can only draw upon subconsciously, so I had to take control. I slew the beast which Angharad revealed herself to me.”

“You knew Mentor?” I surprised her we have indeed met years ago.

“Yes…” I can never forget that night. She appeared after the rogue was slain. She was looking for my master, which at first-

“Who are you?!” I was on my guard, I wasn’t sure what were her intentions were.

“I am Angharad. Shaman of Mourning Ridge. The Lycan who wields the power of dreams if you like.” She raised her hand. “At ease, I am not here to do you or your master at any harm.’

“Is that so?”

“Yes, I am here to seek him out as my apprentice. I have heard a lot of about the broken boy of the village. Almost everyone, treated him like he was a pariah to the clan and few people tried to help him and if they could-”

“Pwyll and Tilda, the only two siblings have been watching over my master for a long time. Everyone else… They would show him pity, disgust or simply ignore him.”

“Yep, Great Rock clan values Strength and Merit. They wouldn’t want anything else to do him since he had to struggle for most of his life.” She looked up and down at me by extension… him. “I wish everyone can see he has his wolf inside of him all this time, but sadly, they won’t get that chance.”

“Yeah…” I am reverting to my regular form… I feel…

“Don’t worry, whoever your name is…” She is shaking her head.

“Fenrir, my lady!”

“Fenrir! Right! We can stay in touch for the time being.” She looks around for anyone that may watch us. “We’ll meet back before 18th birthday.”

It surprised once everyone they learned the truth of my origins; I awaited to see if they would drive me from my master. To my surprise…

“I knew you were a good little Wolfie!” Elleri gave me a hug… I didn’t expect this.

“And not to mention you have saved Quinn’s life many times over.” Mira pets me on the head. “I am honored to meet the real Fenrir.”

“Likewise!” I smiled. They understood what I had to do. “But two things, I must speak now.”

“Oh, of course!”

“Don’t tell my master, yet. I fear he will not accept the truth if you do. It was easier for me to masquerade as a spirit than telling who I really am.” I stood on my fours and I opened a portal to the spirit world. “Second, I am going to where the herb is. You two should stay here.”

“You know fully well that I cannot hide this from him.” I turned around as Mira spoke out.

“He must be ready to hear the truth, my lady. If you tell him before I can, he may react poorly to all of it. He may seek to drive me away before he knows this, therefore, I will wait until the timing is right.” I turned my gaze back to the portal. “Even it cost my life!” I jumped into the portal into the Spirit world.

I headed directly to the Autfen Ruins; it is where the spirit-heart herb can be found. As I got near the entrance of the ruins, it is time to call forth the summons… I will need as much help I can get.

Infiltrate the Ancient Ruins

“Contract!” I summoned a circle for me to bring my summons to me: Salana, Sir Dalmut, Shurri and Gizlow.

“Hello Fenrir, you need our help?” I nodded, only for Dalmut to push past Salana.

“We need to renegotiate our contract, little runt! Your ‘master’ has shown his weakness.” I stare him down, as I much as I would like to argue not it is not the time.

“You are a jerk, Sir! Angharad has chosen him for a good reason! I knew Angharad for years, she wouldn’t go for anyone that would die easily.” Shurri chides Dalmut for being rude which he didn't glance in her direction.

“But apparently, I was wrong about the whelp. I thought he would be worthy of my power.”

“He is worthy of your power. I am his wolf! The fucking wolf has lent my master his strength, who is dying right now!” I clenched my teeth. He HAS pledged his life to my master. I pray he will not change his mind now. “I pretended to be a spirit so for one of these days, when I rejoin with my master-”

“Re-join? Rejoin with your boy? The boy who lost his wolf in the first place, hmmm?” *sigh* Gizlow is weird one that I made a contract with him… But his skills in the dream and spirit are very useful.

“Huh… who would have thought the whelp had his wolf watched over him all this time.” He is shaking his head at me. “If I knew, I should have pledged my sword to you instead of him.”

“I don’t have time for this nonsense… either you help me right now or I can end your contract right now. Either way, my master is in danger and his time is running out. I feel his soul-”

“His soul is leaving the mortal plane.” Even Salana can sense his spirit, being slowly untether from this world. “If that happens…” She turns to me.

“We cannot delay, his life is depending on us.” Dalmot is blocking our way. I narrow my eyes as he had drawn his blade out.

“I have a proposal for you, Mutt!”

“We don’t have the time for your proposal. We-” Thunder hits the ground where we speak of.

“Listen to me, mongrel! I demand a rematch to test you and your master’s strength. Defeat me in combat and I will consider re-pledging my oath to you.” You know what?

“Sir Jose, horse master of the north!” I call upon him to come to my aid. The knight had silver-plating armor with blue linen across his weight and chest. The helmet had blue hair and his steed had white coloring with grey strands of hair.

“Good evening, Master Fenrir. I take it as I am summoned to do battle at your side.” He looks at Dalmut, who clenches his spear tightly. “Hello, Sir Dalmut.”

“Jose…” They must have known each other in the past. Dalmut and Jose are knights who fought as rivals in the distant past. Me and Jose know each other for 18 years since he and I have entered a contract.

“Why has doth cause problem for my master? I honor thy contract as per written law.” Jose is getting to Dalmut’s face. He is an insurance policy should Dalmut not fall in line.

“You bastard…” He glares at me. “You think using Jose against me will stop me?” He raised his spear up in the air, then as if something stopped him doing the deed. “Hmm… This will be interesting.” Jose stepped in front of me in case if he tries to do something. “I will honor our agreement for now, mutt. Make your master is good and ready when I demand my rematch.”

“Done.” I step forward toward the ruins. “Lend me your strength. We are going to save my master!” Their powers flowed into me. I will need all power that I get as I went inside of the ruins.

“My lord, I don’t know what Dalmut is planning, but be careful.” Sir Jose alerts me to his intent.


Trespasser! Turn back!

“I am here for the spirit-heart herb! Let me-”

We know… Turn back, warrior! You will not pass!

Death is certain! Turn back now!

“Please… My master is dying! I am not leaving with that herb!”

You are making a big mistake! You are warned, warrior! Turn back!

“I won’t say it again! Let me pass!” I enter my stance, ready to make my move.

We have warned you, trespasser! Death awaits you in these halls!

I sprinted further into the ruins. These sentinels are adamant about not letting me getting that herb. I must hurry to gain the spirit-heart. I know they will be active in hunting me.


A sentinel materialized in front of me. It had a humanoid appearance, with pieces of their armor missing. They are gaunt, which it emphasized on their disheveled appearance.

Die now!

For my master

“Sir Jose!” I summoned Jose’s blade, Zweihander, to fend off its attacks. The sentinel moves like a madman possessed by a demon. Grr… It can hit hard and worse, it’s… moving.

“My lord!” Sir knight blocked its strike before it jumped back toward the wall. “My lord, thy enemy is moving at high speed. Their strength is par with thy own.”

“Then we must keep moving, Sir Knight!” I notice the sentinel came back for second time to strike me down. This time, Jose parried its bladed strike with me following it up with a powerful swipe by me spinning my whole body.

The sentinel vanished into smoke as the blade cut it down. Only… There is 3 of now. I saw the vein throughout their whole body pulsing with crimson energy.

“Fenrir!” Salana is using the flock of birds to distract the sentinels. “Go while my children and I hold them at bay.”

“Understood!” I hurried ahead of her and proceed further into the ruins.

Autfen was a kingdom in the past known for its fertile lands and their strongest warriors in the land. Its people were kind and generous and they weren’t wanting for anything. The sentinels were former knights who known to be the deadliest warriors in the land.

Even Lycans & Vampires feared their battle prowess on the field as they can adapt to anything. They will not waste time bantering or showing mercy to their enemies in battle. Now, even in death, they protect their sacred lands from all trespassers.

I cannot fail here… A direct fight with them will only result in my death and will doom my master to his fate. Reasoning or appealing to their nature will not work since they are duty-bound to eliminate any intruder they can find. I can why see Mira seek to avoid conflicts with Spirits, they are not flesh and blood like us.

Defiler! You have roamed this sacred place for long enough!

“Because you should have given me the herb in the first place!” I continued as I avoid more of the sentinels. They are learning. As more of them are in hot pursuit of me.

Your fate is sealed, Defiler! You shall roam this place no longer!

Another sentinel pop out of the ground as narrowly dodged the debris. It blocked my way; it has fur in their armor that means… Guh!

As the Sentinel landed a sucker punch, I flip back to regain my momentum. The sentinel was upon me as I did. They can move like a raging animal, they are not human, not anymore.

The others will upon me if I don’t hurry. This one is blocking the way. As it moved, dodging is becoming difficult as it can change direction to strike at my vital organs. Disarm it of its weapon will make it use its claws and fists.

My stamina is depleting like running sand… It will be a matter of time before it lands one fatal hit. It’s over if it succeeds, as it is making sure that I can’t outrun it or outfight it and the summons can only do so much.

“I can’t… I won’t!” The sentinel ran toward intending to end this.

“No!” Sir… Dalmut? He repels the creature with ease of battle-seasoned warrior, forged in the heat of battle.

I struggle to remain standing as Sir Dalmut repels the sentinel. I must… keep moving… If I stop now… I won’t get another chance.

Come on, body… Don’t fail me now!

“Fenrir! Are you alright?” Perfect timing! I need-

No! You will be cleansed!

More of them? I have a feeling about these sentinels with while-plated armor decked from head to bottom, with their fierce aura burning like the sun. I must find the Spirit-heart herb soon.

“Let me handle this, Fenrir!” Shurri stood in front of the sentinel. With a shout, a language that only the squirrel knows, I heard a rumble in the ground as a stampede headed toward them.

The squirrel collided against the Sentinels… It is quite funny, though… I never thought these warriors would struggle against these cute squirrels.

“Fenrir! Behind you!” Hmm! I dodge its swipe and return the favor by hitting it with my blade on its helmet. However, something is wrong… instead of splitting further, it suddenly held my blade in its hands.

“Coming through!” One of my squirrel allies overwhelms the sentinel by crawling all over it. “You need to hurry, mister! We don’t know how long we can hold them off.” The sentinel made a copy of itself and fought off the squirrels off its duplicate’s body.

“Is the herb close by?” It point toward where the herb is. It doesn’t look like anyone is protecting it. I rushed toward the herb. The squirrel can hold off the sentinels, however, they are adapting to their methods.

Almost there… I got it! Now, I need to-


A ball of fire landed on where I was. I screamed as the flames seared through my body which the sentinel wasted no time to grab me and impale me on my stomach with it's spear, spitting up blood as it came up from my mouth.

“Fenrir!” I watched my companions being torn apart by sentinels. They sliced Dalmut from behind. Shurri saw her friends were being electrocuted, she had to force a retreat. Sir Jose was trying to break me free. However, the sentinels were too powerful, and they tore him to pieces.

Next thing I knew, it lifted me in the air and I felt every part of me… I can't.. I can't feel anything...

My master… he suffered at the hands of his family and clan. I saw the whole thing occurring. Every day he called on me… I couldn’t answer… No matter what I did, my master bore the blunt of shame and humiliation…

I failed him… every time! I can’t… everything becoming white… It’s over… I couldn’t… save him…

M… Mas...ter...

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