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Chapter 3: Adopted to a new clan pt.1

Mira’s POV

There is something that got me thinking… Why choose Quinn? When we found him in the great hall with his father beating the life out of him. The Great Rock clan, known for its philosophy of strength. They focus on merit and personal strength rather than by ancestry or heritage.

The rules stated when a child born, male or female, they must be able to shape-shift by the age of 18, they will not tolerate any forms of weakness such as crying, hesitation, or showing mercy. Even then, the actions of your eldest or youngest sibling will reflect on their family’s standing with the clan. Breaking the law is also punishable by either containment, death, or exile.

Not all of them are that bad… Pwyll is one of the decent folks that lived within his clan. Most people pay him respect since he tells wonderful stories such as my favorite: the wolf and the lady of the eastern sea. His sister, Tilda, is a fierce warrior, heard a lot of stories about her fighting prowess and having to fight her former commander to earn the title.

Quinn hasn’t spoken a word since we left his village… Is he still reflecting on his father, who nearly killed him?

“Quinn?” He is not saying anything. “Are you sad about having to leave this village?”


“They tried to kill you back there!”

“Mira! Stop.” My mentor snaps at me. “The boy had enough pain in his lifetime. He doesn’t need you hassling him for details!” You know what…

“Then tell me this, Angharad. Why Quinn?” My mentor stopped in her tracks. “They were other candidates beside him. They had wolves inside of them, he doesn’t!”

“Are you serious, Mira?” My wolf, Roduraga now suddenly chimes in. “I didn’t even feel the ‘potential’ in them. Chill, girl.”

“Don’t tell me to chill, Rodu! I am not convinced he would be worth all of this trouble.”

“I’m getting up in Age, Mira. He is the one that one in my dreams and-” I saw her coughing a moment ago.

“Mistress… Your coughing!” Padrieo’s is my mentor inner wolf. “How you are holding up? I can provide you-”

“No, Padre. I’m all right…” She seems to shake it off. “I am getting up to my old years… My spirit is willing and strength is still there just don’t know how much time I got left.”

“But, Mentor! You could have chosen someone else, perhaps a magic user, to be your successor?”

“Oh… So that is what you think of me?” Quinn is breaking down the moment I mention find someone else. “I am worthless…”

“That is not true, boy!”

“No, Mentor!” I snapped back at her. I cannot believe this weak, worthless man would be her successor. “He got his ass kicked by his father, an Alpha who broke his legs and arms, which it can take a long time to heal up. Worst, he has no wolf inside of him.”

“Kill me…” He is… “Just kill me, please!” Now he is sobbing… I knew he was worthless!

I set him down on the tree trunk; pulling out my great-ax as he eyed on the thing. Do you want to be put out of your misery? Fine.

“Mira! What are you doing?”

“You heard him, he wants to die!” I raised my ax above his head. “I knew you are not worthy of being her successor.”

“Mira!” I felt a hand grabbing my wrist… she is prevent me from ending him right there. “You kill him and then what?!”

“He will be a waste of time!” I glared at Angharad. She is suggesting that I let him live. “Why only him?!”

“I am not choosing him by his skill, strength, speed, or even ferocity. Padre has already helped me sort out candidates that will have the potential to surpass me when I go to the Ancestor.”

“Then why can’t you ask him to choose more worthy candidates instead of failures like him!” I pointed to Quinn. “He is like a broken glass! Bring him along will make him into a liability!”

“I disagree, my lady.” A wolf appears beside us. It’s wearing silver earrings, has a braid on its right side, and has blue clear eyes. It’s fur… I can feel the energies flowing from it. Silver wolves are a rarity among us. It marks them for a special purpose.

“Who are you? Are you a friendly spirit or an enemy?” I brandish my ax against it.

“I am not your enemy, Mira. I came at the behest of Angharad.” It walked over to Angharad who… petted the spirit.

“Fenrir! It is good to hear that you answer my calls.” It nods.

“You know this spirit, Mentor?”

“Allow me to explain, my lady.” It moved toward me. I… I… I don’t.

“Right here is good enough!” I pointed my ax at it as it came near me.

“Angharad is the one who has summoned me from the realm of dreams. I was the one who directed her to Quinn. I’ve collaborated with Padrieo to ensure he would be a viable candidate.”

“Yo man! Still, I told ya, girl! I had a feeling he still got his...”

“Rudu!” I interrupt him. “Are you saying, Fenrir? That you were working with Mentor for how long?”

“18 years of his life, madame. It was I, who alerted her to the situation back at Great Rock.” I turned around to my mentor… consulting with spirits?

“I didn’t tell you because I know…” She noticed that I’m furious that she would hide this from me.

“Why are you helping us now, Spirit?” I need a reason not to banish this spirit back into the void itself.

“I assisted Angharad with choosing a worthy candidate to become her apprentice. She is not long for this world and she summoned me to help speed up the process.”

“You mean…?” It turned its attention toward Quinn. I stepped in front of it.

“Girl! Let him talk with Quinn. He already suffered enough crap after what his clan did to him. I know you hate spirits after what they did-”

“Rodu! Don’t go there with me!” I warned him not to push there with me.

“Then what, Mira? Are you gonna send him to the void, huh? He may want to help Quinn. You act like this every time, a spirit appears in front of you like they gonna strike the minute they get near you!”

Rodu has a point… I don’t trust them and I believe that every spirit is corruptible. My family even has ways to banish them from this world.

“Are you gonna let him pass, girl?”

“Fine. But I am watching you, spirit.”

“I apologize for any inconvenience. I am not your enemy and I don’t wish to cause you any grief or problems.”

I turned my back to the creature; I have nothing to say about it… I let Angharad deal with them.

“Who are you?” It… Kneels before Quinn… How?

“I am Fenrir, a wolf spirit from the world of Dreams. Do you have questions for me?”

“It… Is it true that spirits attack people?” Oh, here we go…

“We defend ourselves and ‘attack’ people as you call it.” Quinn is staring at that thing… It is like his mind in another world.

“Okay, we need to go now, guys!” I recalled in between towns that they are Rogues, Lycans without a clan that will attack any travelers they can find. We know better than to reason with them.

“Agreed. They are Rogues in the area.” Now the spirit detects them. “Be alert!”

The spirit enters its battle stance while I draw my weapon out.

The rogue werewolves,

As predicted, the rogues swarmed us as they were moving in a circle. One of them, the one with a scar on its right eye, jumped in front of us.

“You! Are you Angharad?” What…?

“Yes, I am. What can I do for you, boy?” The rogue laughed as if he found it amusing. Some of his friends join in the laughter.

“We are here to claim your life and-” He pointed to Quinn. “Of your ward. But man, he looks weak and scrawny.” I stood in front of it.

“You want him?”

“Are you offering, little lady?” As the rogue got closer to my face. With one precise move, I slammed my ax into its skull. It mewed as I pushed it deeper into its skull.

“Dang! And you didn’t even transform!” Thank you, Rodu!

“Pitful!” I looked up and notice a… A mystic? I noticed it took one look at us and saw we were prey. “Kill the shaman and the bitch! Leave the scrawny one to me!” So that must be the leader of the group.

“Roduarga!” I call upon my wolf’s strength.

“I got ya, girl!” I let a howl as I transformed into my full wolf form, tearing at my skin as my claws extended myself.

“Padrieo! Come!” I watch as my mentor transformed into her wolf form. Hers is faster because of her age.

2 of the rogues fell upon me. Moving side to side, I dodge their claws to wait for an opening. Even in my full wolf, I continue to wield my ax in my right hand. I slashed one of them on the side of their abdomen, intestines poured out into the ground as it crumbled.

When its companion saw I killed its friend, it went into a mad frenzy, lunging at me with abandon. I let it come to me so I expose its weakness. As it extended its claws at me, I grabbed the rogue and slashed its throat; the rogue clenched its throat as it failed to avenge its fallen comrade.

More of them are coming… Damn it. Rogues usually travel alone in a pack, they have no clan, no honor… Yet, I am seeing them organized like they are a unit.

“Mira! Cover me. I will enter the Dreamworld!” I hurried to where my mentor was, only to be stopped by a wall of fire.

“Can’t, mentor! They are blocking the way!” Fenrir?!

“Allow me to assist you! I can be of help here!” I don’t need his help… But I need to reach my mentor. “Look out!!” I narrowly avoided a fireball that would have burned me to a crisp. Mystics… “They can wield magic! If you wish to live another day, Lady Mira! Let me help you!”

“Fine!” He teleports to my side.

“From the vines of this world… Reach and grow!” I jumped on the vine as it grew, riding among with it as I swung my ax at any unfortunate rogue that stood in the way. “Vine… may mother nature lend its might!” As it slammed on the mystic who conjured up a barrier, I drink a potion that allows me to nullify any magic properties they use. I cut it down in half and in time to see the other Mystic from behind me.

The vine grabbed it before it can get into position to strike me down. As it tossed it into the air, it slammed it down into the earth.

“Go! Feed the earth itself! May you never return!” The mystic screamed as the vine dragged it down into the earth. I am glad that the spirit, Fenrir, is not our enemy… I doubt I would survive that experience being dragged into the earth.

“It’s over!” I saw the leader holding Quinn in its grip, its hand surges with electricity. “Unless you want him to die on your watch, drop the ax!” I did what it said… As I much I detest helping him since he can’t defend himself, I don’t want him to die at the hands of these monsters. “Now! Revert to your normal form!”


“Do what she says. I feel it’s not buffing.” I don’t need your advice, spirit. But it’s giving me that look…

I took a deep breath and went back to my normal shape. I felt Rodu was back inside of me; the leader motioning for me to step closer. Fenrir went with me.

The power of dreams

“Now that I have your attention… That is far enough!” It was holding Quinn in its right hand while points its finger with the left at Angharad, which she seems out cold, but how? “Your mentor is alive… for now.”

“Depending on what I do next, rogue.” I have a feeling I will not like what I want to hear.

“Smart Girl! We are only here for the boy and your mentor. You may beg for your life since we cannot simply let you go.” Beg? Ha!

“You are not simply Rogues, are you?” I saw a smirk on its face, which it reverted to its normal form. It’s a woman with a fair complexion, hair white as snow, has developed muscles, and a vicious smile on her face.

“Curious, are you?” The woman cocks her head at me. I made no sudden moves since I noticed she still has Quinn in her grasp. “Unfortunately for you, we aren’t simply your typical rogues. Our benefactor wants them dead.”

Of course… They are Dream walkers, Lycans who have the power of not only transformation, Magic, Spirit walking but also the power to enter the Dream Realm and Influence. Respected and feared because of their immense power, they are far different from most of our kind. Even humans and vampires are wary when they deal with them since they easily go into people’s dreams and simply eliminate them with a mere thought.

I should have known they would attack us just to eliminate Mentor and Quinn, but why? That is not clear to me, but I know asking them will be pointless since I am sure their ‘benefactor’ wouldn’t want them talking.

“Oh, I see your game.” The woman speaks while I was reflecting on that fact. “You want to know why they hired us to take out your wards? But they didn’t say we can’t do whatever we like with you.” I noticed the others were surrounding me.

“Spirit!” I called to Fenrir. “Can you use your power to free them?” The woman smirk as I suggested to Fenrir to use his magic.

“I can do more than that.” Fenrir…? His eyes went completely blank.

“What is the meaning of this…” I saw one of them was moving as it was drunk. It fell over to the side, blood dripping out to the side. “You!”

Before I can say anything, I heard growling around all of us… Some of them clenched their heads, frothing at the mouth, some attack their allies in their confused state, some of them… Mutilate themselves by tearing out their eyes and their bodily intestines, melting themselves, freezing themselves or detonated their own heads.

“WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?!” the leader loses her composure the moment she saw her pack going insane. “I’LL-!” The woman clenched her head, screaming as she flailing her hands around as if she saw spirits were attacking her?! “Get away! Get away! Please, have mercy!” The woman went into hysterics as she ran toward me.

I pulled out my Polearm from my pack. I never go with just one weapon at my disposal. However, as the woman got near me, she abruptly stop a few feet from me, falling to her knees, leaning backing as the spirits has claimed an unlucky victim.

Everything went silent afterward…

“It’s over,” Fenrir spoke. His eyes are back to normal.

“What did you do to these people?!” I still don’t understand how it happened.

“Did what to them? We need to check on Master and Angharad.” It went past me and went straight to Quinn and Angharad. I looked at the woman who was kneeling there… Her body was still there and but her mind… I closed them as we moved on. I don’t have time to dwell on that right now.

Whoever their benefactor is… They must want mentor as well, Quinn, dead.

Arrived at Mourning Ridge

“So, let me understand this, Fenrir?” Quinn has been talking with Fenrir for a while since yesterday’s attack. “You defended us with magic?”

“Of course, my master. But it is thanks to this brave warrior in front of me that made it possible.” Oh, now you are giving me credit, Spirit?

“You did all the work, Spirit. You drove those people to madness!”

“Mira! He saved us!” Quinn protested.

“Saved us from whom? Next thing, he’ll turn against us as well.” I heard howls from behind. “It’s all right. I know it’s a patrol near here.” We are home. “Brothers & sisters!” I yelled out to them. “It is, I! Mira Suncada! Daughter of Minro Suncada!” As expected, they came from the woodwork. They reverted to their normal form as soon as they noticed me.

“Welcome home, Mira!” The man shakes my hand. “Who is the outsider?”

“Quinn Dewalt! Got his sorry ass kicked out of his clan for not having a wolf on him.” Mentor!

“Well, he doesn’t look well. Let’s take him to the clan doctor, they may help him.” I nodded my head, and they took Quinn to the healing hut.

“Question, Mentor? Why didn’t you use magic to heal him? It would have taken but a moment to do so.”

“And have become dependent on me? As his mentor, I will train him not to baby him.”

“Fair enough.” I crossed my arms. We were fortunate that Fenrir was with us, but still…

“Lady Angharad, Lady Mira…” Fenrir moved in front of us. “I must go with Quinn. I want to make sure he is all right.”

“Let him go, Mira! He ain’t going to harm him.” Mentor restrained me as Fenrir went into town. Yet, he called him master… hmm… “Let’s go, these old bones could use some rest.”

“Yes, Mentor!”

“We need to discuss what to come!” I followed my mentor back to my tent. I assume it is about his training.

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