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Chapter 21: The realm of spirits pt.1- Intervention

Mother of birds’ POV

When I watched over the realm of spirits… I watched and witnessed several of the events came to be. The spirits were like my children to live their lives in peace. I even saw many bore many descendants. This time, however… I must intervene.

When I rescued Mira in the desolated forest, I heard a young man’s soul crying to me. I swore a vow not to interfere in the affairs of mortals unless circumstances arises that required that I step in. My fellow guardians and I had watched over the mortal world for many generations.

I couldn’t watch as my child being torn apart. Descending to where ‘the wolf’ fell at the hands of the sentinels. I breathed in the air that he once breathe in the spirit. I’ve remolded him like a clay using the remnants that persisted.

I used a memory of his life with Quinn… to restore the personality that once was. With the tear that fell into the mold… He drew breath once again.

“My child.” I am happy that he is opening his eyes.

“Mother?” He is surprised to see me. “What are you…?”

“Shh…” I placed my wings over his lips. “It is my turn to help you, my child.” I turned my attention toward those sentinels.


“That is right! I remembered that you knights were more honorable than this!” I recalled how they became revenants after their kingdom fell.

After their kingdom was destroyed, these warriors after death cling to the memory of their homeland. To refuse to let go of their attachment to the mortal plane, they resented the living and any other spiritual beings who came in the sacred ruin.

You dare aid the defiler?! You are corrupted!!

“That is my child you are messing with! And I will see that he gets safe and sound!”


“No! Not today!” With the energy flow into me, I filed past their sentinels. I moved with flight, pushing through the monsters that seek to harm my child.

I know Fenrir had pretended to be a spirit of the spirit world. He is not a spirit, however, after seeing his devotion to his master…

I cannot remain neutral in this matter… I have intervened in the affairs of mortals twice. Once in the desolated forest and the other in these ruins. More of the sentinels continue to bar my path.

I descend among them with the fire of my life, screaming as I flew toward the vastness of space. I am taking him back into the real world… He must have questions to ask of me. Time of the essence.

Return to the mortal realm

I opened into the mortal world; I saw Mira… she surprised to see me when she stood to her feet.

“Mother!” She kneeled on the ground. “I never thanked you for aid back at the forest.”

“Don’t kneel, my child. I came to bring him home.” I released Fenrir from my care. “Before I forget…”

I opened my wings to generate the herb that will save his master’s life. His soul… it is crying out to me. It attempts to leave this world without its vessel.

“Spirit-heart Herb!” A young lady with googles took the herb and wasted no time getting to work.

“Mother of Birds!” Fenrir speaks to me “Thank you for saving my life.”

“It was crucial that your master must live. He still has a role to play in this world.” I briefly glanced at Quinn. He has suffered a lot.

“Okay, the potion will be ready within a few minutes. Quick question!” I chuckled as the young lady has a question to ask me.

“Go ahead, my dear.” I nodded.

“Do you think Vampire have souls? Is there a heaven there?” That… is a question I can't answer, but I can say this.

“All I can say, my dear. Make the best of your life each day. Quinn will need you for the times to come. And Fenrir!”


“When the time comes, do not underestimate the strength of your master. I suspect he knows you are a part of him, yet he remains unaware of who you are.” I warned him he will need to know the truth about his nature. He cannot hide it forever.

“Mother, may I ask?” I nodded at Mira. “Why did you help us? Doesn’t your role require you to be neutral about all matters of life?”

“Yes, however, circumstances required me-”

“Then why didn’t you aid my parents back then?!” Mira… “You let them die! AND YOU DID NOTHING ABOUT IT!”

“My role, Mira is to watch over the world of spirits, it was not my place to intervene!” I shouted back at her. “Your mentor was there as well. She watched over you like a mother watches over her children. She has kept you safe and watched over you until you grow into a powerful warrior in your own right.” I looked into her eyes. “I would remember every day that your parents were not around to see you grow up-”

“YOU TURNED A BLIND EYE TO WHAT I’VE BEEN THROUGH! AND YOU CHOOSE TO AID US NOW?!” She is right. I turned my eyes away from what happened.

“It was my way to rectify my failure, years ago. But with Quinn, I see an immense potential in the mortal. He needs your help, and he will protect you as well.” I turned away. “As for your parents, it was not the only reason I stepped in… I cannot say my reason, I will say this now.” I turned back to Mira. “Quinn will have a major role to play in the fate of not only the affairs of your people, but of the world itself. “

“I know.” I opened a portal back to my world.

“I cannot intervene again in the future, my child. Please make it count. May I remind you that your ward has a second chance of life?”

“I will guard him with my life, guardian. You let me worry about that.” Good to know he is in excellent hands.

“Farewell!” I went back into my realm.

It was twice I have intervened in mortal affairs; I understood why Mira was angry with me for not step in sooner. I cannot interfere again in the affairs of mortals or spirits, but I know fully well that the Dream walker has capable allies at his side.

I must speak with my fellow guardians… The times are growing darker indeed... We must move quickly to prepare for the da

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