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Chapter 21: The realm of spirits pt. 2

Quinn’s POV

Okay, one… two… three! I tried to go move into my body, but no luck. I can see the entire world again… It’s… Clear! We… back at mourning ridge?! What? How?

“Is it working, Elleri?” I can see Mira, tried to wave back to her.

“Master! I can see you!” Fenrir! At least he can hear me. But I’m… oh no, no no!

“Fenrir, help me! I can’t-” I am floating away from my body, I tried to move back to it… It’s… I am… I AM DRIFTING AWAY! “Help me!”

“No, master! You can do this!” What? “You are a spirit! I’ve helped you once, now you got to do this yourself.”

“Oh, great!” As I continue to float up, I… I moved through the roof. I’m going toward the sky!

Am I dying…? Oh, goddess, goddess, goddess! I’ve struggled to get back to my body. Every moment is getting to be further and further away. Wait!

He said I am a spirit? Okay, I can recall a few details before I touched the relic.

I remember we came to Windmill to gain a powerful relic which we learned it contained a powerful curse, The Relic of dreams. The voices in my head tempted me with promises of power and I couldn’t resist it, no matter what I do.

It shows me things… visions of the past, present and future. Alternative Dimensions and different world beyond. The voices were also threatening to engulf my mind, body, and my spirit. That when the last thing I saw was Samuel…

Then, I know what I must do! I must return to my physical body.

My physical vessel

I did a broad stroke to move back to my body. I slowed it down… Yes! By focusing on my will to move my whole body, I’ve moved toward the ground below, and then I flew.

Now I went straight to my body and plunged in there. I took a deep breath. My lungs were on fire.

“Quinn? Quinn!” M… Mira? “Are you alright?”

“I am all right!” I noticed my body being more muscular than before. “What happened to me?” I felt a poke in my ribs.

“Quinn! You have been in a coma for the entire day! Which, mister, you cost me valuable time to do my work!” Elleri… gosh…

“I’ll make it up for the time I wasted.” She laid me back down as I struggle to get up.

“You can make it up by resting for now. I’m just glade we didn’t lose you to the curse within that relic.” That relic… What, where is the relic? “Oh, the relic? It went inside of you after you touched it.” Before I have time to explain, she puts her finger to my mouth. “And no, I know you would never be reckless to touch objects like that. You weren’t yourself.”

“Hate to say it, but I agreed with Elleri’s assessment. You were susceptible to the voices inside of the relic. Even I had no way of knowing what of effect it would have on you.”

“I am sorry to worry about you all. We shouldn’t have come to the city of Windmill. Had I known, the relic has almost killed us.” I continued to stand on my feet. “And I can’t continue to be a liability at this point. Angharad has only taught… me the basics.” I fell to the floor as I struggle to stand on my feet.”

“Quinn!” she held out my hand out to Elleri… No, I need to stand on my own two feet this time.

“No, Elleri… It’s my fault that I was unprepared when the relic called out to me. I couldn’t resist its effect no matter what I did…” I held on to the table for support, using my strength bit by bit, I lift myself from the floor. “My clansman has deemed me weak and worthless in the past… I was a coward. I had wanted to give up on myself long ago, given that I had no wolf inside of me.”

“Quinn, that is not true! Your wolf-”

“No, I cannot keep wishing that I had a wolf for being able to transform or had the strength you had.” I had gotten to my feet… it has been numb for a long time. I need to wriggle my right toe. “But I have people that believe in me, and they were the ones that keep me going even in my darker moments.” Now my left toe.

“Quinn! You can stand now?!” Yeah… I move slowly as I could, I need to make sure that I can stand on my own without aid.

“Yeah, it looks like I can.” I took a couple of steps toward Mira. It surprises even her, I can move without aid.

“You have grown, Quinn.” She is smiling at the whole thing.

“By the way, what do you mean, your ‘wolf’?” I notice Mira had said something earlier.

“Hey man!” Finn?! He came in and gave me a hug. Wow! Didn’t expect for him to come in. “I heard you were exhausted from the trip. I thought I might want to pay you a visit.” He looked at me up and down. “You got buff from the last time? You worked out or something?”

“Finn? How long you was standing there, hmm?” He scratched his head as Elleri asked him that question.

“Just came by, and I saw Quinn was struggling to stand on his feet. To my amazement, he pulled himself on his own.” he turns back to Elleri “We are going to be having our wedding next week, I would like to ask-”

“Yeah, I would like to come by your wedding.” Finn pat me on the back.

“I would like to have you as my best man! I’ve been asking my brothers for a long time. Edward is too busy with mom on her experiments. Jeren is out, given the last time me and him went on a night out with ladies.”

“You mean he is not exactly…?” I remember that he often gets into fights with people over the smallest thing. I heard he punched a man for simply being near him.

“Right! You up for it?” I nodded. “Great! Let’s go to the rehearsal!”

“Gotta go!” I went with Finn to help with his wedding plans. He seems happier now that he will be married to his mate.

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