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Chapter 22: Harmonized

Quinn’s POV

After 3 weeks has passed, I was the best man to Finn McSald marrying his mate, Hellen Retrine. He and I keep in touch about me wanting to stay in his clan. I told I will be not be able to since after my training concludes I will return to my people. He actually told me he hasn’t seen his dad, Alpha Dean for a long time. He worried he would be dead or missing.

I told him knowing Dean, he would not let himself down without a fight and he knows multiple ways of killing a man. He tore a man’s heart from his chest with his right hand, causing opponents to deem him a major threat to deal with. I just glad that I was not his enemy. I would not survive the day.

I spoke with Ingrid earlier today. I’ve asked about the book she gave me. She revealed that she, Edward, and Lord Immuney actually came up with the spells to use within the book. I sat down to enjoy a cup of coffee, discussing the latest events that happened to me.

“So… You’re getting accustomed to your powers? With a simple thought?” I nodded as I took a sip of my coffee.

“With the help of my companion, Fenrir, who helped me come with different ways to use my dream walking ability, I can enter the thought of people with a simple glance.”

“You’re not thinking about using on me, are you, my dear boy?” I laughed at the idea. I don’t wish to use my abilities like that.

“No, Ms. Mcsal-” I had to stop myself. “Ingrid, I am not careless of wielding my abilities like that.”

“Very good. Honestly, your mentor would not hesitate if comes down to that. I doubt she would show the same courtesy as you do.”

“About your-” She raised her hand.

“My husband, George, right?” I realize she can read my mind… no, I suspect she had a feeling about me asking her about him. “ Normally, I don't wish to discuss the matter about my late hushband in any form. In your case, however...” She pulled me close to her. I need to be careful about what I say at this point. “Oh, yes, please be careful. I like you, Quinn. But even that has limits.”

“I understand, my lady.” Okay… she can… okay.

“Good, because I will say this once since I am not going to look repeating myself.”

I learned Ingrid was distraught when she learned of the news about her husband, George. She felt in her bond with the two men. She couldn’t focus on her work for 3 days. Her son, Edward, felt her grief and work closely with her and the both of them continued on their experiments. One of them is traveling by dimensions and using its powers.

I listened to every detail as she spoke; she noticed Dean sense his husband’s death. She knew that break the news that assassins killed him would make it worse. George’s last words were that our people would be unified under one banner under our former king and they had sought to negotiate terms with both the humans and vampires to put an end to the cold war.

When she noticed Dean was setting up on a journey to-

“Oh, come on, boy! Do you always just listen to people talking? Aren’t you going to chime in?” Ingrid is not happy I am just listening to her, but I don’t want to be too quick to judge.

“I notice Finn is taking the reins of both of his fathers. He is being strong for them. I know you tried to talk Dean out of it.”

“Oh, I did. I told that hotheaded fool not to risk our clan’s safety to seek revenge. To avenge our mate’s death…” Tears are flowing from her. She already lost one husband to one senseless violence. She doesn’t want to lose another to revenge.

“Can you use your magic to prevent him from doing so? He is your husband!” She glared at me the moment I state my comment. “You know full well that he would not sit well with letting his killers roam free. That is why he had to leave the clan.”

“The clan already lost ONE alpha, Mr. Dewalt.” Her body pulses with energy, she is standing up from her seat. “And do you think I would ever use my magic to force my ex… to do things against his will?” I stood up as well.

“Never, you wouldn’t. You loved him close to your heart, not let him throw his life away for revenge. What was the last moment that you pleaded with him not to throw all away before he left?” I remember too well that Dean is a fierce warrior, even in his old age. I remember he can be short on patience with people and I experienced a brief glimpse of it.

He was also the one who encouraged me to speak with people around my age and get out into the community. And he would also protect his family and clan from all dangers.

“I told him that the clan already lost one Alpha, and I told the stubborn bastard, I cannot and I will not bear to lose another mate as if it is.” She powered down as she recalled that memory. “I suggest Edward should be line to be Alpha, knowing the boy, he rather choose to spend his time working with me than lead the pack.”

“Jeren?” Her eyes narrowed at me as I mentioned the name.

“You know fully well that I have no time for that troublemaker. He had no patience for anything, let alone for reading books.”

“Changing the subject. Finn took up the reins of becoming the Alpha for the pack.”

“Oh, yes. I can see his father in him. The major difference he can manipulate reality around him. I remember he brought a space rocket in full of view in the town square.”

“Yeah, he shocked both of his dads that he can do that.”

“Of course, I also tried to train that boy in the ways of the mystical arts. He did, however, learned to apply it in different ways when bending reality.”

“Like with Angharad tried to train me but-”

“How much do you know about reality warping?”

“By Imagination, my lady. Also, being aware that your thoughts shape the things you want. Dream walking is similar but different.”

“It isn’t different, my boy. They are the same.” She is on to something. “But back to the subject of my son taking the reign of Alpha. We are getting sidetracked here!”

“Yeah, we had!” I had forgotten we were discussing the dean’s replacement to take his place.

“Finn took the reins because Dean asked to, plus the boy has enough to match wits with me and be able to hold the clan together.”

“Also, people follow him with no hesitation and they love him.”

“Also, to make sure that we still be able to eat as well. It also helps that Edward assist me in my work to control the surrounding dimensions.” I nodded.

“As for Dean, we need to find and ask him to come home.”

“I can’t do that, Quinn! Once he decides, he won’t bulge, no matter what you do or say. Plus, I can’t leave my work unattended for too long and I am staying for the sake of my kids, so I can’t just waltz out there and drag him back here against his will.”

“So…” I slump my shoulders. There is nothing we can do.

“I know where he is. But I not am going to convince him otherwise.” What?

“What kind of wife would leave your husband to seek vengeance on those that killed your beloved? You could have stepped in and stopped this before he gets himself killed.”

“You think I don’t try to?! You think I was unwilling to do so? I have done so not once but twice.” What? “However, he is adamant about not returning to his clan until he is successful at finding his killers and avenge my sweet georgie! So I cannot stop him even if I wanted to.”

“You know Finn will eventually want to bring him back to the clan. And as you say, he have the power to warp reality.”

“He will. Because I can’t even get through his thick skull. Finn, however, has a way of words. He’ll succeed where I fail.”

“Hey mother, do you see the-” Edward is surprised to see me. “Hello, Quinn! Have you been practicing on your magic, lately?”

“I perfected my Dream walking and spiritual abilities. This where I came to Ingrid to discuss her book.”

“I see you have spoken with mother about our other dad. I see you two are enjoying yourself.” He straightens his glasses. “Actually, I got some time today to give you a few pointers. I was just finishing up touches on our experiments.”

“I’ll be honored, Edward.” I noticed Ingrid is smiling.

“That okay, son! I’ll finish the rest myself. Hang with Mr. Dewalt for today.”

“Yes, Mother.” He snapped his fingers, and we were both teleported out of the tower.

Hone that magical might!

As we got our bearings, I notice we are at the town gardens. The last time I’ve been there, I remember Edward handles the development of this beautiful place. There are more flowers aside from Orchid, Sunflower, Jasmine, Morning glory and more.

“I didn’t bring you to see the flowers here, Mr. Dewalt. I brought to see how far your magic has progressed.”

“There you are, Quinn!” Elleri? But she is wearing a black and white dress with sleeves on them, I feel something is wrong.

“Elleri, is something wrong?” I noticed she was straining on her smile.

“I was going to say I will leave for a few days. I was looking all over for you!”

“Ah, yes! I believe Count-” I raised my hand to stop him.

“No, Quinn. Let him speak. He already knows I am here.” I didn’t think that Elleri would let someone speak about her former master.

“As I was saying, Count Ashley has been… displeased that you didn’t show up for the past 3 weeks. My mother had to talk him out of hunting you down and knowing the count he doesn’t like it when someone test his patience.”

“I know how my master works, Edward. By the way, should you be looking for your mate? You spent a lot of time in that tower.” He laughed at the suggestion.

“Ah, well… My work has been occupying for a long time, Elleri. You are not the first who suggested I needed to go out at least.”

“Wait! Count Ashley? He knows you are here?” Elleri moved fast to get straight to my face.

“Yes, he knows I am here. I need to go to him and I cannot delay this any longer!” I noticed the panic in her voice, she would not be normally acting like this.

“Let me come with you. Besides, there is something I need to get while we are there.”

“Oh, the dream stone? We can get it-”

“Plus, I have planned to meet with Lord Immuney while we are there. He is one of the high lords in the land, correct?” I surprise Elleri that I would know Lord Immuney himself.

“And how do you know about Lord Immuney himself?” I asked around town and read books about Vampiric hierarchy. Lord Carter Belivo Immuney is a powerful high lord who is known for his immunity to everything ranging from sliver, garlic, cross and even sunlight.

“I’ve read Vampiric hierarchy plus I had to ask some folks who were familiar with Asiengrad years back.”

“You should have consulted me in the beginning! I would at least entertain you with stories about the man himself.”

“How much time before you need to leave? I want to go with you and I will bring Mira and Fenrir along.”

“I can spare 30 mins but no more.” That will work.

I wasted no time showing to Edward that I can cast spells from Fire flares, Ground dash, Blizzard Blade, Magma Blade to the powerful Dark Lightning. Edward gave me pointers on how to cast a spell without the need to vocalize it. I used a thought of a boulder rolling on the ground and then…

“Amazing!” He was amazed that I conjured a rolling boulder that concluded with the ground. “So, you have been practicing?” I nodded at him.

“But I bet, Quinn. You don’t know, Blood magic.” Okay, show me, Elleri. “Ab illo influunt in sanguinem, et procidamus ante” I saw blood was pouring out of her, it floated around her. I notice that this kind of magic will use your life force. She spoke the spell in Latin. “Release!” She fired her blood into a flechette of blades.

They narrowly missed the flowers. Thankfully, no one was around us.

“It good to know you are practice on your abilities, Quinn.”

“Thank you! But I will need to get going. Elleri will need to meet with her old master.” Elleri took my hand and head to her ship.

“Okay, are you ready to go?” I nodded.

“Okay, we got your message. We heard we are going to visit your old master this time.” Mira. I noticed that her hair was loose, and she was wearing her polearm, knives and a pair of gauntlets.

“It seems we are going to war.” I noticed her appearance.

“Everything is ready, my lady.” Fenrir appears in front of us.

“Hello, Fenrir! You have been busy lately.” I noticed he had been avoiding me since the wedding. I have tried to reach out to him, but he would be in the spirit world or Dream world when we are not training.

“Is everything all right, my master?” I still think he is hiding something from me. Every time I see him, I feel a familiar sensation as if… a piece of me was inside of him.

I thought about confronting him about what secrets he was hiding from me. But for Elleri’s sake, I will ask himself once our business concluded there.

“Yes, Fenrir.” I went straight to the hanger. I know I am not all well. It is not the right time to start an argument with him.

As we soon got in, Elleri and Fenrir swept the area in case they were any intruders in the ship. She wanted to make sure it would not be a repeat from last time. Once it was all clear, we set off toward the city of asingrad.

The city capital of the vampiric race

“We’ll be arriving within 30 mins. We’ll be in my homeland… which I have hope to avoid coming here.” She turned around and looked at us. “You know guys, Asingrad is one of the largest and the capital city of the vampiric race. This where the nobility lived within the city.”

“I know the vampires have no love for any Lycan, human or low-status vampire who live in their city.”

“We are here to meet with two people: Count Ashley and Lord Immuney. Hopefully, I could gain the stone while we are at it.” I recalled my objectives.

“Luckily, we have gained the patronage of said Lord. His daughter, Adrianna Immuney will meet with us as well.”

“I heard about her. She is a known weapon master who mastered all the weapons before she was an adult.” Even Mira had known of her. “Her family is immune to all conventional weakness that most vampires fear. Even Holy water can barely slow them down.”

“And yet they are the most honorable of all the nobilities within the land. I’ve still kept in touch with them over the years.”

“Do you still speak with her, Ms. Fortbem?” I smiled at her, which we surprised her by addressing her last name.

Before she can say anything, she heard a loud beep… A call from Miss Adrianna Immuney.

“Hello, Adria!” Elleri lights up as her old friend called her as we were speaking with her.

“Hello, Ella! It is has been a long time. I had gotten your message earlier today. But I won’t be coming to see your arrival.”

“What?! Why not?”

“Last-minute plans. Mother requested that I deal with some disputes with our neighbors. It is about who is who’s been sleeping with their sister and what not.”

“Um, hello! I take as you are Adrianna Immuney.” She chuckled upon seeing me.

“Please, you don’t have to be formal or have anything to fear from me.” Right…

“I am Quinn Dewalt, Son of Oxdin Johni Dewalt. Apprentice to Angharad Argwell. Exile from my clan, a month ago. It is an honor to meet with you.” I bow as I stated my greeting.

“I am Adrianna Rosbel Immuney, Eldest daughter of my father, Carter Immuney, one of the high lords in the land. Weapon-master of my family’s name. The honor is mine, Mr. Dewalt.” She smiled as she took a bow. “If you like, I can call you Quinn or stick with Mr. Dewalt.”

“Quinn is fine, my lady.” I swear being called Mr. Dewalt makes me feel old at time.

“Lady Adrianna is fine, Quinn. But I am sorry I will need to go, Ella. I can’t afford to be late for my appointment.” She shuts off the communications.

As we arrived at the capital, Elleri had warned us we need to be on our best behaviour. Not of all the nobles will be friendly as Lord Immuney or Adrianna. Even with the patronage, this is a dangerous environment where the nobles, soldiers, politicians and even the servants take part in a deadly game to gain power to get power and status within the land.

One reason Elleri left these lands…

“We are here!” The ship landed in the hangar with no issues. “Here is my old master.” I saw Count Ashley walking with his entourage. Noticing Elleri was turning pale upon seeing the man himself. I stood beside as she gather all the courage to face her former master… the man who made her life hell and the one who taught her everything he knew.

Cold Receptions

“Ah, Madame Fortbem!” The man smiled as soon as he saw her. The man was wearing a black blazer with crisp black slacks to them. His collar is unbuttoned, and I got a picture of his physique beneath. But his eyes, it is like the void, stare at it, feeling like he has no warmth inside of him.

“Master.” She is hesitant on seeing the man again after all these years.

“Tell me, Joanna. I have called you for 3 weeks. 3 weeks I have waited for you… You know I am not a patient man when people keep me waiting for a long time.” I walked toward the man. Despite knowing how dangerous he is, I have to speak up.

“Greetings, my lord. I am the cause for her delay.” The man smiled as if I was amusing him.

“Oh, so you are Quinn Dewalt? The one responsible for her delay, hmm?” The man moves closer to an inch of my face. I felt the surrounding air is getting colder. However, I looked him in the eyes, I refuse to cow before the man.

“Yes, my lord. I have heard a lot about you.”

“About me?” The man lets out a chuckle. “Speak.”

“Count Ashley, one of the world’s most mysterious and powerful vampire that ever lived. Your peers considered you a man without equal and they said you would sit at the place of a high lord.” The man studies as I spoke, I have a feeling he is eyeing on me as a potential ally or an enemy to destroy. “However, despite all the expectations. You turned it down but they respect as well fear your capabilities.”

“Oh, yes. But…” The man point his finger at my chest. “I have been listening to your heartbeat. You are clenching your teeth as if you can barely tolerate my presence.” What? How? “Allow me to give you some advice. If you are going to put a friendly face and try to flatter me…” The man walks closer to where he is directly in my face. “Get a feel of the person you are trying to lie or butter up to.”

This man... I took a deep breath as much every fiber of my being is telling me not to trust this man; I need to be cordial for Elleri’s sake. The last thing I want is to make a powerful enemy, early in the beginning.

“I am here for the sake of my friend not to play your games, my lord.”

“Call me Count or Ashley if your prefer. And what games?” Mira gotten into his face before I answer.

“Step away from my ward, we are not here to play your political games, bloodsucker!” I grab her by the shoulder to calm her down.

“Wow! Are you fierce, gorgeous? I didn’t expect that coming from you.” The man turned back to Elleri. Joanna? Is that her real name? “Had I known you would bring the dream walker with you? I would have invited all of you to my place.”

“Uh… Yes. But, Master. Why did you call for me after all this?”

“To see you again, of course. And to collect what I am owed from you.”

“If it is money, Count. We can-”

“No, Quinn. He meant I was to perform a service for my departure years ago. The count…” She is trembling as she explains in details on why she came here.

“Oh, my dear. Tell them.” The man lets a wide-grin as Elleri shiver at what the man will do to her for not coming to her sooner. “Well? Say it!”

“I… can’t.. I… just can’t…” She breaks into tears. Something is telling me, however, what the count done to her is preventing her from openly saying it.

“Should I go into details instead, Joanna?” The man turns to me. “Very well, I’ll tell you-”

“NO!” She swiftly claws him in the face. Her eyes had the fury of the scorching suns.

“Wow! Such fire, Joanna!” She clenches her teeth at him.

“I am not ‘Joanna’! That person died long ago! You threatened to kill my friends back at Morning ridge from what your letter said. You treated me like I was your servant than your own daughter.”

“Watch your tongue, wretch!” One of his entourage. "You are forgetting your-”

“No, I have not! You left me on my own devices! Torture me! You didn’t even care what happens to me! You even forced me to kill the man that I loved! A Lycan! All because I won’t give you the attention you desired! I had help who faked my death.”

“Gretchen? Oh, yes! I remember her.”

“She was like a mother to me! And you took her away from me! I bet you killed her after she helped me escape!” The count snapped his fingers. A woman with a servant uniform appeared in front of the count. “Gretchen?! I thought…”

“Joanna… You’re…” The two women hugged each other. “I thought… I thought he disposed of you.”

“I thought he would, but…” The count gently pulled them apart.

“Now that is quite enough of that, ladies. It is time that I collect my due, my dear sweet Joanna.” He glared at her, then turned his attention toward me. “Unless your friends are more important than the debt you owed me. After all, I have allowed you to walk away before in the past.”

“I’ll do it. Just don’t harm them.” Elleri quickly agreed with the count’s demands.

“I’ll go with you as well.” The count raised his hand at me.

“I’m afraid, this is a personal matter to be settled by ourselves. You can in meantime wait until we concluded our business.” Mira roared at him and pulled out her great sword from her pocket.

“I don’t think so!” However, his entourage pulled out their weapons as well. They are made of Silverite and the Bloomnighte material. It is supposed to be deadly toward any Vampire or Lycan, but for them wield it with no ill effects. Something is protecting them from the side effects.

“No, Mira! I’ll be okay. Don’t worry about me, please?”

“Mira, let them go.” I agree with Elleri, I heard clearly that her master is not to be trifled. I can keep in touch with her via dreams, so I’ll know if she is in danger.

“But, Quinn-”

“My lady. It is for the best.” Fenrir? He turned up out of nowhere. I heard a whistle coming from my direction. The count is laughing a storm as soon as he saw him.

“Well.. Well… The spirit has suddenly appeared in front of me!” The count clapped his hands. “But don’t worry, we won’t be long. Elleri, right?” The man looked at me. “Give our nav watch. He’ll need that if they don’t want to get lost in the city.”

“Oh, right!” Elleri tosses me a watch, which I caught using Telekinesis. I’ve placed on my wrist and activated it.

“Hello, welcome to the navigational watch. Please state your destination.” The watch actually talks!

“To Lord Immuney’s household.” It flashed a big-flashing blue arrow toward that direction.

“Just be careful guys, I will join you shortly once our business concludes.” After that, she and the count left us alone in the hanger. I hope they’ll be all right…

“Quinn, do you think we have made a mistake in letting her go with that bastard?” I shook my head.

“The ‘bastard’ would have us killed if we didn’t let her go with him. In the meantime, let us meet with Lord Immuney. We can wait until…”

“Oh, good! You guys arrived!” We turned to notice… Adrianna! She is wearing a dress with red coloring, her hair is in a bun and I notice she carries two greatswords behind her. “Where is Ella?”

“With Count Ashley.” As I spoke, her face turned ashen. Given their history, I assume Elleri told her everything.

“In that case, are you ready to go?” I nodded. “Follow me and you won’t need the nav for right now.” I turned the navigation off.

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