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Chapter 23: The land of Vampires pt.1

Julius’s POV

“Have you done what I’ve asked you to do?” My master sits on his throne. He wanted my report if I have taken care of the two Lycan Dream walkers.

“Angharad Argwell is dead, my master. My hired mercenary will deal with the whelp named Quinn Dewalt.”

“Then tell me something, my loyal servant?”

“Yes, my master?”

“Why he is here in our lands? You said your ‘mercenary’ would take care of him. Either your mercenary got himself killed for doing your job or he has failed in the duty you have given him.”

“Samuel Aswanson is one of the best mercenaries that I hired. He would not have died that easily against one untrained Lycan.” My master stood up from his seat and walked toward me. I trembled at the thought of what he’ll do to me.

“Is that your best excuse, my servant?” My master stopped near me. “Your job is only half-complete.”

“No, my lord…” I kept my head down. I don’t see my master’s… displeasure. Knowing those that see his true face are never seen again. “I’ll double my efforts to see it he will not see the light of day again.” I vowed.

“Just like you organized the Alpha Convention Massacre?” He stepped in front of me. “I didn’t allow you to do no such thing. Yet… with their ‘king’ and their alphas are dead or missing, it has provided us with an advantage…”

I said nothing… Yes, I had seen to those animals would die all in the same place, including that ‘insufferable’ Alpha Oxdin. I heard from a little birdy that one of the Alphas who didn’t tend to the convention is sniffing around where he doesn’t belong. He is of no consequence for right now.

“My Lord?”

“See to it, Count Julius, the Dream walker is eliminated. If I were you, I would make haste in doing so.”

“Yes, lord!” I bow before him as I walked off.

“Oh, one thing, Julius! If you cannot deal with the Dream Walker before he heads back to his people…” My heart dropped the moment my master mentioned it. “I might have to look for another replacement for the job. You are one of my most trusted minions that served me. I’d hate for you to come back to me, empty-handed.”

“I won’t fail, my lord.” I bow again. Before I reach the door, my master was in front of me.

“No more games, my servant. Just end him quickly and quietly. Do not make another mess like last time you confront them.” He moved aside… I just went straight through.

Meet with my contact

“Hello, Mr. Aswanson! I am glad to see you again! Here is the fee for your troubles.” He refused the money.

“It is not a problem. I came here because my daughter was looking up on information about who you are.” How did he…? Of course, ‘that’ insolent little brat, Vanessa. I should have known. “Say it to my face, Julius! You have lied to me in the beginning!” Now the fool is pointing his gun at me! But I don’t have the time he gets into this now. My master is literally wanting that dream animal dead, and I need Samuel to do it.

“Yes, I lied to you. I deceived you, but I meant what I said about that Lycan who wielded dream powers.” I had spoken to make sure he didn’t end me. “In fact, he is here in the city. Plotting whatever evil web he is spewing up.”

“You expect me to believe that? I know the pup had no interest in trying to take over the world. Not to mention, he wasn’t himself when I went to those ruins to end him.” Ruins…? Oh, of course.

“I understand. I will double your rate and can you get the job done?” he grunts as I made my offer.

“After this, I will come for you next. Keep your damn money! I will still finish the job that you hire me for. Consider yourself as a loose end for now.” With that, he walked off. Then again, if he comes after me… I will be ready.

“My lord, it is time.” Oh, come on!

“DON’T INTERRUPT ME, YOU BUFFOON!” I nearly whacked him upside his head, but… I remember an important session with the 3 lords making their announcement. “Ahem! My apologies, my dutiful servant! Let us be off!”

“Yes, my lord!” my servant fell in line as we made our way to the meeting.

As we arrived in the Grand auditorium, they were a lot of nobles that came for the most important announcement. Even the Immuney themselves are here as well: the Carterra, Flavezas, the Aushtons too, I see.

“Julius Kentine Mellporte!” Someone called me by that name… Oh! It’s her… Joanna Ravena Ashley or should I say “Elleri Rowbana Fortbem” whomever she called herself now!

“Joanna! What are you doing here?” I put on my award-winning smile when I saw her, but I wish I don’t have to deal with the trump!

“Still kissing up to your master, huh?” You little…? I mean’t…

“No, I am my person, my lady. And Count Ashley!” The count is scowling the minute he noticed me and begins walking off.

“Joanna! Let us leave this bore! And grab our seats, shall we?” Bore…?

“Later, Julie!” I was clenching my teeth as she spoke about my pet name back at college. I would have wanted to kill that little runt… if I didn’t have my other priorities to worry about.

Oh, look! The high lords are getting ready to take their seats.

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