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Chapter 23: The land of Vampires pt.2

Elleri’s POV

“Hello, Lord and Ladies!” Lord Immuney has took a bow as he address the audience. “You may be seated!”

We all bow before our lords, even I, Elleri show respect to our elders. These 3 Lords are the most powerful vampires in all the land. Lord Immuney is one of them since he is well known for his complete immunity to all of conventional weakness that us vampires process. I saw his wife who by his side before sitting with the other ladies in the court.

The other lord is Matthias Lugazias who preaches the supremacy of the vampiric race. We also known him to be the master of etiquette and grace among our people. They also saw he was easy on the eyes, if it weren’t he married to his wife, Cecilia. She is the actual power within the household operating behind the scenes.

“My lord and ladies, we have an announcement about the situation that occurred 3 weeks ago of the alpha convention massacre.” Matthias speaks out to the people. “The Lycans accused us of launching the assault on the convention when we had no wish or intent to attack their leaders.” He raised his hands as he did. Some of the audience was restless for answers. “However, some of our people were attacked by the same assailants. The assailants who attacked the Alphas and their king from the convention.”

As he spoke, it outraged people that the assailants were bold enough to attack our people. Matthias raised his hands as a gesture for the people to be still. The murmur died down as they did. Lord Immuney stood up alongside with Matthias to address the issue.

“That is not at all. The assailants have also attempted to claim our lives. By us remain standing, it is has failed, but it has showed us that were vulnerable.” I heard the gasps from the audience. I didn’t think that my lord would admit to such a thing. “The enemy also attacked the legendary warriors from the human lands. It is not a random, unorganized incident… It was an attack on all of us.”

“Who is it, my lord?” One of the man in audience asks.

“Why would they do this?” Another spoke. A woman stood up.

“My lord… We don’t know.” Another lord stood up. I never heard of this lord before.

“Who are you, sir?” The man nods his head.

“I am High lord Gaen, Lord of House Ventae.” House Ventae? I heard their members are masters of the power of nothing. The only group of vampires that can wield the light and dark elements with no ill-effects. “Forgive me, my esteem colleagues here recently elevated me to the rank of a high lord.” He moved forward in front of the two men. “I can tell you this, my lord and ladies. The assailants are our own people but not this but of humans and lycans as well. Why they do such a thing? Why would they want to destabilize the peace we long sought?” He turned to his fellow lords.

“They seek to destabilize our society by starting a war. A war will not give to them.” Matthias speaks.

“We are speaking to the heads of the human governments. We cannot get a response from the Lycan Nation. Our ambassadors remain in communication in hope they we can resolve this swiftly and sensibly within our power.”

With that, the audience applaud to the high lords that made the announcement.

“Before we conclude our announcement, I have a special guest I would like for you all to see.” I saw… Quinn? He is the special guest? Why is he…?

“Oh, this is going to be interesting. Might want to take pictures, Joanna!” Hilarious…

“Mr. Dewalt! We have heard a lot about you! I apologize that your own people exiled you from your clan.” Immuney shook hands with Quinn.

“It is honor, my lord. I confess long ago I would be nervous to meet the lords and ladies within the city capital.”

“It is indeed an honor, Mr. Dewalt. I heard your father died at the convention.”

“He did. I only learned of it after the event has occurred. As you say, my lords. Whomever doing this, must have a reason of stabilizing the peace we sought after centuries of our people fought in a war.”

“A war that you Lycans has started.” Lord Matthias’ response took Quinn back.

“However, it was the vampire race that retaliate after the incident occurred. The humans joined in the war later. They were afraid the victor would turn their attention to them and go after them.” Wow, I didn’t he would turn it around like that. Even Matthias didn’t think he would admit it.

“They made the treaty for humans, lycans and our race after the war on Spirano caused 75% of war casualties. They saw the war was pointless, not of all of us saw it that way.”

“Indeed, my lord. Those deaths could have been prevented long ago.”

“Yes, indeed. For a Lycan that is obliviously untrained and undisciplined. We heard Angharad has trained you to be her apprentice. But where is she?”

“She died, sacrificing herself for me.”

“From whom, Mr. Dewalt?” Quinn…

“I bet your pardon, my lord? I do not have the answer to that question.” Matthias walks closer to him. I know Quinn can stand on his feet, but Matthias has been negotiating for many years and is a skilled speaker.

“Why did Angharad choose you to exceed her?” I saw Quinn was not handling the pressure well. “She could choose any other Lycan to exceed her. But she chose you! What makes you special that you stand out from the candidates?”

“Matthias, that is enough.” Immuney tried to break the dispute, but knowing Matthias, he will stop until he gets the answer he wants.

“Your father has disowned you. Is that the reason she chose you?” Quinn…

“My lord… Do me a favor? Ask Angharad herself. She is dead now. Saved me from a clownish madman who wanted to kill us both.” The audience gasped when Quinn had the audacity to tell a high lord what to do. They really didn’t expect this at all.

However, Matthias was only grinning to himself. He must have a comeback coming, he would only do this, he knowing something that his debate opponent doesn’t know.

“You’re right, I should ask her. But you are the only Dream walker that we can talk to.”

“That is enough, Matthias.” Immuney interjects again. “Quinn already has been through and press for details that he may not know is unnecessary.”

“Can you transform, Mr. Dewalt?” Oh, no…

“No, my lord. I was born without a wolf! They declared me an Ill-omen to my clan.” Matthias smiles. He has Quinn where he wants him.

I tried to stand up to warn Quinn, but the Count held me down.

“Be still, girl!” He hissed at me.

“Quinn needs-” He jabs a finger at my mouth. I… hmph... hmph…

“Really, Mr. Dewalt? I have information from my sources that states otherwise.”

“What do you mean, my lord? That how my life been before I met with Angharad.”

“Ask the mongrel that you called ‘Fenrir’.”

“Don’t do this, Matthias! Don’t say it.” He said it.

“Fenrir is actually your inner wolf after all these years. He is not a spirit nor creature. He was a part of you for all these years.” Quinn clenches his fists.

“YOU LIE!” He shouted at Matthias with Immuney having to restrain him. “That is not true, that is not possible!!”

I shot up despite my voice being muffled, pushing back the crowd as I did.

“No, Quinn! He is not lying.” I finally got a word out of my mouth. “Fenrir is your wolf! You separated from him before you were born. He was the one who told us.” Quinn looked at me as if I wounded him.

“Tell me is not true! Tell me that Matthias was lying... it was some sick joke.” I shook my head. I wasn’t.

“That is enough, from all of you! Our announcement has adjured, my lord & ladies.” The audience departed from the auditorium. “That wasn’t your place, Matthias!”

“Master! Are you…?” Oh, now you shown up. “Oh, no…”

“I will take my leave of you, Immuney. Have work to catch up on.” I clenched my teeth at how callous he can be.

“Let him go, Elleri! He isn’t worth it. Fenrir!” Quinn turned his ire on Fenrir. “I had known you were hiding something from me but you-”

“Quinn, please…” He shrugged me off.

“And you knew about it?! YOU HID THIS FROM ME!”

“Master, please let me explain-” Quinn shot up to his feet.


“Master, I have wanted to-”

“Did Mira know about this?” He turned to me. “DID MIRA KNOW ABOUT THIS?!”

“YES, SHE KNEW! WE KNEW! But Fenrir insists he wanted to break the news to you, first!”

“I’m one who told Matthias about Fenrir, Joanna!” You! I know Count is many things but to tell him. “Did a little research about spirits and dream creatures. As well accessing his medical files back at Great Rock.”

“You son of a-” He raised his hand to Quinn.

“Not so fast! The doctor concluded that Quinn has no wolf inside of them 18 years ago when in actually…” I went to deliver my fist to his face and… “Quinn did it to himself when he was a baby.” He dodged it.

“I… what?”

“Somehow, someway. You push your own wolf out of you, and it took corporal form on its own. You were struggling with it since you were a pup. All because you unconsciously reject your wolf!” Quinn tried to lunge at the man, but Immuney restrains him.

“That is enough, count! Quinn didn’t mean to do it and even if it did, it wouldn’t change him as a person.”

“That was the truth, my dear friend. And of course!” he slapped himself on the head. “Fenrir knew about it all along and he never muster up the courage to even thinking about telling him. Hell, Angharad knows about it, too.” As soon as the truth came out, Quinn… is at a loss for words.

“Count, you are lying through your teeth!” I pointed my finger at him. “You are making this up!”

“NO!” I turned to look at Fenrir. He looked as if the revelations took a toll on him as well. “He is not lying. It is my fault that I lied to my master to shield the truth from him.” Fenrir…

“Ha! See, Joanna? Fenrir can also sense how his master feels and share his pain.” That bastard is treated like it was a joke to him. “AND HE COULD HAVE SIMPLY TOLD HIM WHEN THAT RELIC NEARLY KILLED HIM! AND HE WAS THE ONE WHO SAVED YOU, QUINN… From a terrifying rogue.”

“Fenrir? Is what the count saying is true?”

“Master… I…”

“ENOUGH WITH THE LIES, FENRIR! IS IT TRUE?!” Quinn shouted at him, tired from all the lies that he was told about Fenrir. Fenrir sheds tears as Quinn presses for details.

“Yes…” His tears fall from his eyes. “I’ve only done to it to protect you from the truth!”

“Boring!” The count grabs my arm. “We’re done here, Joanna!”

“No, wait!” The count dragged me away from here before I can hear anything else. When I came to, we were at the farmer’s market in Down street.

I am owed, and I will collect

“You bastard! That my friend you were tormenting!” I snapped at him.

“Tormenting?” He looked at me as if I wounded him. “Silly me, Joanna! I-”

“STOP CALLING ME THAT! My name is Elleri! Not Joanna!” He narrowed his eyes at me the moment I shut him down.

“I can call you whatever I like, Joanna.” His eyes grown darker as he approached me. “Earlier. You WERE tormenting Quinn by not telling him sooner and leaving it to a mutt who couldn’t muster up the courage to tell him. And you, my dear…” He points at his finger at me. “You knew this as well, and you did not explain it to him.”

“I didn’t.” I swatted his hand away. “But it didn’t give you the fucking right-” He slapped me across the face the moment I spoke back.

“Did you hear me swear, little Joanna?” I glared at the man, ignoring the fact his slap drew blood from my face. “A young lady like yourself, mind your language-”

“Fuck you.” I spat to him back, daring him to slap me again. To my surprise, he didn’t attempt it again. “What? Too good to try that again? I am standing here, you fucking jerk.” I raised my arms.

“You have grown defiant, Joanna.” He circles around me. “Do you hate me so to disrespect your own master?”

“Former Master.” I shot back, but he laughed it off.

“Indeed! The Old Joanna I know is dead then. She would cower and fear the sight of me. I have given her knowledge and skill beyond that…” He gets close to my face, he studying for anything he can use against me. That is the part that frightened me. “She would always say ‘yes, my lord’ or ‘yes, my lady’ and she never acts like a thug or unladylike.”

“I don’t have any time for your ridiculous nonsense. You want to collect? Then hurry the fuck up and collect already!”

“And I shall!” My master eyes turn, blood is gradually filling them. “I should kill you here and now for your little defiance.” His voice drips with venom, his teeth shows through his month.

“And you had how many years to track me, master?” He quick grabs my throat, I saw a golden light erupt from my master’s pupil. When my master is furious or frustrated, it shows in his eyes, it was only by rumors spoke from his former servants who displeased him.

“You are one arrogant, little whore.” His neck budged. “Yes, I could have gone after you and have you killed. I could have hunted you down and drag you back home. And had I known I would raise a spoiled brat who would talk back to me…” I continue to glare at the man. Normally, I would be terrified at the thought of dying by his hands. After what he did to Quinn, there is no way I will let him continue to treat me like this. “Still defiant, I see?!”

He suddenly punch me in the gut and kicked me to the farthest wall nearby. Felt a hand to pull me up by my hair, MY HAIR! I grit my teeth as he made me turn to face himself. I spat in his face in return, which he punched me again, sending me flying.

This time, he cast a spell to pull me back in front of him. He wanted to make sure that I would go nowhere.

“Are you that confident, Joanna that you can withstand my wrath, thinking you can defy me?!” I saw the count became shrouded in crimson energy, I notice his clothes faded away as his muscle showed, his mass is increasing with every moment that his power is activated. “Very well, ‘Elleri’ if that is what you want to be called now. Are you that eager to die now?!”

The count stood over me while I was being bound by his spell. Horns by that time grew on his head and his eyes became fully golden as it pierced my very being.

“I would rather to die than to be your little girl again!” I spoke despite fearing what he’ll do should I speak back to him.

“So… Shall we test it?!” The energy poured out from him, the energy is powerful… It is too much… You know what?

“Yes…” I struggled to speak. “Let us test that, then!” I stared hard into his eyes. “I may not be able to best you in magical might, ‘father’! But… I have powerful friends.” He gripped on my throat. “I’m sure you don’t mind have a dream walker as an enemy?”

“You are bluffing, my dear.” I struggle to breathe for air. “Your friends will be no match for me.”

“You kill me, you will also have to contend with Lord Immuney and the other lords!” My vision blurred. “Do you want that on your head as well?”

“They will be no match for me. Go ahead, call them! See…” I… losing…

“I… po... all…. hing…” Gah… I won’t… I won’t…

“Then do it already!” I transformed into my form as well. Magneta coloring with wings and horns on my forehead. “Finish what you should have started, then.”

For a moment, my master has made his mind up. However, I noticed a glint in the glow of his eyes. His grip has loosened only slightly.

“I could, Elleri. I can do so right now.” He is smiling in my face. “However, if I did, I won’t able to collect on what I am owe from you. So that won’t be wise.” He released me from his spell and we reverted to our normal forms.

“What do you want from me, master?” I wanted to know about what he wanted to collect from me.

He handed me a silver & gold medallion with the moon and sun symbols on them.

“Wear this, Joanna!” What? There is no- “I’ve only relented once. Shall I escalate in collecting from your friends instead? Perhaps Alpha Finn Mcsald will be more generous?” No…

“Don’t you dare-” He raised his finger at me.

“I am owed, Joanna. Either you will pay me back or your friend can do so in your stead. He will not be the only one that I will collect from.”

“Fine. I will wear your stupid medallion.” As I put on, I feel a surge of energy flowing through my body. But I know full well that will put me under the control of my master again. I’m sorry, guys…

“Oh, cheer up! At least you will repay me in full, my dear.” I clenching my fist. “Think about second thoughts, my dear Joanna? You can remove the medallion!”

“You want to me to kill myself?” Of course, the medallion is also cursed. It can drain the wearer’s life force should they attempt to remove without the proper release scroll.

“You accepted my offer, and you knew what will happen if you put on the medallion.”

“What would you like for me to do?”

“Nothing… Yet.” What?

“That is it?” He retreated into the shadows.

“You hear from me soon. I’ll find you.” With that, he is gone…

As walked down the alleyway, several things came into mind. Now that I put on the Medallion, my master can use this to track and take control of me at a distance. But why would he leave me be… is there an angle on his end?

But how it can be-

I felt hands were covering my mouth. But… I…

“Go to sleep, now…” That voice… it’s…*yawn*

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