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Chapter 24: The Hunter pt. 1

Samuel’s POV

After setting up my equipment away from prying eyes by the heading to the outskirts of the city capital. I waited for Ms. Ashley to wake up; wanted to get some answers from her before I go after Quinn. I followed her to an alleyway; she had her senses as a vampire, which she should have detected me by the time I got her.

Why she didn’t is none of my business. I just wanted answers. When I saw her moan around, I kept my distance. Got teeth plier, morphine and bloody pox on my right side should she try to be resistant.

“Wake up, Ms. Fortbem.” I took another step.

“Ah! My head!” She looked at me. It seems she didn’t recognize me yet. I guess the sleep agent did its part too well. Suddenly, she struggled with the restraints that I set up on her body. “What is the meaning of this?!”

I said nothing, crossing my arms as I did. She calmed down after a few moments, realizing that I’ve placed a specialized silver cuff, enlaced with silver, garlic and with a touch of holy water. She grit her teeth when the cuff touched a part of her skin, can’t heal from stuff like that so easily.

“I guess you came prepare this time, Samuel.” I grab a chair, turning backwards to meet with her eye to eye.

“From the first time we met, I have thought you were an unassuming woman wander around the dangerous parts of the forest. You step in shit that you had no business in which we could have avoided this had you not stepped in.” I clarified I didn’t count on her as a factor that would make my job harder.

“I didn’t to step into your ‘business’... You tried to kill Quinn!” she shot back.

“How is your body holding up? You realized I nearly killed you back in your airship.” I recall the last time we fought, I had her dead to rights. Her body was turning to ash. I fought her kind before. They die quicker than her.

She looked away the moment I mentioned that. She knows it.

“I was a fool then. You even grab my leg.” I smirked.

“You were lucky that I still had a potion in my hidden compartment.”

“Of course… A resourceful hunter would stave off death… But, how did you survive?”

“That is not important. You need to worry about yourself, miss than worrying how I survived.” I picked up the teeth puller and flashed it in front of her. “The sooner you talk, the better it is for you.” She looked as I threaten her with the pliers. Her gaze has not wavered.

“Why do you hate us? Lycans and vampires? For you to pursue Quinn? You are very persistent in ending his life.”

“Flattery won’t get you anywhere, Miss. Fortbem. You know better than that.” I warned that I have no time for her games.

“I am not even trying to flatter you. What happens if you kill Quinn then?”

“My job is complete, and that’s all. Now where. Is. Quinn?” I got straight to my point.

When I asked, she was deep in thought. Earlier, she was full of herself and not even give anything a second thought. Still, I gave her to think on her answer. I will watch if she-

“Did you know Quinn was inflicted with a deadly curse back at Windmill?” What?

“Don’t change the topic. Where is he?” I push for more details.

“You already know where he is, already know what he was through. You even saw it yourself on the power he processed. Look at me, Mr. Aswanson! Do I look like I know where to find him? My former master took me away before I even know where.” She talking…

“Do you expect me to believe that you don’t know where else to find him?” I still have the plier in my hands.

“Actually, no I don’t. But knowing as the man who nearly killed me and my friends!” I raised an eyebrow. Her ‘friends?’ “Your killing innocent people because they possess an ability that makes them into a threat. What is your goal, then? Money? Power? Sick, perverse thrills of seeing us dying in front of you, hmm? Or better yet, to protect your ‘Protect’ reputation?”

I clench my hand the moment she asked those questions. I had considered using those pliers to rip out every fucking tooth from that bloodsucker. It’s clear to me she doesn’t know where Quinn is. I feel she will not give up her ‘friends’ that know where he is.

“Matter of fact, I believe you.” I put the down fliers down on the table, I grabbed the Faroh whip, a silverite chain with 3 points at its tip. It can carve up a human, lycan or vampire flesh with just one stroke from the whip. A few people that wield a deadly weapon with great skill and precision. “Tell me someone that knows where to find him.”

“Julius.” I narrowed my eyes at her. What kind of stunt she trying to pull?

“If that is your attempt-”

“No, I mean what I said. The only person who would want to hire someone to do his dirty work is Julius.” I flung the whip at her the moment she mentioned his name. The tip of my whip pierce her flesh, causing her winch for a bit.

“You monsters are the same… My wife was nothing more but a kind woman raising up two kids. Vampires always wanting power and domination.” I clenched my teeth. “Always needing a scapegoat, never to take any fucking responsibility.”

“Wait a minute, is that why you killed Lycans and vampires?” Oh, her eyes lit up the moment I mentioned them.

“They turned her into a monster.” I looked away as I reflected on those events. “My son was lying down with all life drained out of him and my daughter, those animals inflicted her with their disease!”

“Lycanthropy?” I turned around the moment she spoke.

“YES! THE DISEASE THAT THOSE ANIMALS THAT HAS PASSED ON TO HER! AND I WAS NOT THERE TO PROTECT HER!” I snapped at her. “You vampires are no better, you’ll do whatever the fuck you want with no care in the world.” I moved closer to her. “I didn’t do it for the fucking glory or the money. Didn’t do it, just to see you bastards rot in hell. I did it because I wanted Justice for my family! Even if I have to go to the depths of hell to do so!”

“I’m sorry. You had to face all of that. But it won’t bring them back!” She responded. “I had a former master who treated me crap. Treated me more like a servant than a person.”

“Oh, I’m sorry? Am I to feel sorry for you, monster?” I raised my whip in the air. “You forget I know how your life went from the past to present.”

“What, you do not know that I changed my name and my identify to escape my former master. My name wasn’t Elleri…” I looked at her as she spoke. “It was Joanna Ravena Ashley! I took the name of Elleri, of my close step-sister. To live on in her memory.”

“Speak then! You want to waste your time, thinking your sob story will move me?” I twirled the whip in motion. “By all means, I give you one chance to explain. After that, you better take your last breath on this planet.”

“To begin with, Quinn is not a monster going around attacking people or infecting people with the ‘disease’, as you call it. He was born to a clan of Lycans who valued strength and power. He wasn’t even born with a wolf inside of him. You can say he was born unlucky in this life.” I said nothing. I heard Lycan fathers are harder on their sons. Some would go far as to kill them. “His father only wanted a son that can carry on his legacy and after exiling Quinn, he discovered his father had only to bring him to the safe of Windmill.”

“A shitty father…” I murmured under my breath. “He should have raised his son to be better than him instead of treating like a disappointment.”

“Exactly. However, it didn’t go that way. His father beaten him to inch of his life and nearly killed him.”

“That when Angharad saved him.” She nods. “The kid had a mess up life.”

“He did. Even father knew he messed up after the way he treated him!” I know that name. Alpha Oxdin Dewalt, I know he was one of the strongest member in his pack.

“Tell me, is his father still alive?” I wanted to know if he was still around.

“Does the Alpha Convention Massacre ring a bell?”

“I heard about the massacre. They killed a majority of the alphas, including their ‘king’. The king’s death has created a huge power vacuum. One that they won’t be able to fill. It doesn’t help is that the king’s two children spend more time fighting each other than focusing on uniting the nation.”

“Troy and Dakenra. Those two are the worst kind of Lycans you don’t want to meet.”

“Troy is an honorable but inflexible man who is preferred to settle things personally. Where Dakenra is Crafty and seductive…”

“But I worked with her in the past. She tried to have me killed once I completed her request.” Request?

“What kind?”

“The power to enhance her transformation and her magic. You can guess how that went.”

“Either way, The Lycan nation cannot respond to answer for what went on. With Angharad out of way, things can get ugly.” She nodded.

“Before I forget. I suspect that my old colleague is behind the attacks on not only on our lords but also the- “

“Legendary Warriors. The very best that humanity offers. They also attempted to attack me…” Wait a minute…

When I first accepted the contract, I noticed my client wore sunglasses and had a little too much sunscreen on his skin. Something didn’t add up. I asked Vanessa to tell me what she knows about ‘our’ client.

“Sweetie! Are you all right?” I hitched a ride on her Elleri’s ship. This time, I need to research more about my client. It made little sense on why he would hire me.

“I’m all right, but Dad, why did you cut me off?” I should have listened to her when she was trying to tell me about our client sooner.

“Daddy had made a mistake of judgement. I should have let you spoke before I cut you off like that.”

“It’s okay, daddy. But the thing is J is actually Julius Kentine Mellporte. A vampire from the capital of Asingrad.” I was at a loss when I learned his real identification. I knew the bastard was acting shady and strange as well, lying to me. Can’t believe it. “Dad?”

“It’s okay. Did anyone else know about this?”

“Nope! Just me and you!”

“Don’t get to continue to take your medication.”

“Daddy, are you still going to be at work?” I couldn’t answer. I was being lied to of this entire time.

The threshold,

“The bastard has lied to my face this whole time.” I spat out. “I knew he didn’t tell me the whole truth.”

“Of course, our master didn’t, Mr. Aswanson.” A woman appears in front of us. “Our master had suspected you would not follow through your contract.”

“I follow my contracts to the letter. But I don’t take kindly to being lied to.” I had have a feeling in the back of my mind. She didn’t come alone. “I know you have your friends waiting in the wings. You wouldn’t be bold to approach if you didn’t.”

“How did you know?” Elleri now asked me.

I pointed to the bush behind her; they were leaves moving around, which, if they were no one there, it would move naturally. I heard footsteps as someone approaching Elleri.

Taking a step… I slew the bastard that tried to approach her. He crumbled to a pile of ash as I removed my dagger from his heart. The woman laughed as she saw that.

“Bravo, Mr. Aswanson! Bravo!” More of them are appear behind her. Their teeth are showing up and began growling at me. “But unfortunately for you, your services are no longer required, I’m afraid.”

“I knew Julius was behind this!” I turned to see that Elerri shouted at the woman. “I had known if it would be his handiwork. He’ll never want to get his hands dirty.” I spun around to slash another undead bastard. They think they can easily sneak up on me.

“Sadly, my dear. What are you going to do?” I pulled my sword to take down 2 more of them, their bodies being turned to dust while the woman speaks. “No one will believe you without proof.” I stab another in the head. “And even if you gain said proof, we have an alibi to counter those and perhaps use our influence to keep it from coming out.”

“You are giddy about sharing your plans with people who think they are going to die!” I slice another in the chest, sheathing my sword back as it crumbled to dust.

“Well, you are going to die either way, Mr. Aswanson. Consider this a generous severance package that we offer you.” She whistled to more of her minions. Lycans, Vamps, some of them… fucking traitors. “Boys! Give Mr. Aswanson his compensation!”

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