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Chapter 24: The Hunter pt. 2

Elleri’s POV

“Behind you!” I shouted at him. He quickly dispatched that one. “Another one on your right!”

“I don’t need your help, Bloodsucker!” He yelled at me while he was focused on the Lycan who attacking him. “After I am finished with them! You’re next!” Are you kidding me?

As much as I want to give him a piece of my mind, the cuffs are preventing me from moving around. I know not to let the thing touch any part of my skin, it will cause searing, painful sensations that I don’t want. By him binding me, I can’t do anything.

“Kill the Bitch! Leave me the handsome one to me, I have plans for him.” The woman barked order to her minions. Samuel came close to shield me from them.

“You want to help me, monster?” He released me from my restraints, but… the left cuff is still on my left arm.

“Remove the other cuff!” He tossed me a crossbow.

“So, can you warn Quinn before I get there?” Seriously? I fired a bolt at one of the woman’s minion.

“Would have at least make this Quick!” I fired one behind him and in return, he took care of one on my end.

“Focus on your brethren that trying to kill us!” Oh no, they are not my brethren! Don’t even go there. “Can you handle a silver weapon?”

“I’ll stick with the crossbow!” He gives a bag of crossbow bolts. I suppose it’s better than his blade. Despite it being hot to the touch, cause me to drop some of them… I loaded them… 60 at least.

“Here they come!” We stood together as they continued to come. I fired at any vampire that came too close, but my powers… I would have made this easier.

While Samuel has an easier time with them, I saw the way he swayed against some of the horde and impale one in the heart, causing him to turn to dust. It also helped that he can spin around, appear behind them one moment and then in front the next. The poor soul didn’t see it coming as its body crumbled back into the earth.

“Samuel! Be so kind to release the other cuff?!” I shoot another which dust debris blew in my face. “Please?!”

“Fine!” Samuel released the other cuff… Ah! It is good to back!

Even the odds

“Thank you, good sir!” I slash one minion across his chest and tore out his beating heart. “I wish you had done this sooner!” I chewed him for not doing this sooner.

“I didn’t do it for you, bloodsucker! I’ve only done it, so you can shut the hell up!” He continued to tear the horde of assassins that came across his path.

As much as I want to leave Samuel to his fate and let him fight off the horde himself. I… I need to help him and I know I am going to regret this but-

“Samuel! Do you need any help?” I blasted the assassin with a fireball. The man began screaming as the flames licked his skin. Samuel shot him, turning into him into a skeleton.

“I don’t need your help, monster!” He is stubborn. “Why aren’t you going anywhere?” Hmph! And let them overwhelm you?

“You still owe me one back at the airship. I don’t think leaving you here is one of them.” I transformed into my demonic form and began blasting them with a barrage of spells.

“Don’t think this makes us friends, Ashley!” He bellowed at me as he sliced one of them in the middle. He ‘parted’ ways with Samuel’s silver blade.

“And don’t think I forgot about you killing Quinn! As well, trying to end my life!” I shouted back. “I still think of you as an uncultured brute!”

“Oh, yeah, Bloodsucker?! You cost me problems since you show up!” He sliced up one of his attacker who is a Lycan by chopping his head off. “You could have walked away!”

“I was getting ingredients for my potions!” I blasted another with a surge of lightning. He was charred by the time I was done with him. “I didn’t know who you were then. You were being attacked by rogues! I even watched you killed one who begged you to live!”

“Oh, do you want me to let that punk live?! So he can prey on people or join another gang?!” We fought side by side. I made sure that none of them attack Samuel from behind, and he helps me by attacking those from my flank.

“Not of all Rogues are bad, Samuel! Some of them lived normal lives in Mourning Ridge!”

“Like who?” Um…

“Armand Benis, his father was Lycan and his mother-”

“Soundspear Benneta? I heard of her!” He swing his faroh whip, flailing out toward our attackers. Some of them had no way to dodge its sting. “She mated one of those animals! In fact, I met her husband a couple of years back!”

“Did you try to kill him?!” I spun around to see a Lycan that nearly swiped at me. I move around him and bite down hard on his neck. The blood is coursing through me. It tasted like spaghetti and meatballs.

“I would have! Benneta prevent me from doing so!” He spun around as he whipped Lycan and Assassin alike in a mad frenzy. Blood and ashes were flying around as he moved like a dancer. “She clarified that I would have to go through her if I tried to!”

I remember that rogue Lycan… He was talking with Mira at the other night. Mourning Ridge had a custom to welcome anyone even if they were half-breeds, Lycans with no clan, and vampires like me. He is also quite handsome and dreamy…

“Pay attention!” He sliced upward at one Lycan who was a hair width of making me his meal. “For a bloodsucker, you daydream at the worst possible time!”

“What about Benneta?” I wanted to know.

“We never fought. She and her family left the same day. I told her that the Village will not tolerate her for long should they find out about her husband.”

“That was generous of you!”

“Plus, she already had two kids to look after!”


“My! My!” The woman was amused that we remained standing. “But they are more on its way!” A man jumped in front of her. He wears a green bandana over his face. He is bare-chested and pulls out two blades made of… Oh!

“Samuel! Those are Lickera metal!” I recognize the metal. That material can drain the life out of its victims. Plus, the more damage you can inflict, the greater the effect. Even for us, it is lethal!

“I see that!” Samuel is drinking two concoctions, and I swear I saw two of him.

The man twirled his blades, and he is moving toward us. As I moved ahead, I felt…

I can’t move my arms… my legs…

“Oh! Damn it!” They cut my head off from my shoulders, but how…!

“Christ!” I heard something from Samuel! I can’t move my head, I can’t see what going on!

“What’s matter? Need some help, my dear?” Someone is lifting me up in the air. “Watch as we tear your friend apart.”

“Oh, for the love of… He is not my friend!” I swiftly protested the idea, which the woman laughed as if it was a joke.

Samuel can’t handle the 12 of them. One of them is bad enough, and they can tear through a squad if they put their mind to it. He grabs one of their blade with his bare hands and slice one of them to pieces.

This is the first time that I watch Samuel fighting off 11 ninjas with one of their own blades. He parried one of their attack only to break it off and beheaded one of them on the spot. His cape was also one of his deadly weapons. Even the ninjas themselves cannot touch it.

Unfortunately, one of them impaled through him through the stomach and to make it worse… One of them slice his cape in half.

“No!” I screamed out as one of them sliced him from behind. Blood was pouring out of him like a river downstream.

“Oh! Don’t worry! We’ll be saving him for last.” She motions for them not to land the fatal blow. “We got Mr. Dewalt next on our list of priority.” Oh, no, you don’t…

“Don’t you dare-” She puts a substance in my mouth. I can’t…

“You are so mouthy! You won’t be fuzzing once we have ‘deliver’ you to Count Ashley. I’m sure he’ll-”

I screamed out as that BITCH mentioned his name! My body quickly jumped toward my head and punched the woman, caused my body to grab my head, attaching from where the stump was.

“You bitch… You will never mention his FUCKING NAME AGAIN!” I turned my fury on the woman as she saw she had made her last mistake.

“Oh, wait! I was just kidding-” I quickly vaporized her on the spot. I’ve made sure that were no traces of her left.

I bounced to the 11 ninja who was frozen at the sight of me and I quickly threw some of them and then… then… what happened?!

I felt the quick motion of a silver blur… I start screamed as my arms, legs and all over my body were-

“I see that count Ashley’s deadly assassin has appeared in front of us.” The pain… THAT BASTARD cut off my head… My body parts disintegrated into ash once again. The man turned me around and made me face him. “Unfortunately for you… You are too dangerous to be allowed to live.”

“You-!” I felt something pulls from my spine… I… I’m seeing two people… What did he…?

“I see… you… medallion.” I can’t make out what he is saying… The medallion…? It… Gah...

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