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Chapter 24: The Hunter pt. 3

Lord’s Immuney’s POV

“Now then, bring the-” I swiftly twisted his spinal cord to face me, sinking my fang into his neck as I did.

I grabbed lady Elleri’s head. Blood is pouring out of her from the bottom of her stump. I used some of my blood to stave off her going into a coma. I heard coughing when it is confirmed that it is working.

“My lord?” I smiled when she recognized me. “What are you doing here?” I held up by conjuring an air orb, so she could see me.

“Lord Immuney?!” One of my attackers recognized by my name.

“What he is doing here?” I see they are losing their nerve at the sight of me.

“Attacking my honored guest…” I took a step toward them, their bodies flinching as I did. “Working with my enemies… Then attacking a wounded warrior?” I stood in the middle. They point their blades at me… so uncivilized. “Then face me, cowards! Draw your swords!!”

As I fell upon one of them, I slash the man with my claws, blood was covering my hands as I did. Then I dart toward another like a straight arrow, puncturing and true! I suspect the man wishes I wouldn’t be here this night.

One of them impaled in my heart… Smart!

“I am not sure if it’s occurs to you by now.” I wagged my finger at the assailant. He failed to make sure his strike connects. “The material… ‘lickera’ will only work if the opponent can draw mass amounts of blood within a short time.” I touch his forehead with a tip of my finger. “Unfortunately for you, my friend. I can manipulate the flow of blood around me.” The man’s head exploded. The chap won’t be getting a second chance.

Argh… more uncivilized weapons… They will never learn…

I grabbed the blade as it came flying toward me; I slew the remaining assassins with one. Clean. Stroke. That is the last of them!

“Betty! It is safe to come out now!” I had my servant come to get Mr. Aswanson who had two blade marks and some battle scars that I noticed.

“Dang, my lord! He gotta need the treatment.” I nodded. She wasted no time getting into the van.

“My lord, I-” Sleep, Ms. Elleri. Right now, it is not time for chit-chat.

As I took flight into the sky, making sure the van makes it back home. It was my daughter who alerted to me that Elleri was being taken by an unknown individual. It surprised me the individual was Samuel Aswanson. He has killed many of our people and even those of Lycans.

I told Adrianna that I would take care of the matter personally, since I am responsible for bringing my guests into my household. Elleri will need a steady transfusion of blood. I found no trace of her body.

Welcome home, my lord!

“My lord, it is good to see ya, buddy!” Margret! My head maid for all years. She has the one who kept thing in order while I’m away for business or errands.

“I am all right, Ms. Ruff. Where is…?” I saw her daughter Courtney coming from the kitchen.

“Oh, my lord. I didn’t think you would be back so soon.” She eyed on Elleri as soon as she saw her. “Is that…? Right away, sir!” I handed her head to her and let her get to work.

“You know, my lord, my daughter is getting to be capable each day!” I let out a laugh.

“Carter!” I gave my wife a hug. “I heard what happened! Are you all right?”

“Wife, I am all right.” I neglect to tell her I fought off assassins that use primitive weapons.

“All right?” She is… putting her hands on her hips. “Being attacked by a man using a sword again? You know how much I hate being lied to, husband!”

Oh, right! She saw the bloodstain on my shirt. I should have done a better job not letting her seeing it.

“My apologies, wife. I didn’t want you to worry about me.” she kissed me on the cheek just like that.

“Oh, father!” My son… where has he been?

“Hey, son! Have you been honing your magical abilities as we agreed?”

“Yeah, yeah, I have. Otherwise, I won’t have you stop hound my ass about it.” I narrowed my eyes as he swore.

“I will not tolerate any vulgarity in my home, son. You are no exception to it.”

“Oh, c’mon!” I saw my daughter slapped him upside the dead as she walked by.

“Oh, come now, brother! You should have more standards than that!”

“There’s my daughter!” I embraced my daughter in a hug.

“Father, is Elleri…?” I looked away as she asked the question. I saw that Ms. Fortbem was reduced to a head when I rescued her from the assassins.

“Elleri is-” Margaret simply walked to up to her.

“Oh, for heaven’s sake, my lord. Her attackers reduced her to a head. She is resting right now as we speak.”

“What happened, father?” Courtney came to us as I was getting ready to explain.

“My lord and my lady, she is stable! Come! Come!” We march to the recovery chamber.

The recovery chamber is a room dedicated to healing minor to major injuries we received. It was Courtney who invented the chamber and its machinery. She would work to tweak and perfect the machinery when she not working with her mother. A headless vampire in the room can amplify their recovery far faster than on their own.

“My lord!” Elleri’s head is regenerating her body with the molecules coming together. “Where am I?”

“Um… Miss Fortbem? You are in my lord castle.”

“Oh! That right! This is your castle, my lord! And this is the recovery chamber!” It is good to know she still remembers this place. “Talking about being reduced to a headless corpse.”

“Ella! You could have died, if my father hasn’t found you in time! Not to mention, I saw a stranger that was following you and not to mention abducting you. What the 9 hells were you thinking during that time?!”

“That is enough, my daughter. What is important that she is alive.”

“Julius is behind the convention attack. Not to mention sending his mercenary to kill Quinn.” Ms. Fortbem is making a strong accusation on this case.

“Do you have proof, Elleri? That is a serious accusation you are making against a noble.”

“She speaks truly, my lord. Julius hired Samuel, and I got his receipt right here.” Ah! Mr. Dewalt walks into the room and handed me a receipt of purchase.

“Also, that mercenary is being treated by our family medic. It will be some time before he wakes up. He lost a lot of blood from that attack.” Adrianna mentions that the man is still alive.

“It won’t be enough.” I recalled my people are firm behaviors of seeing the evidence. A human like Mr. Aswanson won’t be enough since it would be a human’s word over a noble. “That is only his word against Julius and knowing Julius-”

“He won’t get his hands dirty, I know.” My daughter agreed on that assessment. “However, even I don’t know who his master is and there will be people that can defend him.”

“Aren’t you a high lord, my lord? Surely you can-”

“Mr. Dewalt, my word alone won’t cut it either. Even though, I am highly respected among my people. Throwing accusation at noble because he took a napkin from the table will be foolish. Not to mention, it will only make me foolish with the other lords.”


“Come! Let us have dinner!” I lead them to the dining hall.

Dinner conservation

“My lord!” It amazed them, they have brought the entrée and appetizers on the table.

Shrimp Alfredo, turkey leg & wings, fresh clam chowder, potato soup and not to forget meat stroganoff for dinner. After they prepared the meal, they sat down with us to eat, a custom within my household to eat with us. They understand fully that I don’t play favorites within this house.

“This is a meal, my lord! I don’t know how you can eat all of this?” Even Miss Suncada is amazed at the meal that was placed in front of her.

“We simply use the fresh bloodvine wine to help us digest our meals. Even though we can drink blood as a source of nourishment, it is not the only way we can eat.” My wife sums that part up.

“Indeed!” Mr. Dewalt dived into his potato soup and stroganoff. He enjoys the meal.

We have talked about his home-life ranging from how his father treated him. His clan more treated him as a pariah to escaping via circumstances. He made a lot of friends at Morning ridge especially with the Alphas George and Dean and the sorceress Ingrid.

“You don’t say?” I was surprised he brought her up. “She wouldn’t normally socialize herself with normal people-”

“Yet, my lord, you and her became up with the idea with the spells within the book.”

“It was her idea, but we had worked together to develop the book along with her eldest son, Edward. It was his method that it made it easier for people to understand the spells.”

“Creating spells is difficult, is it, my lord?” I let out a laugh.

“You are right, Mr. Dewalt. It isn’t. But I never asked…” I remember his wolf was with us earlier, before the count spirited Elleri away. “About Fenrir, Mr. Dewalt?” I saw the young man’s face twisting the moment I mentioned him. “I am sorry, Quinn. Should have-”

“It is not you, my lord.” He turned back to look at me. “I had a feeling that he was my wolf all of this time when originally thought I was born without one.”

“I recalled that-” He slammed the table.

“And he didn’t trust me with that said knowledge! He pretended to be a… spirit!” I noticed he was restraining himself from imploding. He taking the truth hard. I was there when we all learned the truth that he wasn’t an ordinary spirit. “He knew the entire time. Why didn’t he tell me, he was my wolf? I would have understood him if had simply told me.” Quinn, I…

“Howdy, my lord! Mr. Aswanson is awake.” I nod at Clyde. He is the family medic. He may be a Lycan in a foreign land, but his medical knowledge is the best.

“Quinn, Mira? Would you be kind to accompany me?” I rose from my seat. I need to know why he is here in these lands.

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