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Chapter 25: The house of Immuney pt. 1

Quinn’s POV

As we headed to the guest room, Lord Immuney wanted to know why Samuel kidnapped Elleri. I had known he must be still hunting me down. He cannot be that persistent to chase us all the way from here. As we arrived at the door, the maid carried body armor. They are prepared should he attempt to escape.

“Be careful, my lord.” They nod in respect.

We enter the room. Samuel is glaring at us. He did not lunge at me or bellow threats. He is lying on a bed being strapped, and I noticed bandages over his body.

“If you are going to kill me, be quick about it!” What?

“Now hold on, mr. ‘I want to kill you because you are a Lycan’! If we were here to kill you, we would have left you on the outskirts to bleed to death or you wouldn’t wake up right now, would you?” I quickly dispelled the notion we were here to kill him.

“And you got the power to kill someone if comes down to it. You just won’t use it because you are weak, punk ass coward!” Mira stepped in front of me.

“I rather finish you off, right now.” I’ve restrained her from trying to attack the man.

“Let me speak with him before you try to kill him. He is only after me after all.” I turned to face the man who tried to kill us 3 times in a row. “I wanted to know something, Mr. Aswanson.”

“You want to ask me something, animal? After the times, I’ve tried to end you and your friends?”

“That and I wanted to know, you there with Elleri when those assassins attacked you.”

“What about it?”

“I know it’s not your handiwork. It was too clean of a cut to behead her like that.” The man laughed at the idea of beheading someone.

“I rather put a bullet in their head than to chop their head off. It’s too unreliable.”

“Then did you kidnap Elleri then?” The man turns his gaze at Mira.

“I didn’t intend to kidnap to her. My intent…”

“Is to find me and kill me then, right?” I went straight to his face. I had to restrain myself from having to punch him for everything he done. “And then what?”

“Samuel saved my life.” Elleri? But she…? “Samuel lost his wife and son long ago because he was away from home during the time.”

“You monsters turned her into an abomination!!” He lifted off from the bed. Thankfully, the restraints were holding him as I watched him strained his muscles.

“Monsters? Yes, we are, monsters!” Elleri? “We are vampires that drink the lives of others and yes, we strive for what we do. You can say we won’t be satisfied with what we have.”

“So you admit you are monsters, huh?” I noticed he was grinning the moment she admitted it. “Monsters like you shouldn’t exist!”

“If it’s that the case, then you should have killed me instead rather allowing me to help when your employer turned against you. Or you could have ended my life back then during our travel to windmill. Nothing was stopping you from ending my life with a bullet.” Elleri… “Why didn’t you, Samuel?”

He was at a loss for words. Something she said must have resonated with him.

“Also, you mention medicine that you have to continue to give to your daughter. I did some homework on the medicine that you ‘humans’ make.”

“How did you know about that?” He looked at her with curiosity.

“My lord? Let him go.” What? You can’t be serious!

“I beg your pardon, my lady?” Even my lord is confused on why she wants us to let him go.

Her response was that she pulled a vaccine from her cloak. I noticed she need more time to recover. It’s look like that the chamber did its trick, but how did she make the vaccine?

“What is that? Some kind of poison you want to feed my daughter?!” Elleri wasted no time releasing the man from his restraints, much to his surprise. “Why are you-?” She showed the vaccine in front of him.

“The ‘poison’, as you call it, is a treatment for her lycanthropy. You have been giving her a medicine that only repressing the disease for a time. Eventually, it will build a resistance to the medicine. Surely, you must notice something was going on when you talk to her?”

“I don’t know why you are helping me, bloodsucker. But-” she slaps him upside on his head.

“Joanna or Elleri, I don’t care what you call me. My name is not bloodsucker!” The man chuckled at the idea.

“I see you are still full of yourself.”

“Yeah, but I am returning the favor for you saving your life, aren’t I?” He gets up from the bed. I noticed he was wincing from his wound.

“You need to stay in bed, good sir!” Margaret forced him back to bed despite his protests.

“What, you are human? Why are you working for that monster?”

“That ‘monster’ is my lord, sir. You spend too much going around hunt down every creature of night instead getting to know them. Besides, we didn’t have anywhere else to go and Lord Immuney was good to us since we came here years ago.”

“And besides, sir, that vaccine will do a lot of good than the current medicine right now that you were giving to your daughter.” He is looking around for something… Oh, his communication device!

“Where is it?!” I moved toward him.

“You don’t need it. In fact, I can get into contact with her.” The man glared at me the minute I suggested. “Please, at least trust that I will not harm any members of your family.”

“It is ironic that I tried to kill you. Who would have thought that said person wants to help me.” I smiled back.

“Your dream walking days are over!” I mocked him for back trying to end me.

“Don’t get cute with me, pup! We aren’t friends.” I touch his forehead.

“Contacting Vannesa now!” I’ve put him in touch with his daughter. She needs the vaccine.

Learn the culture within the capital

“My lady, If I may ask? Why did your father spared his life? I know he was a reputation of killing any lycan, vampire or monster he can find.” I asked Adrianna about what she know the situation, given that we allow Samuel to leave the castle.

“He had honor, plus he did state he only wanted you very the beginning. Elleri gave him the medicine before he left.” I nodded as I took a sip of coffee. “Also, it would time for me to introduce your to my fiance because they are here.”

As soon as they arrived, I was introduced to the Ranaparte Family. A family of aristocrats who supported the immuney family for many centuries. I took a bow which they returned the courtesy.

“What is this, Lady Adrianna? Who is the mongrel you have in your entourage?” A woman with blonde hair and wearing a practical dress was frowning at the sight of me.

“Sister. Couldn’t you be more open with our guest? That is Quinn, The Dream Walker-”

“Who couldn’t stay from where he is at!” She is snappy at me.

“Forgive me, my lady. Perhaps, we have-” She swiftly lunged at me and toss to the floor. She pulled her sword, pointing it at me.

“Sister! Enough! It is unnecessary.” Her brother is pleading for her to stop. “Please.”

The woman glared at him and then back at me; she removed the blade from my face.

“Brother.” She walked out. I can tell she doesn’t like me.

“Forgive my sister, Mr. Dewalt. I am Lee Bonevat Cometello Yano Ranaparte, I am the finance of Adrianna Immuney.”

“My Lord!” I bow out of respect.

“Please call me, Lee. We can do that in social functions.”

“Please meet you, Lee. You may call me, Quinn.”

“Charmed! Oh, but don’t let me forget you, my beloved!” They locked lips with each other. Wow.

After we got settle, we discussed vampire culture, etiquette, standing as well its rules. I need to know this, the last thing I want to offend a noble or the wrong person. Given how his sister, Ravenna, nearly killed me for merely talking to her.

“If I may say, Quinn? How much do you know about our culture?”

“I know the lord and ladies are not big fans of human, lycans or low-born vampires. It is based on political and martial might. The high lord has the majority control over the lands.” He nods.

“True, but even the high lords have to dread carefully on not angering the wrong house. Even they are not above, ordering an assassination.”

“I see, your sister-”

“She lost her husband during the last war against the Lycan. He was her entire world, not to mention being a good charmer for the ladies. But I’ll tell you, terrible card game player.” I chuckled. “However, he was tortured and mutilated to where he couldn’t recover from his wounds.”

“That must be horrible!” I felt guilty. Our people have issues with vampires, but this.

“Even worse, she was carrying his child. The stress of it was too much for her. You can guess how it went?”

“I will say simply, Quinn. She knew every Lycan she can get her hands on. She would never forgive them after everything they did. It explained-”

“Still here, Mongrel?” Ravenna? Of course, she must have overheard the whole thing. “Oh, yes, I overheard the whole thing, Lee. You shouldn’t have told him anything.”

“Sister-” I stood up before he can say anything.

“Talk to me, if you have any issues with me being here.” I looked her in the eyes.

“It looks like the mongrel is speaking to me. Your kind are a bunch of savage animals. You always prey on those that can’t fight back.” Adrianna stood in the way.

“My lady, please. It is not worth it.”

I chose not to say anything at this point; Recalling that the woman attacked me the moment I spoke. I won’t make the mistake of making her my enemy by doing so.

“Yet, men like him still walk among us. What is his plan? Seeking a ‘mate’? Looking for a meal to fill his belly? Terrorizing the young?” You know what…

“How about you take yourself somewhere on an icy rock? At least, you won’t be reminded of your dead husband and child!” I stood my ground.

The woman glared the moment I mention them; she is not showing it but I feel that I might have made an enemy today.

“Is that all you got, Mr. Dewalt?” The woman is behind me. “I fought you and your kind before. I fought them for our people to survive. The only reason I haven’t skinned you alive, filthy mongrel…” I feel my body shaken. The woman is not even raising her voice on the matter. “Because I have a code and that you are my fiance's guest. Make no mistake, Mr. Dewalt.” She lean closer to me. “I will wait for you to fail and then you can see if I’ll be forgiving next time.”

“I understand.” I nodded. But it is not enough.

“You will learn, Mr. Dewalt, that I am the last person you want as an enemy. They took my husband from me. I’ve taken their husbands, brothers and mates in return.”

My blood run cold the moment I am looking into her eyes. It took all the warmth from her when they took her husband and her son. I suspect she went on a rampage to get her revenge on those who took the man she loved.

“Then what do you plan now, my lady?” The woman continues to glare at me.

“Don’t speak to me at all, Mongrel. That is the only warning I will give to you. And you are lucky. My brother and finance are around to speak for you.” I took a deep breath to remain calm. She is a bitter woman. “To ensure that, I will properly educate you on how to speak when you are spoken to, Mr. Dewalt.” She points to the chair. “Sit.” I did as she said and the others followed as well.

“As you well may know, Dewalt. You will be scrutinized and judge on your conduct in these lands. It is more so because you are Lycan. They may tolerate you because you are the Dream Walker, but to me, you do not differ from any other Lycan.”

“Know thy person before you judge them.”

“You think you know everything, Mr. Dewalt?”

“Nobody does, my lady. All we need to learn from our mistakes and improve.”

“Not all of your people will see that, sadly.”

“Every person responsible for their own destiny. Including you.”

“Yet your people killed my husband, and you didn’t care at all if he suffered.” I did I notice a chink in her armor but I remain focused on the conversation ahead of me.

“And yet you avenge him.”

“Which it didn’t bring him back from the dead.”

“Does it involve every Lycan you meet even if they have no ill intent, my lady?”

“You do not differ from the other men.”

“I am just an Ill-omen from the Great rock.”

“Don’t care. You won’t get any sympathy from me, mongrel.”

“Long ago, I would have fallen on my sword every time I hear that.”

“Pity, I would have loved to see that, Mr. Dewalt.” Okay, now I know how to deal with you.

“Would you? Let’s say that is your husband at the mercy of my people.” She narrows her eyes at me. “Would you say the same thing to him?”

“You know nothing, beast of whom you speak.”

“I don’t, but I know someone that couldn’t move on from said trauma.” Her eyes widen a bit.

“Your point, Dewalt?”

“I can understand Revenge. It makes you feel powerful and makes you feel you are in the right.”

“Allow me guess, Dewalt? You are trying to crack open my armor by unleashing rapid-fire questions, correct?”

“Then did you allow me to go that far then? I saw your eyes widen and narrow when I asked you certain questions, my lady.” I pointed out that I kept track of her reactions on the matter.

“I…” At a lost for words, hmm?

“If you wanted to have killed me, you could have done so instead of tossing me. You are not entire a cold-hearted individual because you wouldn’t have ignored your brother otherwise.” I paused for a bit. Then she is shaking with her hands clenched.

I decided against pressing any further since at this would be a bad idea at this point.

“Then why did you stop then? Is daddy not there to take care of you?”

“Still talking to your husband’s ghost, then?” That when I saw her lunged at her with her teeth clenched at me and pull out her rapier.

“Revanna, stop!” Lee begs her to stop. From the way I see, she won’t listen this time.

“You think your life compares to mine, Mr. Dewalt?” I looked at her. “DO YOU REALLY THINK I WOULD EVER FORGIVE YOUR KIND?!”

“Forgive yourself! Not your people, not my kind! But only yourself!” I shot back. “Apparently, you are still stuck in the past after you husband died in front of your eyes. You should have struck back at his killers and settled for justice, but you instead you slaughtered every Lycan in that village who did absolutely nothing for the crime of being born!” The woman eyed on me the moment I mentioned it. I read it from her dreams. I know what she saw and experiencing through. “Not to mention they took your husband and torture him in front of you while you watched the entire thing. Your allies died saving you from said ‘mongrel’ so you returned the favor.” I looked upwards at her. “Thomas would have been devastated if he sees you now, not to mention you turn down every marriage proposal. Because you were worried that you would lose another love one to death.”

“That is none of your…” tears are coming down.

“You should have thought about that long ago. Instead of accepting, he would love you no matter what happened. You still held out a torch for him and no one else. Instead of being a hateful bitch who wanted to kill all lycans, be the woman that needs to better than what she is.”

“Language, Mr Dewalt.” She pointed her rapier at me. “You got a lot of nerve, prying into other business where you don’t belong.”

“And yet you react to it.”

When she saw that I am not going to back down and I can hold my own. She puts the rapier away, helped me on the ground and without looking back she... walked out of the room.

“Quinn…” I turned to Lee

“I’m sorry, my lord.”

“No, it’s okay. My sister could not move on from her grief since losing her beloved. You were fortunate that she chose not to kill on the sight. She is merciless.”

“I am glad, it didn’t come to come to that. I wouldn’t want to shut her down if she tried.”

“Good god! Why would you want to do that?” I sat down in my chair. I didn’t expect this any of this. “Sorry... My sister had no love for Lycans given how they killed her husband.”

“Understandable, but I know if I had tried that with another noble… I doubt they’ll just walk away and leave it be.”

“Oh, yes! They wouldn’t. They would kill you for simply for vulgarity. Not to mention I heard you called my sister the ‘b’ word.” Oh! “Next time, I won’t let it slide. In our culture, cussing, swearing or vulgarity will not be accepted.”

“It won’t happen again, Lee.”

“Thing is, Quinn. You must be careful about how to conduct yourself from now on. I’m sure they would be people that would have overheard the conversation.” The wall has ears. So I may need to be mindful of what I say. “This is not Great rock, my friend. They may tolerate that in your homeland, they will not tolerate here.”


“Then Mr. Dewalt, it is time for you to understand where we came from.” Adrianna stands up from her seat.

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