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Chapter 25: The house of Immuney pt. 2

Adrianna’s POV

To begin, I stood up in the middle of the room; I gather my thoughts on how to explain to Quinn about how our way of life works, the families and our culture. After seeing Ravenna nearly killing Quinn for insulting her honor, he is fortunate that she is not one of the petty nobles who would rather have him assassinated. Must make sure he will not repeat that mistake again. Here, they will kill you for even the smallest things.

Within the capital city, they are 18 noble families within the city:

Immuney- The family has near-complete immunity to every conventional weakness of silver, garlic, sunlight and even Holy Water.

Lugazias- The family of firm pure-blood ancestry. It is where that Lord Matthias is from his house.

Flaveza- The family of immense fire. They are most passionate of all the families. They have strong rivalry with their neighbor, Carterra who wields the power of ice.

Carterra- The cold-hearted family. They wield the power of Ice of an unnatural degree. I heard the women are deadlier than the men are. They are not known for their gentle treatment of their servants.

Ramparte- The family of immense wealth and breeding. Their members are honorable as they escrow trickery and deceit. They will have no problems dirtying their hands if need be. That is where I meet my finance.

Vomant- The family of the infinity of space. Their members are weird and otherworldly. But their immense abilities make them a force to be reckoned with. The new lord came from this house.

Xyant- A family that is well known for their brutal martial arts. They maintain their neutrality in the city. However, they have many daughters and no sons. I heard the current lord is seeking to rectify the problem by marrying his daughters. All but the youngest refused the idea.

“So you mean Adri? That dad don’t be generous?” Oh, speak of the devil. Alexandra! “So, what is new today? My father has persistently tried to get me to marry a man who is a god-forsaken twit!”

“I was explaining to Quinn here about our noble houses.” I mentioned to her.

“Well, let me save you the trouble. The rest of them are Mutano, La Bellvi, Galenti, Sorenvein, Rallas, Fairent, Emiralo, Jahutim, Carrovine, Resazemor, Ventae and my most favorite…” She raised her finger.

“Fortrena! I know they are most extravagant of all the nobile families. The party is the best there, but I heard their wreath-”

“Oh, yes. But the foods are good there, come more to those!” I sighed as I recalled the last time, I’ve been there. It was too much, even for me. I’ve attended a lot of parties in my lifetime and dance with the men there. It wasn’t actually to my liking.

“Anyway, Quinn.” I turned back to him. “This is Alexandra, youngest daughter -”

“Seriously, is it necessary, Adri? I don’t have any interest in any of the men and I swear to heaven, I already had to punch one in the face and my ‘cousin’ tried to kiss me…”

“I’m sorry about that, Miss Alexandra. Rest assure, I am not here for that.” She rolls her eyes at him.

“I am not a miss, Quinn. Alexandra will do. I am not one of these pathetic noblewomen who need to be catered every time.”

“I understand Men are not your thing. In fact, I have met others who feel the way, Alexandra.” Wow, I notice her eyes lit up in relief.

“At least you have a good head on your shoulder! I wish my father would at least let me chose the partner I want to be with. I keep telling him that I am not interested in any man.”

“Woman, correct? My sister had no interest in any man. Many mates try to claim her heart.”

“Oh, did she find the woman to her inner woman?” I see…

“One came close but she reject him, placing him under her unit instead. Great rock is not a fan of simply doing the same sex. They do not encourage it since they focus on legacy, breeding and find a mate.”

“Same thing here in the capital.” I spoke up. “Homosexuality is not accepted, let alone practiced here in these lands. Which they…” She glared at me. “Speak your mind.”

“My father doesn’t understand I had no interest in any of the men here. Even your brother tried to flirt with me.”

“I know…”

“I am like it is so unfair! My father doesn’t allow me to be free to express myself. He even wants me to be a lady and have kids.”

“I can offer myself as a suitor.” Quinn… “I can ask your father to take your hand in a relationship. It can provide you cover to find the woman you love.”

“Thank you, but my father is not a fan of lycans. He would kill you should you try to talk to him. I know he killed 20,000 lycans in his years.” My eyes widen at that number.

“If I may… Your father has killed that many lycans back then?”

“Young lady!” Her father came. He is wearing a fur coat with his chest being bare. I notice scars on his face. I have heard many legends about him. He was the butcher of Dawnfell village for mutilating every Lycan in sight. He would take trophies of his kills with him after each battle.

“Father? I… How did you find me?” Her father narrowed his eyes at Quinn. Knowing that, I mention standing up…

“Be still, my daughter!” He glared at me. “You, Lycan! Come here!”

Quinn did what he said. He was understandably worried that her father despise Lycans and their kind. He said nothing since he didn’t know what the man will do.

“Smell the scent of a Lycan in front of me.” Quinn stood still while the man looked at him. “I killed many of your brothers and sisters! I know you are Oxdin’s son!”

“High praise, my lord-” He raised his hand at him.

“Don’t ‘my lord’ me, boy! He was one of the few who gave me a worthy challenge and I see his son sully his feet in our city.” he turned toward his daughter. “If I have known you would reduce your standards for this ‘boy’? I could have gotten you a servant man to be your husband.”

“Father, I am not here for that. And he is not my lover.”

“True, I have no wish to impose on her, my lord. We just met.” The man snapped back to Quinn.

Bravery & Learning experience

“Feeling brave to speak back to me, boy?” Oh no… Wait. I need to watch carefully before I step in. Quinn doesn’t know dangerous or influential this man can be.

“This ‘boy’ is stating the truth, my lord. She is only here to visit lady Adrianna. Nothing more.” The man laughed in his face.

“I have heard they slew your father at the Alpha Convention for simply attending there with their king in attendance.” Quinn looked at him as he spoke. “They cut him off down before he can fight back. Now what kind of Alpha would let himself get killed that easily?”

“I know you preferred to kill him. At least, give him a good fight.” Lord Xyant was surprised the youth didn’t back down from him. “Long ago, I would have punch you for the comment… You are very lucky, my lord, that I can’t transform… I would tear out your threat and your fucking heart out!”

“Language!” I shouted at him. I have to remind he needs to be composed.

“What makes you different from the others, boy?” He’s not fazed by Quinn’s threats.

“Dream Walking, my lord. Not to mention, the power of magic at my disposal.”

“And, boy?” Definitely not working.

“Jose!” A knight appears in front of us. My lord, however, is smiling at these turns of events.

“What has doth required of me, my lord?” A summon… I have heard that dreamers can make contracts or bonds with the spirits or creatures they encountered in the dream world. To bring one into the real world…

“You think that tin can, will stop me, boy?” My lord cranes his neck. “I fought spirits, Lycans, humans and some of my people.”

“But I know you seek to secure yourself a son for your legacy, my lord.” It surprised him that Quinn would bring up the subject with him. “You and your wife had tried to procreate and get a son for your dynasty. You have been getting a lot of daughters for years but no son to make a lord.”

“And boy? You think that is enough to shake me? You aren’t the first person who knew about it.” Quinn tries another tactic.

“May I ask why you are here, my lord?”

“For my daughter, of course.” Quinn moves in front of him.

“The thing is, she is not interested in men who see her as a baby factory. She wants you to trust her like her find the right person for her caliber.”

“You have a lot of nerve to lecture me, boy.” My lord is incensed that Quinn has to tell him what to do.

“I have experience with people looking for their mates, my lord. You would be a damn fool to have her mate an idiot.”

“I see… And you think you are a better choice, hmm? You who had an interest in my daughter… A filthy, disgusting animal…” He sneers at him.

“Enough! Please, my lord. Forgive Mr. Dewalt for his conduct.” I stepped in before it gets heated.

“Ha! Why are you apologizing for that animal, Lady Immuney? I want to hear it from his mouth, not yours.”

“Father! Please... I’ll go back! I will pick my husband. Just… no more!” He was surprised his daughter was quick to appease him.

“I have arranged a suitor and you will meet with him, young lady.” He glared at her. She mention in the past that her father would punish her for speaking out of turn and going through the suitor he choose for her. I know she’ll accept never this but given that her father can tear through an entire room…

“Go ahead, I’ll be fine.” Quinn accepts that there is nothing he can do.

“I’ll-I’ll go with you, father.” She takes his hand and turned toward the streets.

“And boy?” Hmm? “Out of the most lycans that I’ve killed over my years… You are the one I hate the least.” With that, they left…

“At least he decided not to kill you, Quinn.” I noticed that Lord Xyant despise all Lycans to the point he would kill them for sport. What didn’t help that his wife…

“Rumors is that his wife slept with a young Lycan male while he was away for business. The affair lasted for a whole one year.” Lee…

“You were listening to the women, gossiping, haven’t you?” I put my hands on my hips.

“No, my dear. I have also been listening to the other minor nobles as well. They even stated that she was pregnant with that said man’s child.” Oh, dear…

“What happened afterwards, Lee?” I saw Quinn was not happy with the way Lord Xyant treated his daughter.

“He had her kill her lover for exchange of letting her keep the child. Although after the child was born, she was not heard from again. Nor do I know if he kept the child or…?”

“Then we need to do something about it. How could they turn a blind eye to things?!”

“Quinn…” He stormed out of the room. If I don’t hurry, Quinn will get himself into trouble. And Lord Xyant is not some lord he can easily confront.

Taking a stroll

Changing to my casual clothing and letting my long hair, I made haste to find Quinn. As I walked down the street, I found Quinn… sit down eating a Cambri Wrap. I sat down beside him…

“Quinn! There you are!”

“Hello, my lady.” He turned to look at me. “Lee explained me everything as I was making my way to his estate.”

“Why did you run off like that?” There is pain in his eyes. “If Lee had not stopped before you arrived at there, you would have died! Which, do you even know where to find him?”

He nods at his head; I am getting the feeling it is not sitting well with him.

“Why do they defend bastards like him?”

“His social status. A lord is presumed to be innocent until proven guilty. Walking up or confront him would not work.”

“Right…” He now realized our ‘standard,’ of justice is different. “I was a fool to not think about that.”

“I see you like our Cambri Wraps.” I pointed to his food. “It is infused with animal blood to bring it flavor.” Quinn narrowed his eyes at me as if we fed him human meat. “No, No… It is not eating a human being. We simply consume blood for nourishment.”

“Oh, right!” He screamed as someone bit him from behind. I quickly punch the individual from doing so… You!

“Whoa, my lady.” The man lets out a nervous laughter. “I was just having a ‘snack’”

“Hey, Kirk. If you are done, bugging lady Immuney.” A man was gorgeous, with locks of blonde hair and a face that every woman would want to die for. “We should know the proper respect for our ‘Lycan’ friend here.” Quinn rubbing the bite mark from him.

“Yeah, I have been through worse. And I guess, I didn’t introduce myself earlier.” The man surprised that Quinn didn't let the bite mark fazed him.

“Oh, we know who you are, Mr. Dewalt. I believe… what the word, Gerald?”

“The man who melted down during our lord’s announcement!” They laughed.

“Of course, the man who had no wolf inside him. Turns out to have one!” That jerk…

“Too bad, I can just pop inside your head and tell folks about your secret ‘lover’.” The laughter died down the moment Quinn mentioned it. “Shall I start?”

“You think you can threaten, you dirty dog?! I am Lord Kristen, son of Dalen Kristen. I can ruin your very life with one word.” Quinn crosses his arms at him.

“My father has beaten me and disown me…” He moved toward Kristen slowly. “Had my people beating me and breaking my bones, rogues that sought to claim my life. Human hunters tried to hunt me down and kill me. A deadly curse nearly drove me insane and of course, one lady in court pulled her sword on me.” He is smiling at Kristen as he grew nervous. “If you think you got ways to threaten my livelihood or raising hell in my life. By all means…” He raised his hand in the air. “Go ahead.”

“You dare…?” The air feels chilly around us…

“THAT IS MY LYCAN,YOU ARE MESSING WITH!” Revanna! But why is she here?

“Oh, dear god. That's lady Revanna! We better move along!” His friend urged him.

“This isn’t over, Dewalt.” The man walked off with his friends.

“Dewalt!” She marched up to him… what has gotten into her? “We are inviting you to the Forborolla Ball tonight. I suggest you wear something nice, proper and no, you may not go without shoes.”

“Yes, Ma’am…” He took the invitation in his hand.

“That means you will enter the ball tonight and imagine dozens of people.” I smiled, but we took Quinn into consideration.

“It would be like people sizing you up in there… I was never invited into parties before in my life.” Revanna goes to his face.

“I will come and find you if you even think about not attending tonight. We can have you carried there if you like.”

“No, ma’am I would have agreed to go now.” I took him by the hand and sped back to my home.

“We need to get you dress quickly then!” I told him.

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