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Chapter 26: Patronage pt. 2

Elleri’s POV

“Quinn! What were you thinking?” I chewed him out after he got into an altercation with Zachery Carterra. “You should have known that the Carterra are merciless toward anyone that stands against them. Especially they can use Ice magic.”

“True, however, I saw he touched Adrianna inappropriately while he had her in his arms. Believe me when I say this, I only wish to get Adrianna out of that situation, not get into a fight with him.” I sighed when he told me that. However, the audience seems to take a shine to him even Matthias himself spent a few minutes talking with him. He normally doesn’t associate himself with humans or lycans. That was interesting.

“Still, Valerio landed a sucker punch on that jerk!”

“I take it as you know them?”

“They are not the friendliest bunch that I know and you better off not knowing the people that work under them.” He nodded. “Good, but I have a feeling you might have made an enemy out of them.”

“Given that Zack was close to using his magic to turn me into a popsicle. I’m used to it by now.”

“It isn’t your first time, is it?”

“My clan back then, before I realized I was a dream walker. They would gang up on me, punch me, kick me, break my legs, my arms. Even going so far to burn me alive.”

“Quinn…” I know some Lycan clans would do such things in Quinn’s case, but being burnt alive? That is barbaric!

“Not all of them took part of it, some like the betas of my father, would pity me, but only that. People weren’t allowed or encouraged to speak with me however, Tilda and Pwyll would defy that and looked after me.”

“That must be a hard life, Quinn bear.” I smiled as offered my hand.

“I shall dance with you, Miss Fortbem. May I?” I laughed when I turned my head to see the Countess and…

“You will regret this! DO YOU HEAR ME? My lord will know of this!” Julius is throwing a fit again, this time in front of our host.

“Go ahead! I wish you would!” My… I can feel her aura pouring over me. Quinn must have felt it, too. I guess Julius realized he bit off more than he can chew at this rate. “I would wreck your punk ass! Go ahead! Sic your master on me! I am ready!”

Julius ran into the night, afraid she would obliterate him on the spot. The audience applauds with the way she handled him; I am not only one who disliked him.

“Wow, the countess takes no one’s nonsense.” Hmm! She doesn’t.

“Anyway, How are you feeling after yesterday? I know Fenrir is-” It was interrupted when a large group of masked man through the windows.

When Quinn saw them, he turned toward me.

“Find Adrianna and get out of here!”

“What about you?!” I asked him what he’ll do.

“I’ll do the same! NOW GO!”

Party Crashers

I searched for Adrianna through the panicked crowds; they are not helping with all the chaos around. I saw some guests were being overrun by the crowd, being trampled on, and some were being shot in the chest by one of those assailants.

You know what…

I place my scarf around my neck to cloak myself in darkness, which it can help me move through the crowd. Adrianna! She is facing off against a group of assailants using their own weapons. I ran toward them and darted myself toward one of them, plunging my shadow blade into one of their hearts.

“A human?” I noticed the man slump to the ground. He didn’t turn into ash. That means-

“Ella!” I heard a gunshot from behind me. I’ve turned around, and I saw Adri blocked the shot using her body. “Silver will not work against me!” She went straight to the gunman and slice his head off before he can fire off another shot.

“I forget sometimes that you are immune to our weaknesses!” I shouted across her as she removes the bullet from her chest.

“Focus!” She pulled out her twin blades, I’ve quickly moved behind her to pull out my broomstick. I’ve twirled around to focus the mana inside of me… It is time to put out all the stops.

A group of them ambushed us as soon as they saw us. Adrianna charges toward them. She spins those twin swords like a blender, to deflect most of the bullets. Even with one of them hitting her arm, it barely slowed her down.

I jumped into the air and cast ice spells to fire off at the assailants; I dodged the bullet, which they hit some of the guests, turning them into skeletons as they crumbled. They… don’t care who they kill, do they?

I dived into the ground and darted toward each attacker, unleashing a barrage of magic missiles while I was moving from one target to another. I’ve landed near Adrianna after I dealt with the previous one.

“Just like old times?” I twirled my broomstick to ready myself for the next wave of them.

“Yeah!” She spit up some blood on the ground. She definitely taking up like her father before her. “You want to know what I hate more, Ella?” She is merging her two blades into her Great sword and raised it above her head.

“Uncivilized FUCKING bastards!” I’ve readied my broomstick at the attacker as they came toward our position.

“Normally, I would say watch your language, Ella.” She slams her sword on the ground a couple of times, leaving their marks on the ground. “I would say in this case…” She flies toward the first attacker that attacked her. “FUCK YOU!”

Adrianna and I fended off the assassins as they came in droves. When their friends saw we were doing a lot of damage, they direct their attention toward us. Adrianna was being shot in the head, chest, arms, legs, any part of the body they can target… she still charges toward them as if they were pea sized bullets.

In the meantime, I helped to get any of the guests who didn’t escape in time. I noticed the attackers were Humans, Lycans and even our kind in the group. Why would they do this? For what?

“Hey!” Someone’s voice called to me… As soon I turned around, they shot me in the shoulder.

As it did, I felt myself disintegrating… Again, thankfully; I took an anti-ash pillet beforehand. It’s slowing it down. It surprised the man when I die didn’t quickly; I slash his throat in return for causing me pain. Shots… I ran across the hallways as the bullets filed throughout the area.

Near the end,

However, a bullet hit my leg, causing pain to shoot up throughout my body. Now a bullet penetrated my heart. I felt I was going to overheat with all of this pain going through my body. Not again… This is the 9th time this happened to me… I coughed up ashed as my body was going into overdrive.

The anti-ash pillet can only do so much when you have been shot in the shoulder, leg and heart. It is slowing it down… It doesn’t mean it’ll stop the disintegration…

“Dang! It’s look like the bitch is overheating.” Someone… someone has flipped me over to see a man with a black mask standing over me with a gun. “It’s looks like your time is up, girly!”

As closed my eyes, I heard a yell from the man. I opened them to see him being impaled through the stomach… Adri!

“I leave you alone for one moment…” She took out a needle and plunged it into my neck. “Then you getting shot to bits and nearly turned to ash. You should have left this to me, Ella. You’re not immune.” She helped me as I recovered from the damage that the silver bullet caused.

“Thanks! But where is Quinn?” It occurred to me he was nowhere in sight.

I heard an explosion from the west wing…

“That is our answer! Let go, Ella!” We moved as fast as we can. They maybe after Quinn, after all he is a dream walker.

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