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Chapter 26: Patronage pt. 3

Quinn’s POV

After getting all the guests that I can to safety, I fend off a group of assassins whom I learned wanted me dead. I told Elleri to reach for safety; I hope she is all right. No matter how many I take down, more of them take their place.

“Hold him down!” I feel a hand twisting my arm prevent me from moving it. I felt I was getting on my knees.

As I was on the ground, I noticed the man spoke in an unknown language. I don’t know what he is saying… I have a feeling it has something to do with me. Then someone moved in front of me and grabbed me by the side of my head.

The center of your mind

Uuh… Where…? We are in the dream world! How can this be possible?

“Quinn Maris Dewalt…” I heard laughter all around me. That voice is familiar…

“You are the one that tried to have me killed, correct?” I yelled out into the shadows. “But why? Why attack us at the party?”

“I’ve only wanted you, boy! The attack was a diversion!” I saw lights beaming up in the darkness and felt something hot on my side…


“Why attack these people? Are you that much of a coward to not deal with me yourself?”

“You cause me a lot of headache, you little brat! Now die already!”

As the lasers poured down around me, I summoned a blade to deflect them back to the point of origin. Whoever is doing this wants me dead… I know now why is Samuel after me.

“Are you the one who sent Samuel Aswanson after me? I know you are not human!” I continue to speak while deflecting the lasers at me. The voice ignored me. “I’ll take that as a yes, then?” They halted.

“And? What does matter, anyway, boy?” A face popped up in front of me. It doesn’t seem happy to see me. “You should have died long ago!”

That is it… I am tired of people stating that I should have died from birth. I’ve been tired of many people trying to kill me. I am done being helpless to fight back.

“What matter, boy? Did I hurt your feelings already?” The faces multiplied to surround me, laughing as I stood there alone in the darkness. “Time for you to join your beloved mentor in death!” I saw they were charging energy from their mouth.

“Jose! Sir Dalmut!” I snap my finger as I summon the knights to my aid.

“Don’t forget me, master!” Fenrir? What happened to him? “No time to explain! Saluna! Come to our aid on this night” He summoned a powerful moon spirit. It was a female humanoid spirit. I saw braids in her hair, and she has no legs.

“What is the meaning of this?!” Now, it is my turn.

“Attack!” We wasted no time in attacking each of the faces, deflecting balls of energy that came our way. I know Dalmut and Jose do not get along, but in this case, since I was the one to summon them as worked together as a team to ensure this man cannot kill me.

Saluna landed, one might punch on the last face that shatter the illusion. What…? Is that…?

“Master!” Fenrir… he is not good. I saw his fur lost its silver luster, his paws are darkening. His eyes are white, as if there is no sparkle in them anymore.

“Fenrir!” The man laughed at me. You? “What did you do to him?!” I turned my rage at the man.

“You mean what you have done to him?” He is pissing me off… “Don’t you see? You have done this to yourself, boy! I have nothing to do with this!”

“Master… Don’t… He is telling the truth.” He is coughing up.

“Sir! We’ll take him back into the dream world. You deal with thy foe.” I nodded to Sir Jose. Please take care of him.

At long last, my enemy!

As soon as Sir Jose took Fenrir out of harm’s way, I walked up to my enemy. Sir Dalmut walked along with me in case if he tried anything funny.

“Spear.” He tossed me his spear, which I pointed at the man, which his eyes opened wide at the pointed tip. “Who are you? And who sent you after me?!”

“Who? That I can’t say.” The man giggling as my threats mean nothing to him.

“Then your name, then!”

“Well, if you insist…” The man did a flourish in front of me. “My name is Julius. Or lord Julius, if you prefer, I’m not picky.”

“At least, I know the man who tried to kill me.” I pushed the spear deeper near his neck. “You’re finished!”

The man laughed at the whole situation. He killed Angharad, attack innocents just to get to me… He doesn’t regret a single thing he has done.

“Bye!” The man waved his hands as he vanished from view. NO! He got away…

“Quinn…” That Elleri’s voice. “Wake up!”

“My lord, it is time to go! I will get that coward if it is the last thing I do.” I nodded.

“You will get no argument from me, Sir Knight.” I returned to the real world… In the arms of Adrianna.

“Good, you are awake!” She smiled as she saw I was unharmed.

“What happened to you?” I noticed several scars on her body and notice her dress is torn up.

“You forget I am a weapon master, Quinn. You know it will take more than silver bullets and crosses to stop me.”

Right… I have forgotten that the Immuney are nearly immune to every conventional weakness that vampires to possess. It is a good thing; she is on our side.

Recovery at home

3 days after the incident, they know now that a known nobleman named Julius was the culprit for the attack. However, his whereabouts were unknown, since no one could locate him. As for the party that night, they were 780 killed and 500 injured that night.

They interrogated some assassins that were caught for answers, but with little success. I recovered from that previous night’s events, staying with the immuneys for a while.

They kept me occupied, when I thought about Fenrir. I saw he was becoming weaker and gaunt. What Julius said that ‘I’ve done this to him’ was even more disturbing. I tried to rationalize it as he was lying to me, and he was making it up... But…

“Mr. Dewalt” I noticed Miss. Immuney was coming with tea and brought cups. “Everything all right?”

“I am alright, my lady. It has been 3 days since that incident.” She had prepared tea, and I took a sip… It is a rich texture with no aftertaste.

“I know you were concerned about Julius coming after you. If then you have nothing to worry about. Of course, I notice it is not him you are worried about.” Oh!

“You have a sharp eye, my lady. It seems to me you catch on to even the smallest of details.” She smiled as she took a seat in front of me.

“Are you worried about Fenrir?”

“Yes… I am.” She sat there, watching my expression as I mention his name.

“I’m sorry, If I offend you by bringing him up.”

“No, my lady. It is all right.” I shook my head at that idea. “I saw Fenrir that night… It was like he was ill. Like it drained all of his strength out of him.”

“You think you may be responsible for it?”

“I think so…” I looked down on my tea as I recalled what the count said. He was my wolf, exorcised from my body for years. I couldn’t have… I didn’t mean to…

“Do you hate him still? As far as I know, he cared about you as well. He must have a good reason to hide this knowledge from you. He is a part of you, a friend, a brother and a guide when you feel lost.” She is right.

“Yet, he lied to me when he claimed he was a spirit! He could have told me the truth then.”

“What would you have done if he had told you?” My lady… “Chase him? Accept him?”

“I would ask where has he been in my life. And why he felt the need to lie to me.” I shook my head. The memories of my life became back to me. “I am sorry, my lady. I would wish to be left alone.” felt a touch on my shoulder.

“If you need anything, let me know. We are here to help you.” I smiled as she walked out of my room.

I went outside to the window; It was crisp, and the sun was shining all over the city. It may not be much during the day since vampires would sleep during the day and/or work, but the immuneys sleep during the night and remain active during the daytime.

I watched as the birds moved north from the city. It would be good to stretch my legs for a bit.

“Master.” Fenrir?

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