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Chapter 27: The truth

Fenrir’s POV

As arrived in my master room, I stood in front of my master. I know he may have questions for me… I should have told him the truth sooner… of all of this from the beginning. My time is running out… I don’t know how long I would last at this rate.

“Fenrir…” My master finally spoke. “Why did you lie to me from the beginning?” I… I looked away as he asked me. “Why didn’t you tell me you were my inner wolf all of this time?”

“I was afraid you would have rejected me should you learned the truth.” That was the only answer I can give.

“I expelled you from my body and I kept wondering why I did so!”

“I am unworthy of you, my master. I failed you again!”

“Failed?” The last word it surprised him. “You didn’t fail me, Fenrir. In fact, you have saved my life more times to count. Even helping to get the potions to save me from the deadly curse. Spirit or not, you didn’t fail me! Hell, you were always there, watching over me.”

“It is time for me to tell you the entire story about my birth, master. This time, there will be no lies between us.” I coughed up blood… I need more time to explain. “Not there is not time much left, my master. I must explain to you now.”

“What has happened to you? Did Julius do this to you?!” I shook my head.

“Please, listen to me, Master. It was not Julius who had done this. This will pertain to the story that I will tell you of my birth.”

The time that our master and I are one

To begin… I was within the mother’s womb, alongside with my beloved master. My master was a child. Every Lycan child will have a wolf inside of him from birth. It melds within their soul from the time they come from the womb; it was the huntress who was the first person to infuse the wolf inside of her and pass it on to her ascendants.

When our loved one dies, they will become and join with the Ancestor. The deity of memories and the spirit.

It was the Goddess. Some would call her the ‘Moon Goddess’ of our people. Watches over all of us from the day we are born and the day we die.

Together with the Ancestor, Huntress and Goddess… They have become deities, not gods that watch over us in our lifetimes.

My master, however… dispelled me before our melding would be complete. I was a pup lost in this world… A corporal. A wolf that had no host or master. Most corporals do not last for long in the real world since after a month, they will fade into the oblivion should they cannot get a host.

I build myself with a goal… A goal to rejoin with my master. The hope was to return to my master within the womb before he was born. However, by the time, I’ve arrived, my master was born into the realm of mortals. I couldn’t dive in to rejoin with him.

I bore witness when I saw his father furious that my master was born without me… Nearly killed a doctor in his rage, had his wife not talked him of it.

“Goddess… Oh my, goddess…” He is shaking his head, believing that my master’s birth was an Ill-omen. “My son has no wolf inside of him. The huntress has cursed me with a son with no wolf.”

“That is not true, Oxdin!” Hmm? “I still believe that my son can become great and I can still feel his wolf surrounding us.”

“What wolf, Selene?” He cannot see me… A veil has been placed upon me. “There is no wolf inside of him! He won’t survive here! And I have to honor my clan laws.” He took my master and ran out of the room.

I’ve given chase, following the Alpha to the clan’s sacred place. As I enter, I felt the veil was lifted, but I remain in the shadows as I don’t wish to scare him.

“Goddess, please. Ancestor, hear me! Huntress, wise and skilled hunter, hear my cry!” He got to his knees, raising his son to face them. “My son is cursed! I am a failure of a father! The sayers foretold he will only bring shame to his clan. He has no wolf… no chance to survive.”

“That is not true!” I stepped out of the shadows. This time, he saw me back then I was flowing with power. “My master is worthy! I am his wolf!”

“No! No!” He took a step back… “No, you are an abomination!” He sets his son down on the ground.

“Please, listen to me, Alpha!” His father transformed in front of me. He grabbed a cross to flash it in front of me. “I am not here-”

“Begone! Evil Spirit! Your presence will not tolerate here! Leave this place!”

“But…” As soon as he moved toward me, I teleported out of his sight. I did not wish to harm him. He had mistaken me for an evil spirit.

By entering the sacred place and followed my master, his father accused me of seeking to do harm to him. It was… It was my doing. By revealing myself to him, I learned he took that as a sign to offer his child to the deities. I felt a pull in my spirit; I followed it to the same woman, Selene, who given birth to my master.

“Selene!” I called out to her. “Oxdin is going to sacrifice your son!” The woman stood up. I felt her spirit stirring within me and in return, she can sense it.

“Huntress? Are you calling me?” No… wait. I’ve tapped into the power of the spirit world. It was the first time I have done so to communicate with her.

I showed her that Oxdin is going to abandon your child in the woods. Take only Pwyll and Tilda. A large group would complicate the problem and put him in danger.

“Wait! You were the one who warned my mother!”

“Yes… I have done so because you were in danger.” Quinn looks down, realizing it was my timely invention that saved his life.

“What about my father?”

“He prayed every day for you to get strong and to prove to him you will not be weak.”

“It would explain why he treated me so. My clan expected him to cultivate a reputation of strength and fearlessness. If my father had supported me, they would take it as a sign of weakness. They won’t follow an alpha should he show that.” I nodded my head.

“Also, on the day when you were 13-”

“I remember Nathaniel tricked me into going to an area where a rogue feral Lycan was waiting for me. I recall I survive the encounter years ago.”

“Do you remember nothing from that time, master?” I coughed… ugh… I must…

“Fenrir…” He pick up and held me in his lap. “Then you were the one who saved my life. I thought it was Tilda that did so.”

“Then is when I met Angharad, Master.”

“And she knew who you were? And then my father-” I nodded my head… I can hold myself together to a point, but not forever. The power is sustaining me is slowly leaving. “He had wanted to send me to Windmill. But because I mouth off to him about mother… I had no way of knowing this. He kept this from me.”

“He did!”

“Where is mother?”

“She left one day after Nathaniel was born, master. She… vanished without a trace or clue to where she is going.” I couldn’t look at Quinn… She may be dead or missing, I don’t know.

“Then why have you been avoiding me during training? You could have spoken to me about your condition. THAT IS THE THING, FENRIR!” My master is letting loose. “You could have told me you were my wolf instead of a spirit. Samuel tried to banish you using an incantation, but you survived it. You withheld knowledge from me and you think I can’t handle the truth?! Then I found this familiar energy is resonating with me because you are a part of me. But you pretend to be a spirit and tried to keep me in dark and I have to hear this from someone else!”


“No!” He is shaking his head at me. “Don’t ‘master’ me, Fenrir! Why did you have to lie about who you are?”

“I had intended to tell you sooner… I saw you were with Mira and Angharad. If I had told you about who I was… What I am? Would you have accepted me? Would you believe the word of something that claims to be your long-lost wolf?”

“I am Fenrir! The wolf spirit from the Dream world!” My master mocks me. I guess I deserve it. I had hid this for long enough. “You could have said that I was your long-lost wolf whom they separated me from you from birth!”

I… I couldn’t answer that. And all I ever wanted was to reunite with my master and rejoin with him. I deceive him instead of speaking the truth to him from the very beginning.

I was afraid… That my master will reject me should he learn the truth.

“That is why I have failed you, master… I couldn’t bear… to be rejected once again. The fear of it was too much.”

“Yet you stayed by my side when we needed help.”

“I trusted Mira and Elleri with this knowledge, and every time I had wanted to tell you. I couldn’t… When I came to-”

“You didn’t have the time to tell me about this sooner.”

“Quinn… I must know now. Will you reject me after all of this? I have nothing more to hide from you.”

“Then why are you looking like you are sick? You said your power is slowly ebbing away.”

“Yes..” I coughed up blood. My energy…

“No, Fenrir. I wouldn’t want to reject you. I have wanted you to trust me with said knowledge.” He grabbed me and held in his arms. “I won’t reject you now. So don’t give up on me, now!”

“Master… Thank you.”

“How do we rejoin together?”

The power is mine!

“To begin, you must recite the ritual of bonding. There, it will take time for our merging to be complete.” I took the time to explain how it will work.

The bonding is a ritual that connects a Lycan to his wolf, where they will share each other strengths and tie them to together in life. Once it is done, it cannot be undone… since both the host and the wolf will die, sometimes is where the personalities will be merged into one being.

After we complete the ritual, it will take up from 24 hours to 4 days for the bonding to fully taken effect.

“Then I am ready, Fenrir. I don’t know what will happen once we complete it or I’ll forget who I am. But if my father was here…” I said nothing, it is my master’s choice on the matter. “He would be proud of me. He is not here, and I won’t be able to see or hear him again. I know one thing, however!”


“I am my person, not my father, not my brothers or Tilda. I am just Quinn. After the merging, Fenrir. Will I ever see you again?” I nuzzled on his leg.

“Master… I am not going anywhere. I’ll be with you forever!”

“Then it is time!” My master raised his hand into the sky. Clouds are gathering like a stampede.

“I am ready, my master! I have been separated from you long enough.”

“Ancestor!” He shouted to sky. “My wolf has come home to me. He was lost, alone and without someone to look over him. I welcome him into my temple!” The energy is flowing around us. The ancestor is hearing the voice of the man who lost his wolf. “Huntress, guardian of the hunt! Fly me with your strength. May my wolf’s strength, ferocity and speed… Flow through me!”

As Quinn spoke those words, I flowed inside his body. Now, I shall do my part as well.

“Huntress, I accept my master and go into his mortal vessel. I shall lend my strength and may the Ancestor record, watch and guide us in our lives.” I let loose the power that dwelled within me.

My master feels the power surging through him, the power that is once his. I am linking my mind and soul with my master, the bonding nearly complete.

“Goddess! With your blessing… let me and Fenrir be one again! Let’s no one tear us apart! Let’s no one divide us apart! He and I will not be alone anymore!” We unleashed the energy in the sky. We are intervening and whole again.

“Quinn? How are you holding up?” I asked, the merging is almost complete.

“I’m good so far, you?” I smiled.

“Commune our souls, master! We are almost done!”

With that, Quinn raised his hands to the skies above. The rain poured down. The heavens are pouring in its joy that we are reunited once again.

“Ancestor! Huntress! Goddess! Fuse us together!!” To answer, the thunder shot us like an arrow. Our souls have merged once again.

To be myself again…

To be merged with my beloved master…

Is the greatest joy I can ever ask for....

“Fenrir…” I can hear you… Quinn.

“Quinn.” We are now linked, but it will take time for him to gain his full power.

“I remember everything now… You saved me years ago…”

“Always… We should have done this long enough, my master…” I lamented I should have helped him sooner.

“But the thing now, my old friend.” The energy died down as we noticed our surroundings. “Can I transform now?”

“Begin with Partial form. Your strength still needs time to grow.” I warned against transforming into his full form.

“Okay, I know what I need to do!” Show me. “Fenrir! Partial! Let’s go!”

“Umm, Master?” That is not the correct way. “To transform, you need to believe in yourself and trigger it by sheer will. A simple command will not work.”

“Got it!” Quinn is… trying, even imagine can transform into a biped wolf. He is close. “Got it. Fenrir! Partial!” I joined with my master as I transform.

“My strength flows inside you!” I… We started transforming into his partial form. It still takes some time to get the hang of it.

Through his eyes, his hands transform into paw of his feet. His teeth grew sharper and skin has grown fur, of the silver kind. We howled as the transformation…

“What is going on here?!” Adrianna?

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