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Chapter 28: The very land itself

Quinn’s POV

“Who are you?!” She drawn out her sword. She is mistaking me as an intruder. “I don’t know how you got past the border security, but you will find no quarter here, Intruder!”

“Wait! It’s me, Quinn!” I hopped up and down. “It’s me!”

“Adrianna! Are you all right?” My lord has arrived at the balcony. He is ready to fight.

“Now, hang on!” The medic, Clyde spoke up. “That is Quinn over there! I can feel his energy radiating from up here.”

“Quinn? I thought you said, you didn’t have a wolf. Unless…” she ponders for a moment. “You re-emerge with your wolf. Of course, the ritual of bonding!”

“That was the gist of it, my lady. It looks like our dream boy has gotten his wolf’s back!” Clyde… he is joking.

However, the members of Vennecia, our secret police, arrived. When they notice me, pulled out their wolfbane sword.

“An unauthorized transformation has been detected. You, Lycan. Come with us!”

“There is no need for that, officer. That was Quinn, the Lycan under my household. I take full responsibility for what has occurred.” Lord Immuney had to explain to the officer on the whole situation.

Ah, now I remember… In my haste of transforming into my partial form, I forgot that transforming within city limits is forbidden to Lycans. Any Lycan that transforms within city limits will either pay a fine, be barred from the city, have their wolf removed or, worse case, death, depending on the severity of the crime.

“I see, my lord. We will overlook it this time. Be sure it does not happen again.” They nod before retreating to the shadows.

“Mr. Dewalt, what are you thinking? Transformation within city limits?” Adrianna is chewing me out on this. “You need to revert now. You can’t afford to get into anymore troubles at this point.”

“Okay… Fennir. A little help here?” I asked him for help with this.

“Stand up on your two feet, master. You go into hybrid mode.” I did what he said… I still have the ears of a wolf.

“Is this hybrid form?” I notice I am in that mode. Okay… remember what your big sister has taught you.

“Transformation. So we have 3 modes of transformations for us, Lycans. Hybrid, Partial and Full Wolf.” I recited what I know to Tilda.

“That is correct, little brother. Show me the form that allows you to enter it.”

I crawled on my fours and straightened my back. I concentrated on my transformation as hard as I can.

“The point is not to stress my brother. Show me another stance to go into Hybrid.”

I stood on my feet and spread my legs apart for balance and power. I clenched my fists… nothing…

“Good, you remember that stance. One more time! Show me the stance to enter full-wolf.”

“Sis… I can’t…”

“Don’t say, ‘I can’t’. Quinn, you must believe in yourself! One day, when you wolf awakens, you must be able to learn how to command it. You know why father wants me to train you personally.”

“Why?! He hates me! He doesn’t even care about me!” My sister put her hand shoulder on my shoulder.

“He wants you to get stronger, little brother. They will be a time I will not be around all the time. Not to mention Reagan or Nathaniel will not stop picking on you.”

“Won’t they go after you? If they go after you because of me…” She slapped me in the face.

“I would want them to try. If Reagan and Nathaniel want to say to my face, they know I won’t stand for it. But Quinn, you need to stand up to them.” My sister is fierce. Many in our clan know she supports me despite my reputation as the Ill-omen. They wouldn’t try to say it to her face. They respect her too much for that plus, she punched a guy’s lights out for speaking ill of me in front of her.

“They have wolves and I don’t…” She had me look at her.

“You have a wolf inside of you. Ill-Omen or not, there is no excuse. You are my brother… Be strong!”

“Yep, getting punched like a rag doll would count!”

“Get punched like a rag doll then! Get stomped on even if you have to! You already had your arms and legs broken. How many times, brother?”

“150 times since I was 6 years old. I was lucky I could keep walking and breathing.”

“Once you awaken your inner wolf, Quinn. You can turn the tables on them and show your father you have it takes.” I looked down at the ground. “We still gotta train, brother! Head up!” She raised her dukes up and I quickly noticed that she nearly landed a punched on me. “Good! Again! Let’s go!”

“Right!” I went into the same stance.

“C’mon, Ill-omen! Prove to me you have what it takes!”

After recalling that memory, I stood up on my two feet. I… I reverted to normal. To make sure, I let Fenrir return inside of me, which my ears reverted to its normal shape.

“Ill-Omen, huh?” I smiled back at that memory. “Not anymore. I wish big sis was here.”

“Quinn? You all right?” Oh… I have forgotten…

“My lord and lady! I should have notified you sooner about what happened! So sorry for the embarrassment.” I took a bow. I have should have known merging with Fenrir would draw attention.

“It’s okay, Quinn. Fenrir had explained to us beforehand. He wanted to speak to you in person.”

“He did. He is inside of me now.”

“Which he neglects to explain how he’ll rejoin with you, Mr. Dewalt.” Oh, right… “Thankfully, no one has gotten hurt but in the future, you can’t do this again.”

I don’t want to get into trouble with the Vennecia. Known them, they are part of the 3 parts of vampire society: Vennica, the secret police. Malveron, the military arm and Quaxiz, the social guide where the nobles and their high lords are a part of.

“Then I know a spot where you can practice on your newfound abilities.” Adrianna gently grabbed me by my arm.

“Let’s go. It’s time for me to get stronger.”

“While we are at, we’ll seek the dream stone. I know you will need to gain the relic.” I took her by the arms and we dashed off down… below….!

Within the modrey forest,

I knew Adrianna is this fast… but I will need to get used to this. It won’t be very time that I get accustomed to this. I know this the modrey forest, a forest that houses luscious plantlife as well the surrounding vegetation. Sometime, lost souls and/or rogues prowl in this place and they won’t hesitate to ambush anyone in a mile radius.

It also known this forest to be toxic for most vampires, since it has bloodbroom trees nearby. Adrianna explained to me as she had been before many times with her father, testing and always strengthening their immunities to almost everything. For some reasons… I feel the forest is smoothing my soul, there is danger, yet there is peace here.

“Here we are, Mr. Dewalt.” She stopped and we near a bloodbroom tree. Good. “Here, you can practice here to get a hang of your transformations.”

“Right! Fenrir!”

“Master… Are you ready to begin your training?” I nodded my head.

“Yes, I hope my sister’s training has paid off. I wish she was here…” I shook that thought out of my head. “Begin! Fenrir!” I crawled to the ground.

“I am coming!” I felt my wolf surged through as I transformed into my partial form. It is less painful than it was before.

“Okay, Dewalt. Do you know how to hunt?” Adrianna is surprising me she knows how we lycans think.

“I think so…” I closed my eyes to sense the surrounding area.

I smell a pleasant aroma… I smell the dew within the forest… smelling the bloodbroom tree; it smells like pineapples. Hmm… I saw something…

Someone grabbed me by the ear and bit into my neck. I pulsate electricity throughout my body; it was a lost soul that bit me.

It looks like a woman with blackened eyes, blood drips before her mouth and she is speaking a language I can’t understand…

“Quinn! Get behind me!” Adrianna pulls out her staff, twirling it around as more of them come through the woodworks. By then, the bite marks have healed up, but I will need to be on my guard.

“I’ll shutting it down!” I dived into its mind… God… They…

“What happened?” two of them darted in front of us, only to vanish. “Can you manipulate their minds?”

“That is the thing, Adrianna. They don’t have any semblance of rational thought. My powers won’t work against them.” I dodged a swipe from their claw and teleported behind one of them to fire a fireball from my mouth. The creature howled as the fire licked up their skin.

“Of course, they are soulless. They would not have a soul or rational mind. They are past the point of no return.” She swayed back and stabbed one of them in the heart. The poor soul crumbled into dust.

“Then we have no choice but to put them out of their misery then!” I reverted to normal. “Fenrir! I need to go full form!”

“Master, you are not strong enough to attempt such a thing. It is-”

“This is not one of those times, my friend!” Time to speed up the process.

Okay! Pulling out the book of sorcery from my pocket. Where is that..? Ah! There!

“Quinn! I hope you know what you are doing!” Adrianna is fending off a few of them, with even one of them trying to get a bite out of her.

“Aus der Kraft meines Volkes... Aus dem Schweiße meines Angesichts!” One of them saw me and darted me to bit into my arm. “Lass meine Kraft aus meiner Seele platzen!” I’ve finished the spell in German.

As the surge through me, I will only have a minute to 30 seconds. Need to make this count!

“Now, Quinn!” Fenrir shouts.

“Fenrir!” My wolf merges with me as I transformed.

“Master, you have 35 seconds. Make it count!” Got it!

I grabbed the creature as it was biting down my arm, breaking its neck. I darted toward Adrianna to offer my help. Using my fingers to draw from the energy of the forest, I’ve blasted them with lightning that hits all but Adrianna in its midst.

“Meine Energie! Wir stürmen in das Herz der Schlacht!” I amplified the lightning to cook the poor souls into the next realms. I don’t enjoy this… but it is us or them.

I choose us!

“Quinn! Behind you!” As I spun around, a rogue grabbed me at my throat. I tried to fight it off, but it…

“15 seconds. Hurry!”

I grabbed its wrist to send a surge of flames through its arm, enough for it to release its grip. I narrowed dodge an Ice shard as it filed past me.

“Le déferlement de l’hiver…” I cast my Ice river spell in French. Some spells are more powerful when spoke in a certain language. I held it for a moment.

“6 seconds, Master. You lose your-”

“I know, Fenrir. Let me worry about that!” I saw a group that held Adrianna in her grip. One of them held a… broomwood blade to her throat?

“Release your spell whelp!” One of them spoke to me. “Unless her life is not important to you-”

“Que son, regard ne vous trouve jamais!” I released my Ice rivet as I turned to fire it on the rogue. I reverted to my normal form almost immediately.

The rivet then hit the group that held Adrianna in their grasp. She wasted no time grabbing the blade and jab the rogue in the heart. Blood was pouring from where the blade made its mark.

“We need to get out of here!” I agreed. However, another group of them surrounded us.

That is not all… more vampires appearing beside them… That means…?

“Marvelous use of the Ice rivet, Mr. Dewalt.” I heard clapping behind me.

“The only person who can get the Rogues and the vampires to work together without a mess.” I turned to meet the last person I never think I would meet… Julius.

Within our grasp,

“You remember me, Mr. Dewalt!” He smiled upon seeing me. “I notice you are getting stronger each day.”

“You had counted on us to come to these parts of the forest. You already know that your cover is blown back in the city. It ceased to amaze me on how hellbent are you on trying to kill me!”

“And you are the one responsible for the attack at the ball on the other night!” Adrianna clenches her teeth at him.

“Yes, well… Your presence is what I didn’t consider. I knew that you Immuneys would be immune to most everything that I can throw at you.”

“I have a question.” I have a feeling that I need to know something about what’s going on.

“Oh, my! You do? And what is that, little boy?”

“Why do you seek to kill me? A Lycan who couldn’t transform? I know Angharad is powerful, yes and have enemies. But why me? I am not anyone special that warrants such a thing.” He laughed as I stated my question.

“Why would I want to tell you about my motivations? Believe, I already made it clear to you in the beginning… I want. you. dead! Period!” No… there is more.

“There is more than that, Julius! You even hired a mercenary to take me out.” I noticed Julius is shrugging at the thought.

“I’ve hired no mercenary that you speak of, Mr. Dewalt.”

“Oh, he had a lot to say about you.” I took a step toward him. “You lied to him I was a world ending threat. You even tried to kill him when he gets second thoughts. Even tried to kill Elleri as well…”

“Excuses, Mr. Dewalt. But since I am done answering your questions. It is time-”

“You were also responsible for the Alpha Convention Massacre. My father…” I shook my head at the memory. Me and my father were never close, and he was distant. But he didn’t deserve this kind of fate. “He died because of you!”

For a moment, I saw his eyes light up at that. It is coming together then…

“Then Lord Julius…” Adrianna came to the same conclusion. “You and your master had attacked the most powerful individuals that would stand in the way of your plan to trigger another war of our people. Angharad was one of them since she wield the power of dreams. My father for one because he was immune and you know he would be dead set against another war. You had your assassins work in your stead to take the dedication at the convention. To eliminate all the alphas and their king in one go.”

“By the Lycan nation being headless without their king, you would hope they would seek revenge against the humans and vampires. The plan failed because you didn’t consider other factors.” I glared at Julius, which he was clenching his teeth. “I am still alive, you bastard! You didn’t take into that Angharad would spirit me away. And the high lords survive your assassination attempt. You are very sloppy at your job. I don’t know what your master sees in a clown like you.”

“YOU LITTLE BRAT!” Oh… got ya. “Ahem… It doesn’t matter anyway, Mr. Dewalt. Since you-”

“Hey clown! I believe I asked you a question!” I Interrupted him. “What was your name again? Julie?”


“I bet your master threatens to replace you, the minute you return empty-handed. I know he made you his little bitch! Not to mention, you act like a fake ass pompous clown.”

“That is it…” Julius is turning red at my taunts. “Kill the Immuney whore! Leave the filthy Lycan to me! I should have done this long enough ago…”

“But, my lord-”

As one of his servant spoke, he lashed out by stretching his left arm, filled with flames and killed his own henchman. That guy has issues. Who in their right mind would someone work with him?

“Anyone else that wants to object?” He speaks through clenched teeth. When no one said anything… “Good! Get her!” He pointed at her. She’ll be fine but- “DEWALT!!”

He is coming this way!

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