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Chapter 29: Bloodthirst pt. 1

Mira’s POV

“So, Mira…” I noticed Maria wanted to ask me a question. “I love the armor. It transforms with you, no?”

I smiled as she asked the question. Elleri was the one that insists that I come along on a girl’s night out of town. I am already liking this Flaveza woman; she is not like most vampires, and even I feel the passion from her.


“Mira! It’s Quinn.” Quinn? “I need your help! It’s Julius! He is in front of me!”

“Where are you?”

“Modrey Forest, hurry. Agh!” No…

“I am sorry, but we have to do for another time. It’s nice to meet you, Maria.” She quickly stepped in front of me.

“I don’t know what is wrong with you, Mira. You wouldn’t be in a hurry unless if it has something to do with Quinn.” Wow…

“How did you-?!”

“He also contacted me as well, Mira! Let us help! Besides, do you even know how to get to the modrey forest?”

“Of course, I do, Elleri! I need to hurry, my ward needs me.” Elleri grabs me by my wrist.

“Then, at least, let us come with you. You forget I can use my teleportation spell to get us there.”

“And I know how to burn any cabron that mess with your boy. You forget that us, Flavenzas, don’t back down from a fight.” Ladies… Hmm.

“Very well. Can you get a lock on his energies, Elleri?” She took a piece of his… hair?

“Wing flight! Sky above! Target… Quinn!” Her wings appeared behind her. We step closer. “May we take flight!” the wings closed in, and we were moving toward Quinn. Please, Quinn… Hang in there.

To be safe and sound

As soon as the wings open again, I saw Quinn or …

“That Quinn!” Maria spoke up! “I can feel his soul burning with passion from him.”

“Quinn is in full wolf form?!” it amazed me, I saw Quinn fend off a group of vampires using a combination of full wolf form and a strange sword. “Are you ready, Roduriga?”

“Girl, it looks like our homeboy has gotten his wolf! I knew he was special!” Me too, Rodu.

“No time! We need to help Quinn!” A group of that man’s henchman as appear in front of us. It is time to bring my family’s sacred arts into play.

I pulled my beads from my pockets and went into my stance. The beads were glowing with spiritual energies… Drawing out the ancestral cards as well; I used various animals and incantations to aid me in battle.

I know my family’s arts are not only capable of fighting against evil & demonic spirits, it can calm down angry spirits and as well exorcise them. It is also effective against vampires since it can do more damage to them.

“Roduriga!” I call on Rodu to give me power.

“Oh, yeah! Here we go!” As I transformed, my attackers wasted no time to lunge at me. My barrier is in place to prevent from interrupting my transformation.

I took out my ax and cleave one head off. I used a scroll against the other one. By the time my attacker realized it, he was already dust, crumbling into the ground.

“Wow, Miri! Finally, dishing out those spiritual arts, eh?” Oh, now you noticed, Elleri?

“In case, Joanna. Show your magic prowess. I thought you didn’t believe in spirits?” She walked ahead of me. She transformed into a demonic visage in front of me…

“De la fajro de la vivo ... Ni releviĝos ... pli kaj pli forte!” She… summoned meteors at our enemies! “Come on, Mira! Quinn bear will need all the help he can get.”

“Oh, yeah! Let’s go, girls! Olay!” Maria… she is gun ho when it comes down to a fight.

As we descend to make our way to Quinn, they are coming in waves- Humans, vampires and Rogues. Where is he getting these kinds of people, and why are they here?

“Hey boys!” Maria stands in the middle of the battlefield. “Let’s get this party started!” Like that, she jumped onto the battlefield, tearing up her enemies as they come near her.

I sliced many foes with my axes and my spirit charms and incantations. They are more powerful when I am in my wolf form, and the beads fire off energy that took down most of my attackers before they went down.

“De caelis. Pater meus preces audi.” I spoke in Latin as I wrote the symbol on the ground, dodging my aggressors as I drew on them. “Sonent tonitrua!”

With that, I’ve set up the lightning charm, which attacked any Lycan or vampire that came near me or at random intervals.

“My turn!” Maria stomped her feet on the ground. I watched as she taps her foot on the ground, dancing with the flames on her dress.

“Maria! You are on fire!” I shouted to warn her it of it.

“Don’t worry, Mira! She got this! Look!” As Maria kept dancing, it imbued her hair with flames, her dress melded with the surrounding flames, her eyes… I can see the fire within her.

“Desde el corazón ... ¡Que arda mi alma!” She spoke in spanish! She whips herself in a frenzy to where her attackers were burned to a crisp for getting near her. “¡Las ruedas de la vida me han dado vida!” She stomps on the ground, she swings her arms in a circular motion, to generate the heat of thousands suns.

When our attackers saw Maria was a greater threat, they turned their attention toward her. They know she has the power to tear through an entire army. However, knowing they will come after her… Quinn! He jumped alongside with her.

“Maria! Are you ready?”

“I am ready, milo!” The both of them stomp the ground, then moved their feet, getting into a stomping position.

“Get them!” I saw a man shouted at the both of them… I assume that Julius. However, a man in black armor was fighting him at the same time.

“Pisoteé la tierra!” They spun around, the flames danced with them as they took out more of their attackers. Quinn… I didn’t know he can dance. “¡Giro con la llama de la pasión!” They spun faster than they had before. Our attackers didn’t see it coming, as our dancing duo was tap dancing through the whole wave.

More of them pouring are in, how they-

“¡Mi pasión! ¡Mi vida! ¡Ir! ¡Fluye hacia adelante!!” They unleashed the flames they built up while they were dancing.

It tore through the entire horde of them. Not one man was remaining standing. The flames, however, left the forest alone, as if they concentrated their fury on only their attackers.

“Quinn!” I caught up to him. “I would ask if you are all right, but you got it under control.” I looked at him, I notice he was sweating but otherwise remain unharmed.

“Mira, Julius is behind-” Quinn! A silver blade protrudes behind him. Julius?! How he did…?

“Game over, Mr. Dewalt!” You! Backstabbing-son of a bitch! “It’s a pity that you didn’t see it coming. I got more men at my disposal.”

Look at how he has grown!

“Oh, yeah…” Quinn? “If you are going to backstab someone…” He is… not being affected? Silver weapon usually cause burns in our bodies that our healing factor would take a long time to recover. “Aim for the heart! You didn’t!” He… pulled himself out of the man’s blade, the wound quickly recovered.

“You?!” It looks like Julius should have taken that into account.

“Huntress, deity of the hunt! I call upon your power!” I heard the thunder in the sky… the clouds are coming together. “Hear me! Grant me the strength to protect my family and love ones!”

With that, lightning as struck him as an answer. Quinn is absorbing the energies from it as the Huntress has answered his prayers. This is… remarkable! I wish you were here to see this mentor… You would have seen how he has grown into a powerful warrior.

“Tsk. It doesn’t matter, Dewalt. Call on your pathetic deity as much as you want!” I saw Julius was transforming into a demon creature with horns growing on his head, and he is being covered in a black metallic skin. “You will still die… in the end.”

“I’m with you, Quinn!” Adrianna drew out her twin gun blades.

“Let’s begin! Fenrir!” Quinn pulses with energy as he transformed.

“By the huntress… my strength is yours!” He is transformed into a powerful wolf with silver fur and now I saw the mystical marking appeared on his body.

I felt a bullet hit my right shoulder. I had forgotten that we have the others to deal with.

“Mira! Are you all right?” I pulled the bullet out from my shoulder.

“Quinn can handle himself. But we need to take care of the rest of them. Let’s go!” I charged toward our assilants. Quinn, I know you can handle yourself now, but I still have a role to fulfill!

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