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Chapter 29: Bloodthirst pt. 2

Adrianna’s POV

“Julius!” I ready my twin gunblade as I stood before the man who was responsible for the death of those alphas and their king, as well the assassin plot on the lords and my father. “You will not walk away from this, this time!”

“So… Lady Adrianna…” Something is wrong with Julius. “You really think this will end with me?” He has begun to laugh as he walked toward us.

“No, it won’t.” It seems Quinn realizes that as well. “However, you killed my father! Those people at the convention. Goddess, knows how many people you killed… for what? Riches? Power? Your selfish ambitions?!”

“Ah… You hate me, now?” He is not looking at us, It could be just me or this is his true self. “You pissed me off, you little runt…”

“Go on, Julius! You can make excuses all you want.” I called him out. “I always had known you to be a parasite! Sucking up to those who can offer you a lick of power. And once their usefulness is outlived, or they decide to pull the plug on you, you would simply switch to another master! You aren’t loyal to anyone, aren’t you?!”

“You…” He is shaking his head. “Foolish girl! You only want to hear on what you want to hear… It is a pity, and you don’t know everything.”

“Face it, lady Adrianna. He wants to technically kill us to keep his gravy train going. Is that right, Julie?” The moment he said, his eyes… it had no color.

“You know what, Mr.Dewalt…” He snapped his finger… I saw he summoned a flurry of swords in the air. “I am going to do this. I will kill you, Impale you on one of my blades… Then I will kick up in the air and tear your wolf out from your beating heart. Then I will make you watch as tear out your heart, you will beg me to end your existence. I will stomp on you… breaking you, physical and mentally, until you submit to me. Afterwards…” He licks his tongue at us. “I will move on you, Lady Adrianna. I would deliever every piece of you to your family and your ‘beloved’ finance.”

“Oh, yeah?” I narrowed my eyes. “Then do it! Back up your threat, ‘my lord’!”

The true face of the monster

As soon I say it, Julius launched his flurry of blades, I moved on my right. Dodging these blade is nothing, it is Julius that I need to worry about it since he is the one controlling those blades.

Reached Julius! I swung my blade at him, his skin had repelled the blade. He swung at me, forcing me to move back in the air. He lunged at me with two of those blades in his hands, wait…

His blades… My own blades may not be able to damage him, but it doesn’t mean I can’t use his own weapons against him.

As he got near, raising his right arm to land a blow on me. I kick the blade out of his hand, took it and plunged into his chest. I saw a crack in his armor…

“You little… “ He grinds his teeth as he saw I managed to expose a weakness in his armor. He dived toward me, kicking me toward the ground. “YOU FUCKING BITCH!” He began to scream as he began to speed toward me. He is trying to dive bomb from where I am.

“My turn!” Quinn erected a barrier just before he collided with me. He then pushes him back, but Julius is pushing down the barrier, causing cracks to appear on the barrier.

“Push him back!” I quickly got up and move toward Quinn’s back. Using my own back to steady him. “He said he’ll kick me up in the air once he is done ‘impaling’ me. Let’s give him what he wants, then!”

“Way ahead of you!” He then bent his hind-legs to push the barrier upwards to knock back Julius. Quinn then charged me with energy and throw me like a Frisbee. I slashed at his weak spot.

Quinn then blasted at that same weak spot, causing the cracks to spread further.

“Enough!” Julius erected a barrier to push us back. However, I noticed a knight suddenly appearing behind him.

“Nice try!” The knight swung his spear, pushing Julius toward Quinn. He punched his barrier as he crumbled around him.

I jumped into the air to plunge my gunblade into Julius’ chest. I used the gun function to shoot at the weak spot until it was exposed. I backflipped after I managed to create an opening.

When Julius struggled to get up from his spot, he took one look at the opening that I created.

“You fools…!” He is clenching his teeth as he is furious of being vulnerable. “You are ruining everything… everything! EVERYTHING!”

“You did that to yourself, Julius! Your blind arrogance is your undoing!” I shot back at his comment.

Then his wings are gone, shattering like fine crystals. He snapped his fingers and conjured up a blade out of said crystals.

“Perhaps I should have been more hands- on in the beginning…” I moved toward him… I can’t move… “I will deal with you later! DEWALT!!” He moved toward Quinn.

Julius vs Quinn

I can only watch as Julius dashed toward Quinn with the intent of ending the threat that interfered with his plans. His instincts were spot on, he dodged the stroke of Julius’s blade and swiped at his weak spot. I know he was trained years ago by his own sister, now I am seeing the results of it.

Julius punched the ground to produce magma, which Quinn easily redirected back to him. With each attack… each spell, Julius is getting to the point where he is beginning to slip. He didn’t anticipate or should i say, underestimate how powerful Quinn is as he didn’t miss a beat and doing a lot of damage to him.

I saw Julius teleported back after Quinn bit into his weak spot, causing some fluids to pour out.

“YOU WRETCHED LITTLE BRAT!!” Julius screamed as he summoned a purple-colored, giant sword into his arms.

Quinn stood where he is as Julius lunged himself at him with his blade. Going into partial form, he dodged his telegraphic strike and landed some blows on his weak spot. His aura is spiking up… he is seeking to end this!

You can do this, Quinn!

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