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Chapter 30: Dark Spirits pt.1

Quinn’s POV

“DIE! DIE! DIE! YOU FLITHY LYCAN!” Julius… he will not give up, will he?

I dodge his sword stroke as he swings his sword, but I need to end this quickly. Taking too long, he’ll eventually score a lucky hit and I know he is at his wit’s end. Too quickly, he’ll counter my attack and fire off his magic missiles. I can’t keep this up forever, so it looks like I’ll have to risk it.

“Fenrir! Hybrid!”

“But master, he will kill you the minute you do!” He warns me.

“Good!” I reverted to my hybrid form.

“Oh, now you are reverting to your base form, hmm? Giving up already… filthy mutt?” Julius has been waiting for this. Now it is my chance to end this.

“I give up. This has gone long enough!” I raised my hands in surrender. “You want me dead, right? End my miserable existence!” I got to my knees as I turned around to face the forest in front of me.

“Oh… I’ll release you from your miserable existence!” Get in position…

“Quinn!” I heard screams from Adrianna! “Don’t let him do this!”

“I guess lady Adrianna cares about you, Mr. Dewalt… It is a pity that your father won’t see me ending his failure of a son in front of him. Want to know how he died?”

“Go ahead!” I already knew how my father died.

“Your father, Oxdin. He didn’t go quietly I know… He killed even 50 of my men!” I feel he has the blade drawn out. “His last words were… ‘Quinn, my son…’” He laughed at that moment… Father… “Prepare to join your father... In hell!!”

Use the enemy’s strength against them

As the blade made its way to me, I grabbed it at the last moment. My eyes glowed with energy as he struggled to get the blade back. I’ve slammed on the edge of the sword with my elbow, which I notice a crack.

“Filthy mongrel!” He jumped back and snapped his fingers to restore his blade. I see…

As he got near me with the giant blade again, I raised my dukes in the air as waited for him to come closer. He took a swipe at me with his blade, which I punched a part of it. I cast an electrical sphere, so he won’t be able to move around.

“Y-You!” I ran up to him and started landing a flurry of punches, which he was using his blade to block them.

“Fenrir!” I let the energy surge through me.

“Let’s finish this!” I quickly went into my full form, takes a swipe at his sword.

Every time he blocks my punches or swipes from my claws… he would spin his blade and move in another direction, which the part where I hit it from recovers as I didn’t make a dent in it. Seeing this, I let him spin again and then… I hit it counter-clockwise to keep him from repairing his blade.

The core! By punching the exposed core… the entire blade fell apart. Not so tough now.

“Dalmut!” I summoned his power as I wasted no time landing fatal blows hitting his weak spot. He tried to move away from me… I wouldn’t let him. As he sustains damage, his armor is fading away, which I knew it won’t be long until it fades completely.

Eventually, he lunged at me with his fists. Duck one punch and landed an uppercut… he tried to get behind me. I grabbed his arms and gave a pulse blast for his trouble.

“THAT IS IT!” He ran out of view… there are the faces again. “Now… which one of them is me, Mr. Dewalt? Oh, I am right here! No, I am right there. Oh no, I am behind you!”

“Gizlow.” I snapped my finger to summon Gizlow.

“Hello, my good sir! By the sir! With the spirit of a fighter! How do you do, my friend? I am feeling wonderful.” Okay… But I’ll need his help.

“Ready, Gizlow? I need to break loose!”

“This match is about to explode… FIGHT!” With the help of Gizlow, I let his power flow through me as I watch no time swing my arms and tentacles moving around in a mad frenzy. I jumped up as a loose, a surge of chaotic energy. There you are!

“Oh no! You are not getting away this time!” I grabbed him, using my outstretch arms to grab his legs. Gotcha!


“Oh no, no, no! Please… don’t!” I grinned, as I had my father’s killer in my grasp.

Slamming him left and right, I let out of the fury that I felt in a lifetime. Reagan would beat on me and I would not have the strength to fight back… My clansman mocked and torment me since I was a teenager. This man… this bastard… Took Angharad and my father, the man who cared about me but didn’t show it…

If I let Julius go… to let him get away from the atrocities he caused would be a slap in the face of people who suffered because of him. I am not letting this monster go, so he can do more damage in the long run, and Goddess know he will not stop trying to have me killed.

“This can’t be real…” His armor is now gone, replaced the realization that I seek to end him. “To lose to a filthy mongrel?!”

“The mongrel…” I pointed my palm at him, the energies poured in. “Has a name. Quinn Dewalt, son of Oxdin Dewalt, my father.”

“You will not kill me, right?”

“So, you can try again to claim my life? Like how you killed my mentor?!” I stepped on his chest. I know he is scared out of his wits by now. “Or my father?! We may not have been close to each other. And sure as hell, he acted like an asshole…” Tears came down. I kept my aim straight at the man responsible for their deaths. “He didn’t deserve to die! And you put him down, like a dog.”

“Why do you even care about that shithole of a father?”.... “You should be glad he is dead, boy!”

“No…” It’s charged up… I am ending this… once and for all! “It is you. That I should be glad you won’t walk on this earth again!”

As I fire a beam of light, I suddenly hit by a surge of dark energy… How?

“Ha ha ha!” A creature stood by Julius… A dark spirit! Here? “Luck favored me, Mr. Dewalt.” The creatures is surrounding me. “I will bid you adieu! I have an appointment to keep.” No!

As he got away, the spirits attacked with me to ensure I wouldn’t be able to reach him. Vengeance will have to wait since I need to help the others.

One of their tentacles hit me from behind… grr!

“Master… I felt-” Fenrir? Shit! I’ve quickly created a barrier of mana to block their attacks. Something is affecting my wolf. “Master! Don’t get let them touch you! They can attack not only the body…”

“They can also attack the spirit! Which means you as well!” I realize getting by one of them is fatal for us. Even while transformed…

“Ab altitudine cordis mei…” That voice… Mira! She is creating a spiritual pentagram, drawing all the spirits toward it. “Tempestas vitarum nostrarum quae est in anima nostra…” I felt… a calming presence… radiation from her. “I am Mira Suncada.” She raised her voice. “I have come to you in peace, I feel the pain that you have been through… We are listening to you, you are not alone!”

With that, she took a deep breath; I saw she did a pose to hold her hands as if she was holding a candle.

“Quinn!” Elleri! Maria! I’m glad everyone is alright.

“I am all right!” I hugged her as I made sure they were not harmed.

“Go in peace.” The spirits… they’re back to normal. All but one of them is remained standing in front of Mira. “Yes, Spirit?”

“Thank you, Mira. You fight for peace?” She was surprised. “I, Yokto. Mother of Birds has sent me a message. She needs me to find Quinn. He is a shaman.” What? Mother of Birds?

“Excuse me?” I am confused by what he meant. “What do you mean ‘Mother of Birds’?”

“The guardian of the spirit world, Master.” Fenrir? “She was the one who saved my life in the spirit world, and she aided us in getting the herbs to save you-”

“I see…” Now I understand but…

“Quinn! I am Yokto, I fight for peace.” Wow, the spirit is an enormous bear. I saw he has a headband and I notice he seemed scary at first.

“I am honored to meet with you, Yokto.” I nodded.

“Mother of Birds sent a message. Dark spirits will attack Asingrad. They will attack others, in their pain, blood run in the streets. There is no peace there.” He looked away… “I had gone out to warn you… they drew me against my will.”

“Was it Julius’ doing?!”

“I don’t know… I was not myself… Inflict pain in this forest. Now, I am freed from the fog of my mind. Now I wish to fight for peace.”

“You said Asingrad is under attack?”

“Quinn! Everyone.” Is that... Courtney? “Spirits are attacking the city! Everyone is trying to fight it off.”

“My father?” Adrianna must be worried that her father is in the city.

“He is okay, but I don’t know how long he will last!”

“I wish to help! Will fight for peace!” I have to admit… he is dedicated.

“Yokto, I would like to bond with you. I will need your help!” He shook his head.

“I will not accept bond. Will accept contract! You fight for peace. I lend my strength. Need to learn how to bring peace to spirit. You must!” I don’t know… It is not right to bind a spirit to a contract.

“I can’t do that, Yokto. I fight for peace, too, but-”

“Then you fight for peace! I accept!” No, wait-

“No, that not what I meant!” I felt a strong sense of energy the moment I stated my intent.

“You accepted contract! You fight for peace! I will help. Why doubt?”


“Quinn, we need to head back to the city. Yokto will be a big help in this situation.” I didn’t think that Mira would vouch for the big guy.

“Also, Quinn! I teach you to bring peace. You will need this. Spirits are in pain. Your weapon & magic, no good! Also, transformations will not help, they will wound the spirit.” Wow, then I might as well make the best of it.

“Yokto… Teach your ways, I will need all the help I can.”

“Be warned. You make trouble or not fight for peace. I break contract.” I don’t know…

“What if it brings peace?” He grunted.

“I will watch, you prove by action, not words. Bring peace!”

“I am ready, but we need to hurry!”

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