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Chapter 30: Dark Spirits pt.2

Samuel’s POV

“Benedicite, sanctissime pater!” The holy cross glow with energy. “Requiesce in pace!” I banish the spirit to another world. What the fuck is going on?

“Thank you, sir!” I notice the woman is a vampire. “Wait, you are…?”

“Your welcome, ma’am. You need to get yourself to safety!” The woman stood in front of me.

“You are Samuel Aswanson! You killed my husband!” she bellowed at me. “He was a good man, a father to his son, and you killed him!”

I… I had killed many of these bloodsuckers. Some of them had it coming. Some…

“Oh god! Oh, fuck!” I grabbed my garotte. I blessed it with holy water and silver. “Please, I got a wife and kid-”

“Shit…” The woman looked at me.

“You killed him, didn’t you?” The woman bare her fangs toward me. “I’ll kill you!”

“Thought he was making it up!” I looked at her in the eyes. “I had killed my share of you monsters but some, didn’t notice they had families until they died.”

“You think that excuses for what you did?!” Her son is obliviously frightened about what was going on.

Before I say anything, I notice a spirit that has an overstretched arm. I hurried toward it and used the holy symbol to banish it.

“Yeah, I killed him! He was preying on people in the depth of Windmill, working for a crime boss.”

“You lie!” she hissed.

“No, it wasn’t until I cleared out the place that I found a letter that stated he wanted to support you and your son.” I remember that after I took down a certain crime boss, I found a lot of letters. One of them to his wife back home. “I sent the letter back at the time along with the money that you folks would have needed.” When I said that, the woman soften her stance.

“I thought-” Another fucking spirit.

“Requiesce in pace!” I banish another spirit. We don’t have the time for this. “You can thank me by looking for shelter!” More of those dark spirits are coming.

“What about you?!” I throw the holy symbol at the creature.

“Go!” The women took her son and ran as fast she could.

Spirit purification

I grabbed my holy symbol, attached it to my whip. I’ve blessed it in holy water from my pack. The last thing I don’t want is to let any of these spirits touch me. A simple touch can kill your soul.

I ran up to the first group, swinging my holy chain at these spirits. You can’t destroy them, that I know. Send them back to the plane of spirits is possible.

I jumped around to avoid their tentacles and their attempt at trying to grab me. I drenched some holy water on me should any of them get close enough to reach me.

I tap the ground, drawing an incantation on the ground.

De caelis sursum

Puritas emundabit in tenebris animam intus

in caelo iterum saltare possimus. Integer ac purus porro!

“Awake!” As I spoke, the incantations came alive. Create a pulse of energy that swept most of these dark spirits.

More of them keep coming… There is no end to them…

I saw people at the sight of these spirits ran only to get attacked and turned into a husk. Some of those spirits posses some of those folks, attacking others around them.

I felt a hand grabbing my shoulder… I can’t... break free. A man was laughing at me as the dark energy poured from his arm and into me. Shit!

“Begone!” someone’s voice echoes across the area. Whatever it is, the dark energies dissipate from it. I turned around… It looks like the pup has saved the day.

“Quinn!” He looks he went through hell… I saw some marks on his arms and neck.

“Samuel! I thought you left town.” Please…

“I had planned to if it weren’t these evil spirits wandering about.” Speaking of which… “I take it as you banish them all.” I saw a bear spirit rising behind him… I drew out my revolver to see-

“Are you fighting for peace?” It spoke… “I can see that you are a troubled man… I see you're a warrior, devastated by the loss of your loved ones. You're fighting for something…” He is a weird spirit, I give him that.

“As long you ain’t going around killing people…” I put my revolver away. “We are good.”

“I am glad. You are fighting for peace.” It went up to hug me… jeez, I didn’t expect that.

“Samuel, I will need your help. I know where to locate the source!” I saw a dark spirit creep up behind, I pulled out my holy symbol.

“No!” the spirit raised his paw. “Banishment, ineffective. Here.” The spirit went up to the dark one.

“No! Don’t-” The pup is blocking the way.

“Don’t worry, he got this!”

“Spirit.” It growled at him and raises it tentacles. “I know the pain you feel. They took away you from our home in our realm. I know you seek peace, my friend. It hurt so much to be in agony.”

“It… It’s…” Huh? “It hurts… It hurts… so much, Yokto…”

“Who causes this mess?”

“Someone… Someone is opening… ah!” The creature clenches its head. “No… no more! Please.” Yokto grabbed it hands, I don’t know what he is going… the spirit calming for a moment. “My friend, someone is pulling us into the mortal plane. I can still hear the screams… the agony.”

“Banishment? Has it returned to you to the spirit world?” The spirit nods his head.

“We just come back… The screams are always there. Someone is calling to us.”

“A spirit portal.” I turned toward Quinn. “Yokto explained that someone is opening the portals to the spirit world! Banishing them will only send them back through it.”

“He is right. My friends won’t be safe while the portal remains open. We chose portal. We bring peace to it if we must.”

“For fuck’s sake, why are you obsessed with peace?!” I am finding it ridiculous on how the spirit speaking right now.

“I love peace. Don’t like disruptions toward peace. I thought you wanted peace, too.”

“I am sorry about that, Mr. Aswanson. Yokto has… an obsession with peace. But it was his help that we located the source of the problem. We need to head to the Immuney estate. I already contacted him about the situation.”

“You realize you didn’t need to come to ask me for help, pup?” I shook my head. “I work alone.”

As I turned to walk away, I felt a hand grabbing my shoulder. It is that peace-obsessed spirit… what the fuck he wants now?

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