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Chapter 31: A Truce

Samuel’s POV

“No one can achieve peace alone, my friend. The spirits are twisted by some perversion is still out there.” The spirit is persistent, I’ll give it that.

“I thought you went ahead, pup, and banish all of those spirits from the city.” I felt a firm squeeze on my shoulder.

“Do not speak of banishment, friend. Or you will answer to my fist.” The spirit threatens me, huh? “I want peace, but they are still my friends. What do you fight for… friend?”

“My daughter…” I mumbled under my breath. “I fight to keep daughter supported.” I turn to face the spirit.

It simply nods at me.

“By the way, pup. The medicine that vampiric…” I cleared my throat. “Joanna made is helping my daughter’s condition stabilizing. I will help you…” I walked up to Quinn. “Only because you helped my daughter! We are not friends, Lycan!”

“Counter-offer! Let’s call it a truce, providing you are not seeking to still claim my life.” I shook my head.

“Let’s go, pup!” I cocked my head.

“Definitely fighting for peace!” I roll my eyes. This is going to be a long night.

Intelligence on the current situation

“Thank you, everyone, for coming.” Quinn speaks up. “We located where the source of dark spirits are at. At this location.” He pointed to the area.

“It’s look like a cavern… Within the Redo Lakeside.”

As Quinn explained the situation that is unfolding before us, the charms that are placed throughout the city are protecting it. However, as he warned, the dark spirits are repelled for now. They will soon return. He recommended Lord Immuney and Kira stay behind to keep the charms active, since they were more equipped for the task.

Elleri is preparing evacuation plans in case we cannot stop those rampage spirits, since even those blood suckers cannot hope even fight them off.

The plan is simple: Me, Lady Adrianna and Quinn will head to the lakeside to stop the ritual that keeps the portal open and let the pup focus on closing the portal.

“I trust you have no objection to this, Mr. Aswanson?” Adrianna walked to me.

“I dealt with situations like before: Demonic rituals, blood rituals, you name it. Long ago, I would have a trusted hunter to watch my back.” I shook my head at all of this. “Never have I thought I will work with bloodsuckers and animals on this.”

“You forgot Lycan, too.” Quinn smiled at my comment.

“I heard you got your wolf back inside of you. If you go feral on me, now-”

“Yes, I’ll have to let the pet exterminator handle it!”

“I swear, you two act like children.” Adrianna seems frustrated with our banter.

“We are not!” we both said it. Even though Elleri gotten a pleasant laugh at that.

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