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Chapter 32: The lair of the Dark Controller

Quinn’s POV

“The dark energy is nearby…” Yokto has lead us to the source of the energy, the cause of spirits turning dark.

“So, if I understand correctly, we need to close the portal as soon as possible?” I nodded. “If we don’t, even if we stop whoever is controlling those portals, they’ll remain open.” Adrianna and I were discussing the objectives of what we need to do.

“That means more of those things to deal with.” Samuel spits on the ground.

“It won’t stop there. It will spread out to the other lands, including the human and Lycan territories. Everyone will be in danger!”

“I take it you have experiences with these portals, pup?”

“Nope! But I learned the ritual to close those portals.” Samuel looked at me like I lost my mind. “You forget that I have a took a vow to keep my people safe.”

“Safe from whom, pup?”

“Dark spirits, vampires, any humans seek to do them harm.” I walked beside him. “And yet you are a dark slayer!”

“I slay creatures for a living, pup. Even fighting against your people.” Samuel…

“Let me ask you this? Do you hate us all creatures of the night? Does it have to pertain to your family?” He pulled a revolver to my face.

“You are crossing a line, pup. It ain’t your business.”

“I know what it is like to lose a loved one, Samuel.”

“I heard it from Elleri. You had a shitty home life, had you?” I guess he knows already.

“Quinn!” Tilda?! She is her full wolf… but what is she doing here?

“Tilda. Sis!” We embrace each other. It has been too long.

“Brother! It seems to me, you awakened to your wolf. I tell you have gotten to be… taller.”

“So you’re Tilda!” Adrianna is amazed at seeing my sister in person. “I heard about your accomplishments over your lifetime. You have my condolences about what happened to your father.”

“What are you doing here, Tilda? Should you be at Great rock?” This is not making any sense.

“I am here for you, little brother. The clan is splintering apart. Reagan is making a power play to become Alpha…” What?

“Tilda, this is not a good time. We need to stop-”

“Tilda! I’m hungry!” Alkar?

“Still causing trouble, eh, Alkardy?” The wolf growled within her.


“Alkar… This is not the time for this.” Tilda is hanging her head at his antics.

“Tilda, right? What the fuck is the commander of the swift runners is doing here?”

“I am here to bring my brother back to the clan. I need his help.”

“Can it wait? We need to stop dark spirits from spilling to the lands of your people.” As soon as Samuel said it, Tilda knew that this is something that she cannot ignore.

“I’m going with you, little brother. If there is a problem that will threaten all of us. This is not something that I will not overlook.”

“We will be fight dark spirits-”

“I know.”

“I already lost father… I don’t want to lose you, too.” She pulled a blade glowing with energy… Is that the Soul sword?

“Lead the way, my brother!” Tilda…

“We must hurry, everyone. The dark energy is growing stronger.” Right… We need to move on.

The dark cave

“We are here!” So this is the place… Hmm… I sense something else… “Quinn?”

“I am all right!” I turned to my team, “We are going to descend further into the cavern. Beware of any spirit that is not friendly.”

“I will stand guard, friends. I will not enter this dark place.” What? “They fill the cave with dark energy… if I go there, they will be no peace there. Madness will await me should I go further. Everything I have done for peace will be undone.”

“Yokto… Please, I will need your help.” He nods his head.

“I cannot risk it, friend. Do you remember the ritual I taught you?” I nodded… He would have been a big help there.

“I should stay too, brother. At least, the big guy will not be alone.” Tilda… “Besides, you can handle this, right?”

“Oh no, sister! You are not talking your way out of this!”

“Brother, you’re the dream walker. The soul sword will help me against spirits. You don’t need to rely on me. You have your new friends as well and your wolf to help you.” We did a fist bump!

“Awww! Seriously, master!! I WANNA FIGHT…” Oh, lord.

“Let’s go, everyone! Stay safe, guys!”

We descended further into the cavern, fighting several dark spirits along the way. The energy is getting stronger as we process further, even banishing or pacifying the spirits will only last for a short time. I can see why Yokto did not want to enter, since he was more vulnerable to the dark influences inside the cave.

Eventually, we found the source of the dark energy. I see a ritual circle with the items placed on a pedestal, with someone wearing a… Fur coat with their helmet covering their appearance. I have a feeling, despite not understanding their language; they are chanting to start the ritual.

One of the item, I noticed… That’s the dream stone! But why would it be there? Whatever it is, we need to stop that ritual.

“I know you are there, Quinn Dewalt!” The individual yelled out despite their attack turned. “Come down! I have been awaiting you and your friend to arrive for a long time.”

I nodded to Samuel and Adrianna to go with me… I didn’t expect for the caster to sense our presence so soon. No spirits… It would mean two things: Either we drew too much attention to ourselves, or the individual had expected our arrival long ago but pretended it didn’t notice our presence.

Who is opening a portal?

“Mr. Dewalt…” The individual bowed before us. “I had known you would be coming here…”

“We are here to stop your ritual! You will not be releasing those dark spirits into the world!” The individual shook their head.

“Dark Spirits? I am afraid that is not my goal here.” What?

“Then why the ritual? You’re not human, are you?” I cannot identify who the person is, their gender, their race, or their intentions.

“Allow me to enlighten you, Mr. Dewalt.” The caster is walking up to me. The lower part of their helmet is showing me their dark smile. I stood still. I don’t know what they intend to do. “My master was the one who came up with the idea of this ritual. Not the ritual to open it to the spirit world…”

“But a portal to hell…” I remember it all too well. “I read it in a story as a child when my mother was still around about the Demonic war. It was a war that determine the fate of everyone on this earth. Lycans, Vampires and Humans all banded together to fight off the army of hell.”

“Well-Read, I see?” The individual walks around me. “Tell me, how do you think that ended.”

“We have driven them back to hell as well, destroying any key or method to re-open those portals. People even stated that they banished the armies of hell for good this time.”

“Except… people have forgotten.” The individual stood before me. “They have forgotten they didn’t destroy all the keys, sadly.” I felt the ground rumble beneath our feet. “The ritual has begun… My master from the depth of hell will arise, and he will claim dominion over you pathetic mortals!”

“I won’t let you open that portal! Over my dead body!” I spat back.

“You have earned the right to try, Mr. Dewalt. We will return to this plane, one way or another!” The individual removed their fur coat, and it’s… A woman? She had purple silk hair with several of the marking over her body. Her wings are made of bats.

“You’re a vampire? Why would you betray your own race?!” Adrianna speaks out.

“Vampire? Pitiful… No, I am a demon from the past war. You lower beings think we are gone for good. You mortals did not banish all of us, and that is your mistake!”

“I bet Julius is your master! Why else he wants me dead?” The woman laughed at the notion.

“Julius isn’t my master! He is not worthy to command me. Oh, my master has big plans for you once he arrives.” The area is suddenly filling up with a blue aura. I saw one of the pedestal lit up with a blue flame.

“I know how to stop your ritual! You fiends will not unleash hell here on this earth.” I make my intent clear that I will not allow demons to become a world-ending threat.

I quickly rush toward the ritual circle in the hope I can stop it from being completed.

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