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Chapter 33: Wielder of the Dark Spirits

Adrianna’s POV

“Now... Why don’t we, as you mortals, put it, ‘let this party started!’” The woman did not stop Quinn as he rushed to prevent the ritual from being completed. Already another flame has lit up.

Knowing Demons, they are weak against holy relics and its holy water, which unfortunately I didn’t bring me. Thankfully, I took a sacred blade with me in the event I fight against an evil spirits or in this case… A demon. The woman one look of the blade and hissed at me.

“Samuel! Help Quinn! I’ll hold her off!” I told Samuel, which he nodded. However, the dark spirits are blocking the way. The woman is adamant to make sure we cannot interfere with the ritual.

I’ve jumped into the air while dodging the spirit tentacles, since getting hit by even one is instant death. Using the blade to repel them is a big help, since it can push back those spirits.

However, the woman tackled me to the ground; I’ve grabbed her hand as she attempted to blast me with dark energy from her palm. I kicked her back; noticing she was smiling at me as she has gotten into her stance.

I stood up and drew out my second blade from my scabbard. Samuel is fighting off the dark spirits making their way to Quinn. He can handle on his lonesome.

“Prepare yourself for battle!” I entered my stance as I readied my blade for battle.

In Limbo,

The demon lunged as she extended her claws; I parried them with my blade. She then uses her legs to swift a flurry of kicks… I have faced a lot of foes of immense strength, but this woman… she is something else.

She jumped into the air, throwing flames at me as she laughed. I dashed toward the wall, changing my position as I dart toward her in the air. I grabbed a part of her wing and used my blade to damage a part of it.

The woman growled at me as she tumbled to the ground. I wasted no time sprinting toward her and then… she is gone.

“You need to be faster than that!” I felt something clawing behind my back. “You vampires are not the only ones who can move at high speeds, hmm? Foolish!” I saw a glimpse of her as I swipe at her. I was only hitting air.

I screamed as something is clawing on my back. What is this?!

“Yes!” My energy… “Yes! Yes! Hmm… Yes!!” Then I was kicked into the ground.

I looked up and saw that the woman’s left wing was healing up. I shot back to stand again… she vanished again!

Demons are stronger and faster than a regular mortal being, since most weapons on earth would barely graze them. They also can be use the power of time itself, which only skilled individuals or those on par with them can stand a chance against them.

I see copies of her walking toward me; it is her speed is making those copies. I can tell she will not mess around with her prey. I need to clear my mind in order to land a critical blow.

In and Out… 1… 2… 3...4. Closing my eyes…

5… 6...7..8… I felt a wind blowing on the right side of me.

5...4...3...2… 1. I hear a loud, piercing scream coming toward my attention.

2… 1... I swung my blade… And sliced off her arm, blood with pouring all over as she screamed at her lost limb.

However, it didn’t last… she… regrew it!

“Well done, Lady Adrianna…” She grinned at me with her regrown arm. “I didn’t expect you to catch me off guard, severing my arm. Well done!”

I felt something burning… it’s… it’s hurts...

“However…” I suddenly screamed as the pain suddenly spiked around me, I can… barely move, how did she…? “I can also erase time itself. It was a splendid effort, regardless of what you do.”

“Ngh… How…?” tried as I might, my body is felt heavy as if weights were placed on me. The woman grabbed me and forced me to look at the altar. The ritual is almost complete, 4 of the flames are lit on the altar.

The air around is shaking around us, as the flames burned like the fires of hell. Quinn… we are almost out of time. A portal has opened… I saw… Soldiers.

“Yes! The ritual is almost complete! Soon, you will see hell in its full glory! You and your kind have lost! THERE IS NOTHING YOU CAN DO!” The woman laughs as the ritual was near completion. I can’t move… My body… it is not responding to me.

“Ancestor!” Quinn? “Let the rain of the heavens pour into the fires of hell!” I feel… raindrops? Is he warping reality? “Huntress, hunter, guide, warrior! Guide me as I seal the gates of hell. May it never be open again!”

“NO!!!” The woman was horrified as the portal was shrinking as well, the flames on the altar dissipating. “I will not allow this! I have prepared for many centuries to see this through!” As the woman raised an amulet in the air, she is casting a spell to keep the portal open.

“Quinn…” I struggle to get a word in. My energy… she's using me… as a power source…

“I am sorry, my dear. But I will use you as a sacrifice to keep the portal open.” I… I… “Hear me, denizens of hell! Take this life of mine…” No… “May our lord, Cr-” It stopped… Tilda?! She… destroyed the amulet!

We have thwarted the ritual!

“I won’t let you reopened those portals, you bitch!” It dismayed the woman that she destroyed the amulet. The portal is closing.

“No! You fool!” she looked at the broken pieces of her amulet, furious that her master and his army won’t be coming through the portal. “I will see you in hell for-” I stabbed her with the sacred blade to the heart. My strength returned to me in time to finish her. Losing the amulet distracted her long enough.

“It over! You failed! The portal is closed.” I spat at her. I saw that Quinn… he got the dream stone. He made his way toward us.

“I also made sure that you cannot attempt the ritual again! I have seen to that.” The woman laughed, ignoring the fact we foiled her plan.

“Yes, it is over! It is over!” The woman is smiling at us… we disrupted her ritual! Normally, villains would break down at the sight of their plans falling apart. However.... “This is not over… not by a long shot!”

“We ended your ritual, demon!” Tilda reverted to her normal form. “You have nothing else at your disposal.”

“It is over for me… but it isn’t over yet.” The woman is turning gray. “My master has foreseen my death… I have gladly given my life to my cause. He knew I would fail.”

We were in shock. This woman was only a pawn in her master’s schemes. She was coughing up blood as she spoke.

“Who is your master, Demon?” Samuel point his revolver at her. I noticed the spirits returned to normal as they headed back.

“Samuel… You saw the portal, didn’t you? My master’s army… I was close… If it had stayed open longer…” She is struggling to breathe, the color is going out of her body.

“But why would you do this? Your master’s plan is Madness!” Quinn spoke out.

“For conquest, Dewalt! To be the supreme race once more! I am only but one person seeking to return our race to this plane. I had laid the groundwork… we have over than one way to return to this world.” Her wings are crumbling… She doesn’t have much time left. “Dewalt… You think uniting your people will be this easy? You Lycans will never be satisfied with what you got…”

“But I am fighting for my people. You demons fight for yourselves! I will return home and unite the people once again.” The woman smirks at the idea.

“I will wish you luck, Quinn Dewalt. My master now has his eyes on you now. He knows you will be the major threat that stands in our way…” She is …

“WHO IS YOUR MASTER?! TELL US!” I barked at her.

“My master…” Her eyes are beginning to roll back in her head. “Forgive me…”

With that, she became hard as stone. As she collapses into dust, it left us with more questions than answers.

It seems to me… we now have to worry about a demonic invasion as well, on top of our current problems. The woman mentions that she is not the last, but we don’t know where they are.

Demons? What the hell this world come to now?

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