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Chapter 34: The call to arms

Tilda’s POV

“Is everyone all right?” My little brother asked if we were all right.

“I am all right, brother. It looks like I came in the nick of time.” I noticed the woman troubled Adrianna by what she said. “I can tell that the woman wasn’t lying. Demons don’t lie about their intents, it doesn’t mean they can mislead us.”

“But we don’t even know how many of them are they. If what that fiend said is true…”

“TILDA! TILDA!” Alkar… not now. “TILDA, I have a message from Pwyll!”

“A message?” It surprised me that Pwyll would send us a message.

“The community was under attack by a large group of Rogues. Reagan was leading them!” The hell! I knew Reagan was trouble for years, but this?!”

“How could this have happened?!” I shook my head. We should have been there. It was Pwyll that requested that bring Quinn back to the clan, but to have my eldest brother going rogue. That is a personal matter.

“Also, Tilda… I have gotten a message from Sophia.”

“You did?” I am curious about how Alkar did not tell me while we were fighting off dark spirits.

“Hey, Lycan! What is your wolf is talking about?” I turned toward Samuel. “I can never understand you animals think.”

The discussion about home

After we left the cave and make our way back to Asingrad to take a flight to morning ridge. I explained to him that Pwyll has requested me to bring my brother back to Great Rock… things hadn’t improved since his exile.

Clan infighting has gotten worse, with each faction directly challenging each other for the title of alpha. The swift runners and I have been trying to keep the peace for months since our father’s death. We spread ourselves thin, trying to quell riots, fighting, protecting our borders and conducting our patrols. I learned our numbers have been dwelling for a long time.

“Quinn… How has your journey been?” I asked that.

“It was tough, but the part-”


“Alkar, you are embarrassing me…” I smiled as my wolf mentioned Quinn has accepted Fenrir into himself.

“Let me show you.” He stood up. “Fenrir!”

As I watched my brother transformed in front of me, I swell with pride at the fact my brother can transform. He reverted after I nodded my head.

“Brother, that is impressive! I knew you have what it takes to bring it out of you.” I smiled at him.

“But there is something else you wish to speak about?” I had considered telling him about the situation that occurred back at Great rock. But I must ask him about this…

“Quinn, we need you to become our alpha!” His eyes lit up as I stated my request. “Father is dead, his presence and his strength were the only thing that kept the clan together.”

“Isn’t Reagan in line to succeed, father?” I looked away the minute he mentioned it.

“Reagan won’t become alpha, you know that, my brother. Nor do I have any wish to become one.” Quinn is confused on why things are unfolding like this.

“But, Tilda. As far as I know, you have the fighting experience and the wisdom to lead it. You know, my people will not accept me as Alpha. Not after I was exiled.”

“That is the thing, brother. I am not seeking to become Alpha.” I stood as I explained my reasons. “Long ago, I would have considered the title of Alpha. I had dreams of taking my father’s place on the throne. Imagine me as an alpha… leading the clan with strength.” I can recall how I was young and foolish back then. “However, after a battle with a clan known as Blue Mountain. I was the first one to jump into the heat of battle against my comrades and friends’ warnings.”

“I didn’t know…”

“They captured me, tortured me, even being at the mercy of my jailers, as they deprived me of food and water. My friend… She led a team of 6 people to rescue me. She sacrificed herself to make sure that I would be back safe and sound. It was during the time before you were born, little brother.”

“That experience has humbled you.” He understands, but… My recklessness has caused problems with my clan.

“It did. By the time, I got back. Father held me responsible for the deaths of 200 people under my command. It opened my eyes to the way how war was conducted. One person wouldn’t be one deciding factor in the war. I had to redeem myself during the war with the blue mountain clan. After the war ended, I lose my desire to become Alpha. It was because of my pride and stubbornness that made me realize I would be a terrible choice.”

“Did you ever found a mate during that time? They were a lot of men in the clan.” Brother…

“I believe you already know the answer to that.” Quinn is shocked.

“What do you mean?”

“Think brother! Did you ever see me with a man as a mate?”

“I believe father threw a melee in your honor. To find you a suitable mate, you even took apart.” I chuckled at that thought.

“You know how it ended?”

“I know Beta Hank came close to best you in a fight. You offered him a place among the Swift runners. I suspect you didn’t want to get into a relationship because of your place among the unit that you are leading.”

“True, but not entirely, little brother. You are getting close.” Then I saw my brother flash a smile at me.

“Let’s get back to the matter at hand, Tilda. One, I cannot become Alpha. My oaths will prevent from taking any titles, including becoming clan leader.”

“Bullshit! That-” I stopped myself. Now I realize I am imposing a choice on my brother, like my father. “I have forgotten that you swore as a shaman that you cannot take any title, lands or being able to have kids.”

“Except for the last part- having kids. But I had already decided long ago that I need to put the needs of my people first.”

I see… Then there is nothing we can do.

“Pwyll is out, the title will only be a heavy burden to him.”

“That I know… It seems we are at an impasse. None of us are qualified or willing to take up the title of alpha. Don’t get me started on, Nathaniel.”

“I won’t.” Nathaniel is far worse choice than Reagan. The boy doesn’t have any charisma, strength, or cunning to lead a clan. He is a coward that feels tough when he has something or someone to protect him. I despise cowards…

“But even with that, there is the matter of the Alpha King. The King is the major factor of uniting our people, our leader in the dark.”

“Not helped with two siblings fighting over the throne, and then there is Demonic Invasion to worry about that.”

“We need to focus on one thing at a time. We need to appoint an Alpha at Great Rock soon.”

“That means returning home.” Quinn suddenly gets up.

“Before that, there is a detour I need to make. Elleri, can you take us to Morning Ridge? I need to visit my mentor’s home.”

“Yes, Sir! Besides, I wanted to visit some people as well.” Heh… My brother has good friends to watch over him.


“If you don’t shut up, Alkardo…” I warned my wolf. “I will tear out my fucking heart, and you can walk your way home.”

“Ah… Fine…” Good boy.

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