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Epilogue: Motherland

Quinn’s POV

“You sure I can’t get you to change your mind, Quinn?” I smiled as me and Finn discussing my journey. “You know, people really enjoyed having you around. But you are going back to people who didn’t give a rat-ass about you. Why, man? You know they’ll kill if you return.”

“I wish they would!” I smiled back. “However, I’ll still visit, since this is my mentor’s home in the clan. It still has spiritual energies in here.”

“Yep, I kept it clean for old times’ sake. DId you know you mentor was like a great aunt to us like I never had?”

“No, but I know people viewed her in high regard! I wish had more time to get to know her.”

“Oh, hello Quinn.” Edward? Jeren?

“Hello, pipsqueak! You finally got some fucking muscle this time!” I guess Jeren still has a temper.

“You can say that again, knucklehead.” I flexed my muscles in front of him, which Jeren almost leaped at me had Edward not held him back.

“Now! Now! We are here to see you off. I believed I recall we got an invitation to Sundrie City where the Sudria Family reigned.”

“The alpha king’s late siblings?”

“I believe they are still fighting over daddy’s throne. They could have shared, but you know their ego won’t permit that.” I wonder.

“How is Dean? Is there any word about him?” The brothers looked away the moment mentioned him. “Finn? He is your dad. Surely, he-”

“HE AIN’T DEAD, ALRIGHT?!!” Jeren yelled at the top lungs at me. “IF YOU EVEN THINK IF HE IS DEAD, YOU PIECE OF SHIT! I’ll-” Finn snaps his finger to freeze him in place.

“Cool your jets, alright! You know Quinn respects Daddy Dean, and you know fully well that our other dad is dead. And you need to get a grip on yourself.” Wow, I didn’t think can be hard on his brother.

“To answer your question, we have not. But we can still feel him.” I nodded.

“Now, are you going to calm down or do you need me to send to the cooler?” Jeren eyes lights up the moment Finn put in him in his place. “I take that as ‘yes’, right? You need to be better than this, big bro. I am counting on you to be my beta here.”

“Beta? With the hot-head-” I saw Edward glared at me for a moment.

“Yeah, Quinn. But believe me, he is good in a fight.” Finn snaps his finger to return him to normal. “Also, when are you going to leave?”

“Will leave tomorrow morning, my Alpha. Plus, I would need time to myself.” We laughed.

“Please, you don’t have to call me that. That is reserved for official gatherings.”

“Then I ask you do the same with me when I am not official ‘shaman’ business.” I joked back.

We sat down and enjoy a long talk into the night. After they left, I headed straight to bed… Tomorrow… I will go home to my clan. The people had rejected me since I was born. Will they recognize me is another matter?

A vision

“Quinn…” A voice speaks. “Quinn!”

“Hmm? Who?” I woke up in the dream world. How did I?

“Listen to me, Shaman Quinn… when you return to Great Rock…” I fell pulled toward my old home. “There will be the one will become the greatest of all alphas… he will bear the mark.”

“What are you talking about?” I don’t understand any of this.

“Find him. Guide him. Protect! He will unite your people! Make them strong. He is the one who is promised.”

“Who are you?!” I spoke out.

“Time is running out… you must hurry. You are now in charge of this mission. Angharad has placed her hopes on you. Don’t… zzz…..” I am hearing static.

“Wait!” I suddenly woke up from my bed.

“Master! Are you all right?” I shook my head.

“Did you get all of that?” I asked him. When I get an answer, I assume that is a ‘no’

“Get what, my master?” I sighed.

“I need to go back to Great rock…”

“And appoint a new alpha that can replace the previous one, master. I meant what I said, but I heard it in a dream as well.”

This I don’t understand… I know it is my duty to help my people. The voice was telling me to find someone that bore ‘the mark’ and he is promised. That is a vague saying, it could be anyone within the clan.

“Fenrir… Do think I will find such a person?” I asked my wolf.

“Master, do you remember how Angharad chose her candidates?” That I remember. Wait!

“Not by their strength, charisma, or fighting prowess. Not by them leading an army into battle. But their worthiness and you could tell if that person is a good fit.”

“That is one example.”

“It looks like the sun is almost up. I need to get dressed.” I put on my jeans and my vest and my headband.

As I went by Finn’s house, I noticed everyone was waiting for me.

“Everyone!” I was surprised to see everyone here.

“Are you ready, Shaman Quinn?” Mira! “I will be at your side!”

“Just Quinn, Mira!”

“Dang, girl! It looks like our homeboy has gotten stronger.” Oh, man! Rodu!

“And you were going to leave without saying goodbye?” Elleri…

“Sorry about that, Elleri! I-” She kissed me on the lips… I kissed her back. “I…”

“I know, silly. I wish I can go with you on this.”

“What about you? I know you have work to do here in the village.”

“That…” I noticed her hesitation… something is bother her. “I am sorry! I shouldn’t have worried you about it.”

“I understand.” I turned to Finn. “Will head back to my people. But don’t worry… once I settle things in Great Rock, I will come back to visit.”

“Don’t worry about it, big guy!” Hellen spoke beside Finn. “We’ll be here! You always got a place here with us.”

We shook hands as me, Mira and Tilda head back to Great Rock. As we arrived at the entrance of the village, I took a glance back at the memories I had of the place. Another time, another life, I would have stayed here on the ridge with my new friends.

However, my duties will take me back to the place where everything began. Never have thought I would face my old clansmen again, given that I spend 18 years of my life there. Father…

You said you wanted me to become stronger? So I would not be a burden to you or the clan. Long ago, I would have wanted to prove myself to be a part of my clan to help my people, despite people telling me I would never amount to anything.

I am helping my people, but I accept now that I will need to be more than that. Great Rock will come first before anything else.

“Rogues!” Tilda and Mira whipped out their weapons. They also waste no transforming into their full wolf forms.

It’s my turn to protect them.

“Fenrir!” I call upon his power.

“At once!” I transformed into my full form as the rogues lunged at us.

But if anything… This is my life. My destiny. It won’t end here, and it won’t be easy. It won’t stop me from trying to do the right thing.

Hang in there, Great Rock. I will come as soon as I can!

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