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Chapter 5: Let us Train

Quinn’s POV

For 2 weeks, it was actually a blast to be here in Mourning Ridge; I’ve stayed here in the town. Alpha Dean actually had encouraged me to take the time to get to know the people here in the village, despite my initial reluctance.

I met with his sons, which they were an interesting lot. The eldest, Edward, was working with his mother to study the way of the mystic arts; he was cold toward me in the beginning. He warmed up during my visit here even going so far to teach me a basic spell: Wind Tornado.

“No. Quinn, it is like this!” The man enters his stance, letting the winds surround him. “Wind gushes forward like a powerful hurricane. Arise!” The man took up to the air and flew.

“Okay, let me try too!” I focused the mystic energies inside me… I felt a breeze but… “Wind gushes forward like a powerful hurricane!” The wind instead blows down on me. Oh, I forgot! “Arise!” I felt my wheelchair moving slightly from the ground before it lands down a slight thud.

“Now my friend… You got it.” The man landed back down. “You still need more practice, though.”

The other one, Jeren, he was a hot-head who gets into fights without question. We never got along after that one incident, where he got us cornered by a group of rogues. Dean had to jump in and killed them to save our lives.

Now, the youngest one, Finn…

“Seriously, Quinn? If you were part of our tribe, we wouldn’t have treated you like they did.” He set my coffee on the table.

“I wish I was here sooner. It would have saved me a lot of pain and misery, living at Great Rock.” I lamented the people are nice to me more so than back at home.

“Here you go!” He fixed up Eggs, Bacon, French toast with some whipping cream.

“Thank you!” I took a bite from French toast… it was pretty good. “I didn’t know you were a talented chef.”

“Yep, aside from combat training and managing the paperwork in the office! I make the best meals at our clan house.”

“And have a lot of ladies around you.”

“Yep, but what about you? I know you agreed to your mentor’s offer yesterday.”

“Finn, the thing is, I made my choice. Going to my old clansmen would be suicide.”

“What about your family, Quinn?”

“They’ll be fine. I know they look for me in their own way.” I took a sip of my coffee. “Anyway, I can fully move my arms again. The clan doctor, however, stated my legs need more time to heal since I can barely move them.”

“Man, I really wish that you can come with me and the guys and do some R&R with the ladies. But you will make a vow that will prevent that.”

“Technically, being Celibate.” I’ve finished my breakfast and bid Finn farewell. I’ve made my way to her hut to begin my training. It surprised her I accepted her offer yesterday. Worried that I may seek to go back to my former clansmen, which they’ll kill me the minute I return.

Dreamwalker... Awake!

“Hello, Quinn.” She stood by the fire. “Are you ready to begin your training?”

“Yes, Mentor. I am ready to begin.”

“You will take your sacred vows before you begin. Once you swear your oath before the Goddess, Huntress and Ancestor, they will hold you accountable for your actions as my apprentice and breaking your vow will have severe consequences. Think on them carefully before you make your vow.” She gave me an odd-colored rock. “Stand in the fire to recite your vow.”

I made my vow as I raised the stone before the flames

I, Quinn Dewalt, Apprentice to Angharad, will take this vow.

I will hold no title, not seek personal glory or wealth.

I will use my power to aid our people, the Lycan nation.

By the heavens, I will use my power and wisdom to aid the alpha in the night.

By Wisdom, I will harass the power inside of me, not rule.

I will begin my journey that the ancestor has sent me.

The stone lifts as the flames roared into life and then went into the flames itself.

“You forgot ‘I shall bear no children or have any heirs.’ In your vow.” Angharad speaks behind me.

“I did it for a personal reason, Mentor.”

“Which it is?”

“I cannot make that kind of vow, since it is inviting temptation.”

“Hmm… So, you are ready to begin?”

“Yes, Mentor!”

Basics of fulfilling a role

To begin, Angharad has shown me one of her wolf relics. Each relic that provides unique benefits to its user, ranging from being more durable, stronger, swifter to give them various abilities. Some relics have a dark curse placed upon them, which it would require the cleaning ritual. It requires various materials depending on said relic.

She brought Fenrir to explain how the spirt world works since we intertwine our world with spirits and Dreams. Plus, she knows Fenrir is more of an effective teacher since… well…

“If I understand correctly, I can enter the spirit world?” I was curious about how it can be possible. “Can everyone do it?”

“Master, not everyone can simply enter the realm of spirits. As some may not have the affinity for it.”

“Do I?”

“I can feel a powerful pull within you, master. Close your eyes.” I did what Fenrir tells me. “Take a deep breath.” I breathed through my nose. “Imagine the string in front of you. Don’t strain yourself. Picture yourself, grab by the thread of it.”


I can… I can… I am a spirit! Woohoo!

“It’s good that you can do this, Master. Please come back down.” Uh… but how?

I tried to return to my body; I was flapping around like a fish, trying to swim back to my body. Fenrir used his teeth… to guide me back to my body.

“You’ll get the hang it of it in time, Master.” He is looking at me to see if they are any marks on me. “I hope I was not too rough for you.”

“How did you…?” I realized… “Right, you are a spirit. Otherwise, I would flounder trying to get back to my body.”

“We will continue the training session at another time.”

Afterwards, Angharad explained on how rituals work as a shaman. She tells me to read the instructions for each ritual. They can provide powerful abilities, open doors, amplify current ones, or strengthen the body and mind.

“It is also key that you shouldn’t attempt every ritual, lad. Some of them are not worth the price.” What does she mean?

“Which ones in particular?”

“Rituals that require another life, such as immortality or evading death itself.” She is not telling me everything. “And whatever you do, don’t tamper with rituals with the dark arts.”

“It is evil, correct?”

“If you want to live a brief existence, yes! It ain’t evil, it is dangerous forces you don’t want to underestimate.”

“Avoid it at all costs, then.” She is shaking her head at me.

“That kind of thinking will not work! That is asking to be tempted with power. I am saying to you, learn from the people that use the dark arts and know what and what not to do.” I am following along… “Know the costs and benefits, but whatever you do… don’t delude yourself into thinking it is for the greater good.”

“I know how that goes, Mentor.” That reminds of my father but… “I will take that to heart.”

“Then let us enter the realm of dreams. I am doing the basics of how I will train you on how to hone your skills. I understand you will train your magic on your own time.”

“Yes, Mentor. I believe…” I’ve shown her my copy of the book that Ingrid gave me. She lights up when she saw the book.

“I know that Ingrid’s books are very popular because it is easy to read and make spell-casting easier.” I notice mentor is not exactly excited about it.

“Do you think…?” She shook her head.

“No, lad. That is not my point. The book is extremely useful for beginners. But they will be other books that are more advanced, but they got some more powerful spells in there.” I see…

“Are we ready to begin, mentor?” She took my hands, and we closed our eyes.

“Follow the sound of my voice. Don’t open them until we arrive.” I felt the world is changing, but I cannot see it, it is crucial to keep my eyes close until then. I felt my body moving like I was going through the tunnel, bouncing back and back and forth.

“Are we there yet, Mentor? The world…”

She is ignoring me… I guess she needed to focus on getting there. I wanted to take a peek and …

“Quinn…” She puts her hand over my eyes. “If you open them now before we get there…” I felt we were going up and down… what is this? “When you get more experience, then you can open your eyes. Your mind is not ready to see everything from it. That why I said, keep them close.”

“But, Mentor! I...” I heard a growl from her… Okay.

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