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Chapter 6: Flight from Morning Ridge

Angharad’s POV

“I know you want to open your eyes, lad.” I have to keep the lad from opening his eyes. “Your mind can process it as not real and I don’t want you getting dizzy on me or freaking out.” I was riding on a giant snake on our route to the dream world. I want to make sure that Quinn does not freak out before we arrive at our destination.

“I understand, but I wish I can see what the world looks like.” The snake flies upward into the sky.

“Are you ready, Quinn?” Here we go! “Open your eyes.”

As he did… I was expecting for him to scream or beg for it to end… He enjoyed it as we ride down to the surface below. I smiled as I felt I made the correct choice in choosing my apprentice. I even raised my hands in the air as we began to touchdown to the below.

The world of Dreams

“Wow!” The dream world creatures were floating out. The world was on a beautiful sunset, the sun has left us yet… I see the forest showing its flowers and I can hear the birds singing again. It is like…

I coughed up blood as I was enjoying the moment… ugh… I need to use this time I got left to train Quinn… I must…

“Mentor? Are you all right?” I nodded my head and embraced him.

“I notice you handle yourself well for your first time coming here.” I stood in front of Quinn… Oh, Scari!

“Hello, Miss. Angharad! We missed you!” My spirit friend from all those years… “And who is that?” She eyed on Quinn…

“Oh, I’m sorry, miss?” He seems uncomfortable with her.

“I am Scari, Daughter of Nahto!” She spins around and smiled at herself. “Nice to meet ya!”

“Ah, well…”

“Oh, go on, Quinn!” I watched as Quinn was entirely nervous about approaching Scari. She simply allows him to nuzzle her by her fur.

“Oh, Mentor, don’t you want to give me the basics before we forget? I’m sorry about that, Scari.” She went back up to me.

“It’s okay, Quinn, I’m sure your mentor will help you get up to the rope.” Her furs suddenly spike her and snarl as something behind us.


“Quinn, to my side now!” Quinn suddenly runs toward me.

“My legs… I can move again!” I know the boy is excited to walk again, but this is not the time.

“Focus!” I saw the nightmare tried to swipe at me with its claws. I blasted it with a barrage of fire missile. However, Quinn has a hard time as the nightmare was chasing him around.

“Help me, Mentor!” I saw more of them coming at him. I stood where I was at. Quinn needs to defend himself. I cannot come to his aid all the time.

“We should help him, Angharad!” Scari protested. “He’ll die if we don’t aid him now.”

“Wait a moment!”

The man learns how to fight

As I watched Quinn struggled fighting back, I saw a golden glow appeared in front of him. Fenrir… His companion came in the nick of time.

“Mentor! I’m back!” Mira called out to me.

“Mira! I’m training with Quinn. I’m okay. Keep me posted, you hear?”

“Yes, Mentor!”

“Who are you talking to?” My friend asked me that question.

“My protector, Mira.”

I’ve watched as Fenrir fended off the nightmares attacking Quinn. He then cast spells on some of them, with him having to move back cast them at a distance. More of them appear, it’s time for me to step in.

“Rollercoaster! rollercoaster! Roar!” I summoned a rollercoaster to take out the nightmare in front of Quinn. “From the stars above… Let me ride all night!” I jumped into the seat and, like the others, shouted and scream like I had a good time.

Once the last of the nightmares vanished, Quinn summoned a piano and …


“Nice job, Quinn!” I gave him a thumb up on his efforts.

“Mentor… Why didn’t you help me earlier?” He doesn’t seem to appreciate it. “I could have died!!”


“I’m sorry, Fenrir… I got overwhelmed by the moment.” He took a deep breath. “Forgive me, Mentor!”

“I didn’t ask you to forgive me and I was going to explain. So listen up!”

In the dream world:

We left our bodies in the real world, our minds are what they are here in the realm of dreams. If we die here in the dream world, so does our body and vice versa.

Our thoughts can become reality here, like a rollercoaster or a piano. We must be mindful of what we think of, especially negative thoughts.

The laws of physics are different here, so we should be able to take advantage of it.

We are not the only ones can enter the realm of dreams. They are people known as ‘dreamers’ who can enter the realm as well, some like us, walkers are far more powerful. Nightmares or individuals that use them for evil ends are the ones we should be wary of.

Spirits can also visit the realm. Creatures in the dream world are sentient and they can be friendly or hostile depend on dreamer intents.

“I understood all of it, Mentor.” Quinn seems to take this well.

“Then why the Piano?” I wonder if he didn’t conjure up a sword in his defense.

“I accidentally wished something or someone would come.” He seems embarrassed about it.

“Quinn… You know I will not always be there to help you, lad. And they will be a time, you still have to continue your training on your own.”

“This…” Quinn…


“Why do you choose me to be your apprentice?”

“I chose you as my apprentice, not because you are stronger, faster or even the cleverest…” I looked into his eyes. “I chose you because you have the greatest potential of the others that I’ve considered in the past. And Fenrir helped with the task. Am I right, boy?”

“My lady, you did most of the work. I only pointed to you on where to find him.” He bowed slightly before her.

“Fenrir?” Hmm… Quinn noticed something. “Why do you help me? You barely even know about me…”

“I…” Fenrir.. You are going to have to tell him eventually… “I will say I didn’t like how your clan treated you for the past 18 years of your life.”

“Why me?” Fenrir went up and nuzzled up to his hand. “I am no one special…”

“That is not true, Master. You are-” he looked slightly away. “You are better than what people think of you!”


“Mentor! We are under attack!” Mira’s voice coming through our dream.

“Who is attacking us? Rogues? They pick the wrong time during…”

“Not just Rouges… Vampires and…” she cut off…

“Mira? Mira!”

“What happened, Angharad?” Scari has concern on her face.

“Oh yes, what happened?” I turned around to look around for the source of the noise. “Oh, don’t worry, the attack was a distraction.” I saw a man with long- flowing hair, a black business suit, he has black-sunglasses on his face.

“Who the hell are you?!” I growled.

“Mistress… Something is wrong…” Padrieo notice something else as well. “This man… He is a vampire, could be a dream walker as well?”

“Oh, you noticed my presence, little doggie?” The man cackled at the whole thing.

“Mistress, be careful… Buffoon he is… He is still dangerous…”

“No kidding…” Padrieo is right… something is wrong.

“Mentor? Can we take him?” The man spun his gaze into Quinn.

“Quinn… Get out of here. Don’t worry about me!” I urged Quinn to leave. That young fool is insistent on staying to fight.

“No, I am done running from people like him.” The man is laughing at the whole thing.

“How delightful! Two Dream walkers for the price of one… My master has foreseen the two of you being a thorn in our plan.” The man bows before us. “Nothing personal, though. Both of you will need to die through.” The man pulls out his sword from out of nowhere.

The Madman inside the dream

“Mentor!” Quinn enter his battle stance… That lad is gonna get himself killed… He got courage… “What?” A flock of birds is lifting him to the sky.

“We got this! We’ll get him out here!” Thank you, Salana…

“No! Mentor! ANGHARAD!!” Quinn called out to me as I had them get Quinn out of the dream world.

The man threw a fit when he saw Quinn was out of his view. I guess he meant to eliminate the both of us. I had known that we would have some enemies but his ‘master’...

“Oh, my…” The man… “Ah well… At least, I have you Angharad Argwell, Dream warrior, slayer of vampires, the wise crone…”

“Just Angharad would do.” I don’t have time for his flattery. “You aren’t getting Quinn! I had the birds carry him out of the Dream world. Good luck trying to get him now.”

“It doesn’t matter…” He is smiling as the world soon turn dark… I don’t know what he is planning to do… I guess I’m going out in a blaze of glory… “YOU WILL DIE!!” A rollercoaster come out from the circus tent. I jumped inside the rollercoaster, riding the ride like I had some fun.

With a quick change, I redirected the ride back to him.

“Oh, ho!” The man is in front of me. “Bottom up!!” As the ride went downward pick up a lot of speed, a gust was making it harder to see him.

“Like the Speeding train…” I raised my arms, turning the rollercoaster into a speeding bullet train. “Straight and True!”

“So, Angharad! You think this train would stop me?” The man is not taking any of this seriously… How old he is again? “Okay, you want to fight me on an equal ground? Fine!”

“From the blizzard that flows from the north!” As I fired my blizzard spell, the man counter his with a fiery snake pyriform spell that dispelled the blizzard.

“La neige nous entourera comme de l’eau!” I chanted the Ice age spell in french as the snake itself turned into ice.

“My turn!” The man is now on top of me… “De hieme glacies Aquilone de terra ... inter se colliduntur!” The spell is Latin as he conjured up several enormous ice shards to fire at me.

I moved against from the Ice shield; I stretched my arm and spun around in a circle until wings surrounded my hands.

“Ab aeterno igne ... fiat mihi numquam cadit in infernus!” With the Inferno spell, I could destroy most of the shards… the rest of them.

“The train!” We both jumped off the train as the shard collided with it.

As I was floating in the air, the forest gives way to the night skies… I’ve folded my arms to increase my descent further.


“On it!” I transformed into my full wolf as I rapidly approach the ground. The man is no ordinary vampire… Why would he..?

“Why would I be after the 2 of you by now?” He… falling? But he is doing it sideways… “Let’s just say it wasn’t my idea in the place… it just…”

“You are trying to kill us…” We stopped falling and floated. “We had done nothing to you or master that warrants your attention on such a thing.”

“True…” He is slouch as if he laying down a table.

“Why are you trying to kill us? And who is your master? The truce that our people made…” He is sitting up, lazing around… “It would forbid racial conflicts but I know doesn’t stop you people from waging war in the shadows.”

“Touche!” The man claps his hands. “Yes, the truce forbid…” His face… it’s.. gone… “Conflicts!” And another! “Racial profiling and prejudice!” Now they are multiple faces surrounding me. “But it is only a piece of paper!” There are faces now swirling around me… “As you can see… Your existence... and your apprentice's existence will complicate everything. And we can’t have that, can we?”

“Mistress… I detect energy build up!” I saw one face opening its mouth to fire a ball of energy. I dodged it… Ah! “Mistress!!” Guuh… what… happening… “Mistress… Mistre…” Padrieo? Padrieo!!

I reverted to my normal as the faces moved closer… I can’t… I can’t…

“What a pity!” The faces mock me as they saw I cannot fight back… Padrieo… Please… Not like this… “I guess it’s curtains for you!” The face opened its mouth, charging all the energy inside of his mouth.

Quinn… Be safe, my boy… Don’t avenge me… Succeed where I failed the most… I know you have that-

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